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DIY Ultralight Titanium Cook Pot Alternative

From - Posted: Oct 06, 2013 - 14,049 views
Cooking | DIY Ultralight Titanium Cook Pot Alternative | DIY Ultralight Titanium Cook Pot Alternative
DIY Ultralight Titanium Cook Pot Alternative
DIY Ultralight Titanium Cook Pot Alternative
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A low cost, ultralight Titanium cook pot alternative for backpacking that you can make yourself. http:www.sintax77.comTaking a look at a lightweight, inexpensive (okay, pretty much free, if you like coffee) backpacking cook pot that you can make from a Chock full'o Nuts Coffee can.
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Backpacking cook set for under 5!

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Amazing Wold Famous Cook Kit UpdateThe Econo Challenge goes on a test hike to review the many new features of the original World Famous Cook Kit by Bushman of Yukon. This kit uses the World Famous Stainless Steel Mountain Mug as a cooking pot and our Wood Pellet Hobo Stove. This is a powerful ultra-lite kit you can build yourself out of recycled materials. We think this is the best backpacking cook kit ever inspired by YouTube! Give us thumbs-up if you agree. We look forward to your comments.New Video on the updated Cook Kit 2013: http:youtu.beOIb6X3XK8MMWeight: 540 g 19 oz Fuel: Wood, Alcohol, Amazing Cotton Balls or Hexamine fuel tabletsTo see the first build of this kit: see more of our Wood Pellet Hobo Stove click: http:youtu.beOIb6X3XK8MMTo see how to build an Amazing Wilderness Camp Hammock Chair (Bushcraft Chair): will enjoy this video series if you hike, backpack, paddle, peddle, kayak, wilderness camp, practice bushcraft or love putting them all together!
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Hiking Through the White Mountains 5 Days on the Presidential Range

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Python Straps vs Cinch Buckles Hammock Suspension System Choices

Why I switched to Dutch Cinch Buckles from Kammock Python Straps as my primary hammock suspension system. http:www.sintax77.comCinch Buckle Hammock Suspension System: 2 Dutch Clips 2 Dutch cinch Buckles 2 15 foot 1 inch webbing straps 2 764" Amsteel loops for connection to Hennessy Hammock (Dutch sells slightly longer loops for use with Hennessy Hammocks or shorter ones for all others, so make sure to choose accordingly) Total Weight: 10.5 ouncesKammock Python Straps Hammock Suspension System: 2 10 foot Kammock Python Straps 2 Black Diamond Neutrino Climbing Carabiners Total Weight: 14.5 ounces
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Coffee Can Cooking

Dude McLean has been using a coffee can as cookware for years. Alan Halcon has a conversation with Dude on how to prepare and treat the can for use. Be sure to visit
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backpacking and bug out bag mess kit the walmart grease pot

One of the greatest budget ultralite backpacking mess kits is the walmart grease pot. These have been popular for about 10 years now. They stopped making them for a long time, but are back at it now. They are lightweight aluminum and hold 1.5 quarts of water. Very good item for backpackers and preppers. I keep several of these around the house to be used in bug out bags. At $6 a piece you can equip your whole family for a backpacking trip or any kind of disaster that may come your way. Great SHTF WROL item for prepping.
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My Ultra Light Camp Cooking

To see more light weight camping gear CLICK HERE http:youtu.beAwTbPDZVGdMVideo of my ultra light CAMP COOKING set at a private camp site in the mountains of the Great Dividing Range in Australia. When you're hiking and backpacking it can be important to have light weight gear, unless you're a strong bastard who just likes carrying heavy stuff! lolThis camping cookware set is made from titanium thanks to the legends at Snow Peak! I've owned various camping stoves and cookware equipment but nothing comes close to the compact and light weight Snow Peak range. Titanium is stronger and lighter than aluminium. The only downside of titanium is it's more expensive and is a bit slower to heat up than aluminium.I have more gear reviews, camping and hiking information at my channel. There will be lots more videos coming.Don't forget to subscribe CAPTIONS TRANSCRIPT I made this video to thank Snow Peak for making the ultimate cook set, best in the whole world. Here's their new 300ml cup. Fits inside the old 450ml, which then fits inside the 600ml. that then fits into the 700ml. theres the lid for the 700ml, 700ml fits into the 900ml. It all packs inside itself. Heres an alteration I made, I made a lid for the 600ml mug by cutting the top off a tin can. Theres the 700ml with its lid. 900ml has a fry pan lid. The new 300ml titanium mug is very impressive. Inside I can put a cleaning pad, pepper, salt, some foil. Unfortunately the home made 600ml lid doesn't fit inside. When having a campfire in the woods its best to have a very small fire for safety, it also wastes less of natures resources.
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What s in my pack for a thru hike. Sub 10 lbs Hammock Stuff.

