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El orgasmo perfecto sexualidad en

From - Posted: Jul 13, 2008 - 539,410 views
Cooking | El orgasmo perfecto sexualidad en | El orgasmo perfecto sexualidad en
El orgasmo perfecto sexualidad en
El orgasmo perfecto sexualidad en
Duration: 04 minute 40 seconds 
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La orientadora sexual Edelmira Cárdenas nos explica cómo buscar el mejor orgasmo.
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Sexo Oral

337,759 views | Feb 18, 2009

Punto G en los Hombres

En Sexo Punto G en los Hombres tambien llamado Punto P Se estimula por el trasero la mujer cuando esta en oral mueve su mano al trasero del hombre y le mete el dedo para encontrar su punto Sexologa Programa HOY
3,554,253 views | Feb 19, 2009

Orgasmo de Peruanas

Orgasmo de peruanas
5,789,010 views | Apr 17, 2009

Full body energy orgasm with tantric massage

Become a Tantric Massage Therapist here: http:bhairavayoga.comenworkshops-67tantra-masseuse-training.htmlThis video exemplifies what the right skills of energy control can do. The full session was 21 minutes, for Youtube this video has been condensed to show the overall effects.Learn how to use simply energy to bring amazing pleasure and healing to yourself or your partner. Find Somananda's book here: Kevin MacLeod 'Peace of Mind', licensed under Creative Commons License, http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0
251,290 views | May 23, 2014

La Silla del Amor

¡La original SILLA DEL AMOR!
562,567 views | Jul 15, 2007

Beneficios de Eyacular Diario METVC

416,962 views | Dec 12, 2011

¿La zona púbica rasurada produce más placer?

Nuestra sexóloga te habla de la eficacia de la pastilla de emergencia, la sensibilidad de la zona púbica depilada y de los senos grandes
997,414 views | Apr 15, 2009

Superdotado el tamaño sí importa Trailer

Año: 2006 Sinopsis: Silver (Patrick Censoplano) es un adolescente torpe, tímido, con las hormonas muy agitadas... y el chico menos popular de su instituto. Un día, tras un malentendido con unos preservativos tamaño XXL, empieza a correr un rumor sobre su gigantesco miembro. De repente, se convierte en el tipo más buscado de la ciudad: strippers, amas de casa, pervertidas dominatrix... todas irán buscando su rastro guiadas por el tamaño del rumor.
18,351,598 views | Jun 28, 2011

Marcy s Waxing Salon

For more about Californication on Showtime visit http:www.sho.comcalifornication
38,406,251 views | Oct 13, 2008

thigh massage video

learn how to massage the full body body legs and the tigh, massage has many techniques and we can show you hundreds of them to give a great leg massage therapy session. In this series we will be using oil massage techniques from Swedish but also many other schools of massage therapy including asian and lots more. The videos are presented by Carlo De Paoli who has more than 40 years experience in massage therapy and bodywork including Chinese medicine and osteopathy.His website is where you can learn hundreds of approaches to massage therapy and techniques to treat the full body.
269,340,063 views | Jun 12, 2007

Cómo encontrar el punto G sección sexualidad de

La Orientadora Sexual Edelmira Cárdenas, explica la ubicación exacta del punto G y da consejos prácticos para estimularlo.
955,450 views | Jul 13, 2008

Orgasmo y Eyaculacion Femenina

Orgasmo y Eyaculacion Femenina
916,076 views | May 24, 2010

Orgasmo a control remoto

a control remoto jajaja
547,058 views | Dec 27, 2006

Posiciones Sexuales, más en

Edelmira Cárdenas nos muestra cómo utilizar un sillón para las posiciones sexuales
411,261 views | Oct 02, 2008


1,161,051 views | Aug 04, 2008

I Have 50 Orgasms A Day

I Have 50 Orgasms A Day CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST UPDATE: SUBSCRIBE: http:bit.lyOc61HjMost women can only dream of a multiple orgasm but for Amanda Gryce multiple orgasms a day is a living nightmare. The 22-year-old has a rare condition called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS) which means she has been permanently sexually aroused and reaches orgasm regularly since the age of eight, and she can now have as many as 50 orgasms a day. A simple vibration from a mobile phone is all it takes to trigger the orgasms, loud bass music in a club also triggers orgasm, travelling by car or plane can giver her an orgasm and even the weather and most embarrassingly, her orgasms can happen absolutely anywhere. There is still little understanding of the multiple orgasm condition Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome by medical professionals and doctors can't agree on what the cause is, but single Amanda remains positive and is now focusing on spreading awareness about Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome and multiple orgasms in a bid to help other women in her situation, that also have multiple orgasms a day.For more amazing footage of the amazing side of life, visit the Barcroft Media website: http:bit.ly19OYwp Like Barcroft Media on Facebook: http:on.fb.meRJlaj6 Follow Barcroft Media on Twitter: http:bit.ly10vFLY9
10,631,942 views | Mar 14, 2013

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