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Drenagem de abscesso tubo ovariano e apendicectomia por video Drainage tube ovarian abscess

From - Posted: Jun 12, 2013 - 1,859 views
Cooking | Drenagem de abscesso tubo ovariano e apendicectomia por video Drainage tube ovarian abscess | Drenagem de abscesso tubo ovariano e apendicectomia por video Drainage tube ovarian abscess
Drenagem de abscesso tubo ovariano e apendicectomia por video Drainage tube ovarian abscess
Drenagem de abscesso tubo ovariano e apendicectomia por video Drainage tube ovarian abscess
Duration: 14 minute 26 seconds 
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Dr Virgilio Dourado e sua equipe realizaram drenagem de abscesso tubo ovariano e apendicectomia por video
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axillary abscess drainage

If you liked this this ONE: http:youtu.beowBeFd-XPwQlarge x 2 abscesses on the R axillae of this patient. These developed over 48 hours and now have surrounding redness and warmth signifying cellulitis of the area.Check out my newly released iPhoneiPad APP: DocOller
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Hilton method for abscess drainage Buccal space Subcutaneous تفجير خرا...

Hilton's method of drainage of an odontogenic abscess.. Buccal space Subcutaneous Incision and drainage helps: 1-To get rid of toxic purulent material. 2-To decompress the oedematous tissues. 3-To allow better perfusion of blood,containing antibiotic and defensive elements. 4-To increase oxygenation of the infected area.By Dr. Abd-el-karim khalil ( D.D.S , O.M.F.S , Ph.D ) Professor Consultant of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Tishreen University , Lattakia --Syria Dr.Osama Makkia - Ompero 2014
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Biggest abscess in the world

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Gangrenous Gall bladder

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a case of Gangrenous Gall bladder.
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Drainage Of Large Abscess Elbow Joint

Very very good video of abscess drainage, a lot of pus is present in this abscess which is present on right elbow joint to forearm, its quite huge, big a lot of pus has been drained. Clean the area with betadiene and spirit, give local anaesthesia, give an incision by 10 number blade, now you can see the drainage of pus, surrounding skin when squeezed pus is drained. It oozes out with force.
2,417,814 views | Jun 22, 2012

EXPLOSAO de Espinha Gigante

INSCREVA-SE NESTE CANAL E CONFIRAM MAIS VIDEOS https:www.facebook.comvideostrollface1
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FELON Large abscess of the pulp of the finger

Don't forget to visit my website: www.theedexitvideo.comFor the MONEY shot go to 4:42This patient presented with severe swelling of the pulp of the second finger. This was caused by pus abscess of the finger. In this video you can see the procedure including the digital block (which did not work very well in this case) and drainage of the abscess.
780,619 views | Aug 18, 2014

sore throat vs peritonsillar abscess

this patient was referred to the ER for evaluation of a possible peri-tonsillar abscess. here we discuss what are the findings of peritonsillar abscess and the initial treatment of this patient with possible PT abscess.
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Cyst Removal from Forehead Clean Easy Cyst Draining!

Check out other videos Topics: --------------- cyst removal cyst cyst popping cyst popping fun sebaceous cyst removal sebaceous cyst ganglion cyst removal cyst removal surgery cyst explosion cyst extraction cyst pop huge cyst huge cyst removal cysts popping cyst cysts bursting cyst drain cyst extract pilonidal cyst removal cyst sac removal cyst on back pilonidal cyst ganglion cyst mucoid cyst removal armpit cyst disgusting cyst removal cyst sack removal popping cysts sebaceous cysts removal cyst drainage medical cyst removal pilonidal cyst recovery sebacous cyst removal giant cyst cyst explodes synovial cyst removal big cyst removal cyst removal doctor fatty cyst removal epidermoid cyst laser cyst removal new cyst removal cyste removal epidermal cyst removal ovarian cysts
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mi primer nacido se fue por el lavamanos.MOV

Explosión de nacido, pus y materia. Tenía este nacido hace 4 días y sin necesidad de apretarlo buscó salida. Mi dedo estaba seriamente hinchado y me dolía mucho.
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Burst Abscess 2

Bursting an abscess on the hind leg of a dairy cow. This one is impressive!!
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Conheça a aranha marrom. Fotos de possíveis necroses causadas por ela.

Fotos aparentemente reais de necrose, segundo pesquisa no Google, causada por picada de aranha-marrom. Queimadura? Fungos? Montagem? Tire suas próprias conclusões, mas saiba que essa aranha pode causar esse tipo de ferimento. Clique neste link para ver a versão 2.0 do original 'Cuidado com a aranha-marrom. Fotos reais.'
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multiple abscesses get drained from patient s leg

this patient had multiple abscesses on the Left leg. In this video we demonstrate the drainage procedure on this patient.
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Draining Drenaje de agua

Different ways of draining diferentes maneras de drenaje
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