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DIY At Home Soft Long Layer Haircut

From - Posted: Nov 18, 2012 - 935,059 views
Cooking | DIY At Home Soft Long Layer Haircut | DIY At Home Soft Long Layer Haircut
DIY At Home Soft Long Layer Haircut
DIY At Home Soft Long Layer Haircut
Duration: 11 minute 12 seconds 
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Follow me on Instagram at silviax and twitter @ellebangs :)In this video I show a cute versatile haircut simplified to ensure anyone can do it. Even if you have no scissor experience. This is a simplified redken haircut. I have made it easy to follow made it so you bring all hair forward instead of the traditional way of cutting heir. With being able to master doing your own hair cut will insure you have exactly what you want! As a hairdresser i wanted to creat this for the client that doesn't always have the time to come into the salon every six to eight weeks yet wants healthy split-end free hair. please watch subscribe and enjoy. Hope this helps and happy snipping! EU em este video mostro-lhes como cortar o cabelo em casa. De maneira facil para quem nao tem experciencia ninhuma. Ou para quem nao tem tempo de ir au cabeleiraeiro. Isto e um corte especializada pela redken. Que lhes dara um look suave feminino e um brilho saudavel as suas pontas.
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Best brush brands: Olivia Garden Nano-Thermic Round Brushes. chi-Thermal Round Brush. X5 Superlite Thermal Round Brushes.GK Thermal Round Brush. The drybar brushes. And I was using a Spornette round brush here.In this video I show you how to select the best brushes for the most flawless blowout. Loaded with volume and shine and to ensure it will last all day. SO for a look you would get at the salon come along and watch this video on how to pick the very best brushes for your collection. I explain the first thing to look for is diameter, how big you need your round brush. Secondly the weight, you don't want a brush that is too heavy. Secondly comfort for best mobility to ensure the best results. And thirdly how the handle connects to the brush as well as the handle itself. The handle should have good grip in order to keep the brush in your hands in place so you can easily and more efficiently finish your blowout. And most importnantly, the surface needs to be metal like, or titanium for the most shine. You can find these and simmillar brushes at any beauty supply store or even Target. Just remember comfort and mobility is key. This was a requested video, Hope you enjoyed PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching.
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Medium Length Layered HaircutSubscribe: http:goo.glaWSkjEThis medium layered length haircut is the perfect for any aged woman! It has great shape, isn't too short or too long, and will grow out well. The haircutting demo is explained step by step so you can learn to do it yourself! Thanks again for watching!Follow me: http:www.facebook.comTheSalonGuy http:www.twitter.comTheSalonGuy
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So you think you can't cut your own hair- wrong! You can! Follow the simple steps in this video and discover the beautiful results! When I discovered how to cut my hair like this, and the results were so amazingly good- I was hooked! And you will be too. So have fun and remember, when someone complements your hair, you can brag and say you cut it yourself!*FYI- I did learn how to do this cut from a professional hair dresser from Australia. *Cut your hair at your own risk :) **related video: "My Hair Care Routine" http:youtu.beBzB0lDcxj9o?list=UU83EGkFFINgU3a2VHpclTfwMusic by: iMovie M by Mickie production Idea from: Cosmo cut clipOther places to find Mickie:FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.compagesM-by-M...TWITTER: https:twitter.comMbyMickieM by Mickie website: http:www.mbymickie.comFTC: All opinions are that of the person. No one was paid for their opinion or to make this video.
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Step-by-step instruction of how to do a haircut with wispy edges and add a lot volume, cutting invisible layers; super soft cut with modern texture, using channel cutting techniques, slide cutting, airation. How to apply product to the hair; blow dry serum, gel and oil. About 3 ways to smooth and shine the hair; heat, friction, and pH; blow dryer, brush rolling, and product to normalize the hair pH and get rid of tangles. Rico Altieri talks about his brother Johnny, the lawyer, and Tony, the famous hairdresser and platform artist, and how competing in competitions would make you a better hairdresser. Great video for cosmetologists, barbers, beauty school students and instructors, educators and salon professionals to earn more money by doing what they love.
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How to cut an A line bob hairstyle on your self at home! Cut our own h... $29.99 for two sizes. How to cut your own hair in an A-line bob hairstyle. Step by step how to trim your hair and get a new Celebrity hairstyle! DIY and save money. Straight angled bob haircut, where it's long in the front for a stylish new look. Perfect shoulder length hairstyle
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How To Cut Hair Layers ✂

In this video I show you how to cut hair and also how I cut my own hair, create layers and generally give it a trim! I visit the hairdressers only when I need a really good few inches off or else I do it myself. The 1st time I cut my own hair, I had no tutorial to follow, I simply tried to copy what my hairdresser did to me, it wasn't perfect but the more I practised, the better it got! I have been doing this for over 3 years now so remember, practise makes perfect and hopefully this video will give you all a head start and a clear instruction. The products I used can all be bought in your local drugstore near the hair section, for the salon scissors it may be better to try ebay. Remember, practise makes perfect! Love Suzi x VISIT MY VLOG CHANNEL FOR MORE!! OFFICIAL FACEBOOK https:www.facebook.comstylesuzi MY BLOG TWITTER http:twitter.comstylesuzi GOT INSTAGRAM? Follow me! =D Stylesuzi
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DIY layered haircut in 5 mins!

