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DIY How To Make An AXE Can Alcohol Stove

From - Posted: Apr 20, 2012 - 163,573 views
Cooking | DIY How To Make An AXE Can Alcohol Stove | DIY How To Make An AXE Can Alcohol Stove
DIY How To Make An AXE Can Alcohol Stove
DIY How To Make An AXE Can Alcohol Stove
Duration: 04 minute 31 seconds 
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An easy to follow "how-to" video showing how to make a cool alcohol stove out of an AXE Body Spray can. It has a built in priming tray and achieves full bloom very quickly! Sturdy and lightweight, this little stove is ideal for the "do it yourself" backpacker, hiker, or prepper who looks for durability, compactness, and light weight in their cooking system. Weighing in at .7 ounces, this stove may not be the lightest out there, but at under an ounce it's weight to durability ratio is excellent. It also makes a perfect companion to the homemade aluminum can pots that many of us find appealing, such as the good old Heine pot and the Foster's pots. It doesn't boast the fastest boiling time out of the many alcohol stoves out there, but it is incredibly efficient and burns for almost 20 minutes using 1 ounce of fuel.Features & Specs: Weight - .7 ounces Size - 1 34" x 2" Fuel Capacity - 1 12 ounces 16 Upward Angled Jets Built-in Self-Priming Pan 30 Second "Bloom" Time Burn Time: 12oz = 8.5 mins. 1oz = 18.5 mins. Boil Time: 1 Cup (8oz) = 4:20 mins. 2 12 Cups (20oz) = 11.5 mins.
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How To Make A Zero Alcohol Stove

"Stove Secrets" - Alcohol stove builds, tips, tricks, and secrets for the true DIY gear junkie. No fancy or expensive tools & machinery required! In this project we tackle a very simple, yet innovative alcohol stove build... "The Zero Stove". With no jets to drill, no separate pot stand needed, and no inner core, this stove is the sheer essence of simplicity... hence the name "Zero". All that is needed to make this non-pressurized, double-walled alcohol stove is a couple of aluminum beer cans and a few common household tools. This lightweight alcohol stove is super easy to make and works like a champ... a definite step up from the ol' "cat can" stoves that most of us DIY hacks have thrown together. All-in-all, the Zero Stove's no-frills design makes for a sturdy and efficient little alcohol stove for ultralight and lightweight backpacking. Best of all... it's free! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stats: Weight - 14 grams Fuel Capacity - 34 oz. Boil Time - 5 minutes (controlled environment) Total Burn Time - 9.5 - 10 minutesSpecial Considerations: - JB Weld recommended for joining components - Priming of stove greatly enhances performance - Burn time can be extended by adding 18" to outer wall ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Due to the interest in the previous "Stove Secrets" giveaways, I will be giving away yet another alcohol stove for this video (you can see it via the link below). To enter simply leave a comment as usual and then include a line at the end that says "Count me in". I'll pick a winner in the next episode of "Stove Secrets" and get one of these cool little alcohol stove out to someone. Thanks for playin' along ;-) *Link to stove being given away: http:www.intenseoutdoorgear.comAluminum-Bottle-Stove.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations to YouTube user "rabies61" on being randomly selected as the winner from the last episode of "Stove Secrets" :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music by Kevin MacLeod @ Graphics by Devon McKay ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright 2013 - IntenseAngler Outdoors - All Rights Reserved
168,356 views | Aug 22, 2013

3 All In One Cook Kit DIY

How to make an "All-In-One" cook kit that includes a cook pot, stove, standwindscreen, and even fuel! This cheap little combo is very easy to put together and is a safe alternative to DIY alcohol stoves. The kit features an 10cm Imusa mug that serves as a versatile cook pot, a standwindscreen which wraps around the stovefuel canister for easy storage and transport, and a diethylene glycol fuel canister with a 2 hour total burn time. The materials used for this cookset can be obtained at your local dollar store and Walmart. The liquid "diglycol" fuel used in this system is a great alternative to methanol based gel chafing fuels in that it produces a higher heat output (approx. 890 BTUs), is non-flammable and safe, and can be sealed for later use. The heat output is not nearly as great as with typical backpacking stoves such as those that use alcohol or butanepropane fuels. This stove system does produce a nice mid-range burn however and allows for diversity when preparing meals other than those which simply require boiling water. All-in-all, a good option for the occasional weekend hiker, the "budget backpacker", prepping, or simply as a backup cooking source in an emergency.Links: Website --------------------------------------------------------------- Diethylene Glycol Fuel Canisters http:www.intenseoutdoorgear.comAll-In-One-Stove.htmlCopyright 2012 - IntenseAngler Outdoors - All Right Reserved
112,047 views | May 31, 2012