Like Fronkey on Facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesFronkey139207666247851 Hey everyone, lazy Fronkey here and I finally whipped up the "What's in my pack" video showing what I carried on my thru-hike last month. After my huge nightmare I explain what and why I carry the things I do while I'm out on the trail. My dog Tala shows off what she carries on the trail too. Base weight is at sub 9Ib and my Skin out weight is sub 13. Thanks for watching. :DLike Fronkey on Facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesFronkey139207666247851[YOUTUBE][YOUTUBE]Base Weight -http:www.geargrams.comlist?id=10118Skin Out - http:www.geargrams.comlist?id=9135Fronkey
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Hammock Camping the Linville Gorge 4 Day Backpacking Trip

Join us for 4 days of hammock camping, hiking and backpacking in North Carolina's Linville Gorge wilderness area. GPS Data at http:www.sintax77.comLocated in the Pisgah National Forest, Linville Gorge - or simply "The Gorge" as local hikers prefer to call it - is a 12 mile long gorge carved into the surrounding southern Appalachian mountains by the Linville River. The distance from upper ridge to the river below is roughly 1,400', which coupled with the network of minimally maintained wilderness trails and unofficial trails, can make for quite a rugged experience. This is not the rolling mountain experience offered up by the neighboring Smoky Mountains, lumbering just 75 miles to the west. The Gorge has a reputation for being a bit of a beast. And yet for some reason I couldn't help but notice a permanent trace of laziness in the air.Typically, I quite enjoy the hustle of a good long distance hike. The more miles, the more exciting the trip, but Linville Gorge quickly had a different affect on me. I spent most of my time on the trail daydreaming about the next time I could be swinging in my hammock. Which was perfect because Mike and I had 4 days off and nothing to do but just that.Speaking of days off, it should be pointed out that the Forest Service has enacted a consecutive stay limit of 2 days, 3 nights for camping within the Linville Gorge wilderness area. Fortunately, the surrounding Pisgah National Forest does not have such restrictions. With a little planning, you can easily spend a night just outside the limits of the wilderness area and you're good to go. There are decent opportunities for this strategy along the western side of the Gorge, where the Mountains to Sea Trail follows along the boundary line. From May 1st through October 31st there is also a permit required for back-country camping on weekends and holidays. Thankfully, it's free and simple - I called a few weeks beforehand and they actually faxed me our pass within a half hour or so.If you decide to plan a trip of your own, I highly recommend heading over to the forums on The Gorge Rats have a wealth of knowledge and are very friendly and helpful to those of us noobs looking to rummage through The Gorge. There's also treasure trove of goodies for your GPS including potential camp sites, water sources, official and unofficial trails, points of interest, etc.Full GPS data for this trip is available for download on my website's Trip Data page.Parking Location: Conley Cove Trail Head N35 53.414 W81 54.380Link to Nebo Water Gauge: http:waterdata.usgs.govusanwisuv?02138500 There are currently no bridges across the river, so trust me, you want to keep an eye on this. Readings of 100 cfs or less seem to be ideal. 200 cfs will create approximately waist deep conditions.Hammocks Used Mike: Hennessy Expedition Asym with standard tarp Eno Atlas Straps with Black Diamond Neutrino CarabinersMyself: Hennessy Expedition Asym with Deluxe Hex Tarp (12'x12') Liberty Mountain Aluminum Guyline Adjusters for tarp pullouts Kammok Python Straps with Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiners Want more gear list info? Check out my previous video: of Trails Used, Day 1: Conley Cove Trail Linville Gorge Trail (Follows river along bottom of gorge) Set up camp near the banks of the Linville River Mileage for the Day: 10.9 miles Elevation Gain: 1,627' Elevation Loss: 2,185'List of Trails Used, Day 2, Part 1: Return to Car via Conley Cove and LGT Drive to second location. Mileage for the Day Part 1: 3.9 miles Elevation Gain: 1,204' Elevation Loss: 535'Second Parking Location: Wolfpit Trailhead N 35 49.449 W 81 53.365List of Trails Used, Day 2, Part 2: Wolfpit Trail Mountain to Sea Trail (MST) Set up Camp along cliff near Shortoff Mountain Mileage for the Day Part 2: 2.3 miles Elevation Gain: 1,109' Elevation Loss: 75'List of Trails Used, Day 3: Continue on Mountain to Sea Trail (MST) Set up camp along the MST, outside of wilderness area. Mileage for the Day: 6.3 miles Elevation Gain: 840' Elevation Loss: 1,112'List of Trails Used, Day 4: Reverse course on the Mountain to Sea Trail (MST) Shortcut via Jeep Trail (circumvents Day 2 Campsite) Wolfpit Trail Return to Wolfpit Parking area and car Mileage for the Day: 5.8 miles Elevation Gain: 892' Elevation Loss: 1,795'Total Mileage for Trip: 29.2 miles Total Elevation Gain for Trip: 5,672' Total Elevation Loss for Trip: 5,702'Link to Mike's YouTube Channel:
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from lynx to lantern

i use lynx, my wife drinks wine... it was the next logical step!a few tips on how to knock up a diy candle lantern
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Making Yourself Another Cook Pot So Simple!

