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ENG On Board AZIMUT 62 S

From - Posted: Jul 30, 2012 - 8,769 views
Cooking | ENG On Board AZIMUT 62 S | ENG On Board AZIMUT 62 S
ENG On Board AZIMUT 62 S
ENG On Board AZIMUT 62 S
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On Board the new Azimut 62 S Italia
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ENG On Board AZIMUT 80

In 2014 this yacht won the Motor Boat Awards for the over-55 feet flyingbridge category. A well-deserved acknowledgement for this FLY, featuring wide, fully equipped exterior spaces. The elegance of the Italian style emerges both in the interior and exterior design.
2,950 views | Jan 16, 2014


20 meters length and 90 kmh, these are the surprising combined assets of Pershing 62, a sportive yacht designed for all speed lovers [video in English].
1,718 views | Nov 07, 2013

On Board PERSHING 62

Quasi venti metri di yacht per 90 kmh di velocità sono il sorprendente risultato della grande esperienza Pershing. Il 62 è un modello aggressivo, a prova di chi è amante della velocità anche sulle quattro ruote.
27,377 views | Oct 23, 2013

ENG On Board MAGNUM 51 Bestia

5,109 views | Jan 29, 2013

Azimut 68 S Yacht

11,142 views | Jun 05, 2012

Azimut 116 M Y Blue

Azimut 116 : http:azimutgrande.azimutyachts.comexterior_gallery.php?m=116
13,308 views | Aug 27, 2012

World Boat Azimut 40 S

Hier gibt es die vorstellung von dem Azimut 40 S, ein neue Superyacht.
14,125 views | Sep 24, 2010

SkipperBuds 2012 Azimut 48 ft 48AZ Flybridge

Offered By SkipperBud's
11,268 views | Jun 27, 2013

2007 Azimut 62S at MarineMax

Created on August 24, 2012 using FlipShare.
5,127 views | Aug 24, 2012

2013 Azimut 62 leaving the dock

MarineMax event at Bahia Mar. Lots of cool boats at the event.
1,662 views | Apr 28, 2013

Joystick XENTA JMC on Azimut 72S

The JMC (Joystick for Maneuvering and Cruising) allows to control the craft with only one lever either when maneuvering and when cruising. JMC manages cleverly the main engines, the gearbox, the rudders (or the hydrojets or the surface piercing propellers), the bow thruster and the stern thruster if the boast is equipped with one. JMC allows the pilot to control the craft with only one hand, moving the joystick in the chosen direction to obtain the required movement. MANEUVER The lever, thanks to the innovative force sensors, detects the direction that has been set by the pilot and determines automatically how to use the main engines and the thruster to perform the required movement .CRUISING The lever is able to move like a traditional single lever control head controlling the RPM of both the means of propulsion (like the SYNCHRO mode of traditional control heads). In this mode the system integrates the autopilot function and allows to cruise keeping the chosen direction. When a sideways oriented force is applied to the lever, the craft changes direction with the aid of the rudders. The intensity of the force applied determines the range of the change of direction (the stronger the force, the lesser the steering radius).
14,299 views | Oct 18, 2011


CHOPI CHOPI 80M CRN 129 MEGA YACHT $ 120 000 000
34,951 views | Feb 10, 2014

Azimut Yachts Nouveautés 2012

Coup de zoom sur les trois modèles marquants de la gamme Azimut Yachts : le 45, le 60 et le 62S Italia. Visite à bord et images en mer. Le luxe à l'italienne !
11,862 views | Jul 03, 2012

New 2014 Azimut 80

The latest from Azimut Yachts is the all new 80 motor yacht.
7,754 views | Sep 27, 2013

PERSHING 62 By Ferretti al Salone Nautico di Genova 2013

Il meraviglioso yacht Pershing 62, targato Ferretti, azienda leader nella costruzione di imbarcazioni extra lusso.
1,337 views | Oct 03, 2013
cooking Azimut 62S Rosso

2008 Azimut 62S sale in Fort Lauderdale by
5,428 views | Oct 29, 2008

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