5 Great Uses For Old Socks! Tip Of The Week E48

Have a stockpile of old mismatched socks? Well, here are five clever and awesome ways to finally put them to good use! With almost no time and effort you can not only re-purpose those ol' socks into some great and free gear for backpacking, camping, or even household use, but get rid of that annoying stockpile once and for all. Some of the uses shown here include: - A homemade drink cozy to help keep your favorite beverages hot or cold. - A simple and effective pair of DIY ankle gaiters. - Free lightweight stuff sacks to keep small items organized and easy to find in your pack. - A soap holder scrubber for easier washing up in the outdoors. - A pair of homemade wrist warmers to help your hands stay warm on those chilly evenings. ---------------------------------------- For additional & exclusive content join me over on Facebook at: https:www.facebook.compagesIntenseAngler-Outdoors184414338275552?sk=wallOr on Instagram at: http:instagram.comintenseanglerLooking forward to interacting with you via these other social mediums my friends! ---------------------------------------- **Related Videos**5 Clever Uses For Chapstick Uses For Drinking Straws Uses For Hand Warmers ---------------------------------------- Copyright 2014 - IntenseAngler Outdoors - All Rights Reserved
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How To Use A Fire Piston

The fire piston is a very unique and effective device for making fire. This clever fire starter uses the rapid compression of air to create an internal temperature of over 500 degrees... hot enough to easily ignite char cloth, as well as certain natural materials found in-the-field. As with any fire-starting method, practice and knowledge of basic fire making principles are recommended prior to use. All-in-all, the fire piston is a great alternate, backup, or even primary means to get a fire going. ------------------------------------------------ You are welcome to connect with me on Facebook at: https:www.facebook.compagesIntenseAngler-Outdoors184414338275552?sk=wallOr on Instagram at: http:instagram.comintenseanglerLooking forward to interacting with you via these other social mediums my friends! ------------------------------------------------ **Closed** Courtesy of our friends over at, we will be giving away one of these awesome fire pistons. To enter simply leave a comment as usual and then include a line at the end that says "Count me in". I'll randomly select a winner in a couple of weeks and get one of these fire piston packages out to someone. Thanks for playin' along ;-) ------------------------------------------------ You can check out these awesome fire pistons by visiting: ------------------------------------------------ Copyright 2013 -- IntenseAngler Outdoors -- All Rights Reserved
87,409 views | Oct 22, 2013

X Lite Alcohol Stove How It s Made...

A look at how the X-Lite alcohol stove is made... You can also visit us at: Music Credits: "Zap Beat" by Kevin MacLeod @ Copyright 2012 - IntenseOutdoorGear - All Rights Reserved
76,850 views | Jan 30, 2012

How to build a 1.00 windscreen for a backpacker stove. Alcohol Stoves ...

If you use an alcohol stove you NEED to have a windscreen. Even the high pressure butanepropane and whitegas stoves sometimes need a windscreen to help keep the flame alive and in place under you cook pot. This is just a simple little trick that is inexpensive and works pretty good. Easy to make with common household tools out of a common item that can be purchased just about anywhere.
130,977 views | Jan 02, 2012

DIY Axe Body Spray alcohol stove

Sorry, Another stove video. I was trying to think of something to do with my empty deodorant bottle. Always be careful with pressurized Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.
117,063 views | Feb 23, 2012

Lynx Axe Can Alcohol Stove

My attempt at making intense angler's design Axe can alcohol stove.Inspired by
117,656 views | Apr 27, 2012

How to make an alcohol stove for 1 dollar!