Guys just a video showing you how easy it is to make another cook pot with the aluminum ring while only using a Gerber Splice
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Ultralight Cook Kit

My new DIY cook kit, complete with 2-cup container, 1-cup container, 2-cup cook pot w lid and handle, alcohol stove, fuel, windscreen, cup koozie, etc. I made this for Geocaching excursions or bikepacking trips with my camping hammock, so size, weight, and functionality are key requirements.
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Hiking the Pemi Loop 3 Day Backpacking Trip

Come along for 4 Days of Hammock Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking on a classic Pemi Loop in New Hampshire's White Mountains. GPS data at http:www.sintax77.comThe Pemi Loop, made popular by it's distinction as one of "America's Hardest Day Hikes" in a May, 2005 Backpacker Magaizine article, is not actually an "official" trail, but rather a series of AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) trails joined to create a 31.5 mile tear drop shaped loop in New Hampshire's Franconia Wilderness Area.For this hike, I'll be solo hammock camping with my Hennessy Hammock and the larger 12' x 10' Deluxe Hex Tarp, due to the threat of cold and wet late summer weather. In the White Mountains, weather can turn on a dime even with the brightest of forecasts, so when the weather report actually says things are going to be iffy, you'd better take it seriously. For this trip we'll experience a wide range of conditions - from hazy summer heat, to gusty bursts of hail and chilling nighttime lows.Gear List Highlights: Hennessy Expedition Asym Hammock Hennessy Deluxe Hex Tarp equipped withZing-it guy lines & Dutchware Wasps for quick, knot-free setup Hammock Gear Incubator 40 underquilt Hammock Gear Burrow 40 Topquilt Osprey Hornet 46 Backpack Fenix HL25 Headlamp DIY Cookpot w DIY cat can alcohol stove Ribz Front Pack for Carrying Camera GearSamsung H300 HD Camera (3 spare batteries), GoPro Hero 3 Black, RAVpower 10,400mAh USB battery pack, Garmin 650t GPSPemi Loop Direction: ClockwiseParking and Start Point: Lincoln Woods Visitor Center N44° 03.820' W71° 35.300'Trails Used, Day 1: Lincoln Woods Trail Osseo Trail Franconia Ridge Trail Garfield Ridge Trail Setup Stealth Camp Summits: Mt Flume, Mt Liberty, Little Haystack Mountain, Mt Lincoln, Mt Lafayette Mileage: 11.5 Miles Gross Elevation Gain: 5,787'Trails Used, Day 2: Garfield Ridge Trail Twinway Trail Bondcliff Trail West Bond Spur Trail Bondcliff Trail Lincoln Woods Trail Setup Stealth Camp Summits: Mt Garfield, South Twin Mountain, Mt Guyot, West Bond Mountain, Mt Bond, Bondcliff Mileage: 17 Miles Gross Elevation Gain: 4,659'Trails Used, Day 3: Lincoln Woods Trail Return to Car Mileage: 4.5 Miles Gross Elevation Gain: 62'3 Day Pemi Loop Trip Totals: Mileage: 32.5 Miles Gross Elevation Gain: 10,508'
6,558 views | Sep 13, 2014

Hammock Gear Burrow 40 Down Top Quilt Review

A review of the Hammock Gear Burrow 40 Top Quilt. http:www.sintax77.comSpecs for the HG Burrow 40 Down Top Quilt (Standard Model) Length: 74" Width: 50" Fill Weight: 7.0 oz Total Weight: 11.6 oz**Total weight for Model Shown in this video: 13.7oz + .40 oz stuff sack, due to upgrading outer fabric to the slightly heavier Argon 90.Outer Fabric: Argon 90 Woodland Camo (.90 oz per sq yard) Inner Fabric: Argon 67 Black (.67 oz per sq yard) Fill Weight: 7oz (Quilt uses a Baffled construction for optimal warmth)Other Temp Ratings available in the Burrow series: HG Burrow 50 (sewn through construction) HG Burrow 0 (Baffled constrution) HG Burrow 20 (Baffled constrution)All models available with down overstuff as desired.
4,381 views | Aug 11, 2014

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