I made this tutorial for a friend, but thought I'd share it with the public. I have been cutting my own hair this way for about a year now, and it saves me a ton of money! I am happy with the result every time, and each time I do it I get better.IF YOU CHOOSE TO FOLLOW THIS TUTORIAL:-Please understand that you are still taking a risk, as everyone's hair and preference is different. -Know that I am not a professional hair stylist, and have never gone to school for this ( I have a Masters of Architecture, actually)Feel free to ask any questions below!What you need:Clean, wet, conditioned hair Cutting shears of sharp scissors ($10-12 at any drugstore or here on Amazon http:goo.glQ2ORh7) A comb A brushFor more tips about saving money, check out my blog: http:jessicaschwartz21.wix.comoutofmydebpths
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How To Layered Medium Length Hair Cut

Thanks for all your support! Main Channel Please Subscribe 2nd channel Facebook PLEASE Like http:www.facebook.comMissSandyCandy my blog if you like to read Twitter!misssandycandy
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How to Cut Long Hair Yourself Long Hairstyles

Watch more How to Style Long Hair videos: http:www.howcast.comvideos510298-How-to-Deal-with-Long-Fine-Hair-Long-HairstylesLearn how to cut long hair yourself from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.So should you cut your hair yourself? Should you be cutting your hair yourself? I would say no, don't do it. Nothing is better than a professional doing it.But if you really have to, there is one thing, with long hair, that you actually can do. It's one chop. So I'm going to show you. You will need to take all of your hair and actually brush everything. So it's brushing or combing everything forward. Then go all the way to the end. And what happens here, you will take the scissor and just cut that straight off. What that will do is actually keep all the length that you have here, that goes here. So that won't be touched. And once you cut here, it will actually give you some of the layers in front too, at the same time. So in one shot you can actually make your hair look pretty decent.The second option would actually be to turn your face sideways, comb your hair in the front, meaning bring all the hair towards you, and actually cut the bottom of it in a straight line. And do the same thing on the other side. That's the only way you can actually reach the back of your head. It won't be perfect, but it will help.But, like I say, nothing is going to be better than the professional. So don't do it yourself.
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In This Video I show you an Easy Step by Step Long Layers Hair Cut Tutorial. Subscribe for Weekly Hair Style Tutorials:'s Hang Out !! Join me on:Subscribe to my Beauty Vlog @ http:hair-howto.comJoin me on facebook @ https:www.facebook.compagesBetsy-CiaoFollow me on Twitter @ https:twitter.comhairhowtoFollow me on Instagram @ http:instagram.comhairhow2Check out my Boards on Pinterest @ http:pinterest.comhairhowto
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How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs at Home

Flat Iron I used in video and love, DISCOUNTED HERE: http:www.FlatIronExperts.comProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=KQCXHEAT&Click=2494Hair Spray used in video ( Best till this date 2014 ) http:www.flatironexperts.comProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=WSSTUCKUP&Click=2494♔EYE SHADOW TUTORIAL WORN IN VIDEO♔♔ OTHER HELPFUL HOW TO VIDEOS I MADE♔♔►►HOW TO CUT YOUR HAIR LAYERED►►HOW TO BLOW DRY HAIR LIKE A PRO►►HOW TO GET PERFECT PIN STRAIGHT HAIR SHOULD SUBSCRIBE!!! WHYY????? because I truly make my videos special for my viewers and take a lot of my time to get them as informative and good as possible to the tee, so you guys can benefit and learn something good and not something poorly put together. If you have not hit that yellow button yet, do it now before you forget about me and my awesome videos :p lol♥ EXTRA TIPS , NEW PHOTOS , LATEST UPDATES ♔ WEBSITE : ♔ VLOGS : ♔ TWITTER: http:www.twitter.comMissRoseRusso ♔ FACEBOOK : http:www.facebook.comR0SEBUD143 ♔ INSTAGRAM : http:www.instagram.comRosebuud♥ MAIL ME TO BE FEATURED IN MY NEXT "MAILBOX SERIES" Rose Russo Suite 201 The Queensway B2-125 Toronto, Ontario M8Y1H6 Canada █ ♥ █
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♥ How to CUT Front LAYERS to Frame the Face Shag Layered Textured Hair...

Layered Shag Haircut Video: http:alturl.comkaq3e♥ See more HAIR Videos here ~♥ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE HAIR TIPS ! =) By clicking HERE: http:tinyurl.com7xnwu5p ♥ Items Needed: ♥ The Rainbow Scissors I use are by Hisaki In this hair cut tutorial you learn how to cut wispy , texturized , fringe layers that frame the face. These techniques create a cut that is sexy , cute, and fun for any face shape such as round , oval , square , heart shaped , oblong face shapes, and more! easy & simple. Please note : If you choose the hair parting to be in the middle, the wispy layers can start at the same length on both sides of the face =)my hair style magazine how to cut front layers yourself ♥ Contact Information:
293,993 views | Mar 30, 2012

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