This is an alcohol stove that I made from an aluminum water bottle that I picked up at the dollar store. It is pretty sturdy and works pretty well. It takes a little bit of time to fully ignite, but once it it going it is pretty efficient.
536,158 views | Sep 01, 2011

How to make Rift Stove

Rift stove is capillary powered and minimal sub-room type Open-Jet Alcohol Stove. A smaller sub-chamber(sub-room) reduce primer time of the Open-Jet. Idea of capillary came from Jonfong57-san. Idea of strip form skirt came from JSB-san.リフトストーブは、毛管現象を利用して副室を極小化したオープンジェット型(副室加圧型)アルコールストーブです。毛管現象のアイディアはJonfong57さんから、短冊状スカートのアイディアはJSBさんから来ています。I tested 10 or more pattern, but combination of 16 rift and 16 jet has the best balance. 10数種類の組み合わせを試験しましたが、16リフト16ジェットが最もバランスが良かったです。This system is very easy and effective than Vapor Turbo system. Try this!BGM information Artist : YOSHI Music : 収穫祭
1,338,992 views | Oct 06, 2012

Alcohol Stove, Best Camping Stove Design

DIY alcohol stove for backpackers trying to keep the weight down and still have an excellent stove. For more details and specifications check out: http:www.adamsventure.comalcohol-stoveI do not make and sell these, the video is for DIYers. I appreciate the support and am very happy with the overwhelming support from you, my viewers!WARNING: PLEASE take a look at this site for better ideas of building materials. A viewer left me a helpful comment about the fiberglass I use in my video. Follow the link below for other "wick" materials.Fiberglass degrades:"When burned, fiberglass produces a good deal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH i.e. naphthalene, benzo[a]pyrene and non-naphthalene PAHs) and Volatile organic compound (VOC i.e. benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene and styrene). Fiberglass can also cause local irritation and an inhalational hazard."http:zenstoves.netWickStoves.htmDisclaimer: Working with sharp objects, fire, alcohol, flammables and potential carcinogens. Adam Haggerty can not be help liable for any injury caused from the building or using of this stove design.Be sure to subscribe and leave a comment!
384,004 views | Aug 03, 2013


Created on November 29, 2011 using FlipShare.
147,378 views | Nov 29, 2011

How to make an alcohol stove FishEye Stove Ver.1.0

This is a video of how to make named "FishEye stove". - Contents - 00:40 Processing of an upper can(上缶の加工) 02:10 Processing of a lower can(下缶の加工) 04:12 Creation of a inner wall(内筒の製作) 05:36 Finish of a lower can and a inner wall(下缶と内筒の仕上げ) 06:50 Fitting of an upper can and a lower can(上下缶の嵌合) 08:16 Manufacture of pot support(ポットサポートの製作) 11:53 Ignition(点火)Attach the tripod is a little tricky, the main-unit is very easy to make.フィッシュアイストーブの作り方を動画にしました。ゴトクを取り付けるのは少々コツが必要ですが、本体はとても簡単に作れます。
65,386 views | Mar 28, 2013

DIY Gear 1 Alcohol Camp Stove

A DIY project from In this tutorial I go step by step through the process of making an alcohol camp stove out of a $1 water bottle you can pick up from many dollar stores. David's Passage is a blog I started to share my love of the outdoors with whoever is interested. Here is the original video where I got this idea from:
80,161 views | Mar 09, 2012


A multi-fuel, light weight, almost FREE stove that you can make with material found in almost every house. Great for hikingcamping and emergencies. (great project for anyone, but especially to do it with your kids)
82,803 views | Dec 21, 2012

CiT Alcohol Stove Mutant X Turbo MXT

Blog: http:www.taiwancamping.net201005cit-alcohol-stove.html ATTN: This vid is only 2:30mins the rest is replay, this was done by YouTube when downloaded. EnjoyThis is a stove I finally came out to solve the age old design of many stoves. A versatile stove that you can configure to any type of usage. MX itself is good enough, for cold condition you can try MXT(not very stable), for narrow pot, try MXS. Design of the stove I try to keep it simple, easy to make and yet gives performance. For those who have asked, kindly view the Making of CiT MX Alcohol Stove
298,186 views | Jan 11, 2011

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