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Debate Dr. Zakir Naik vs. Dr William Campbell The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science

From - Posted: Oct 06, 2011 - 343,403 views
Cooking | Debate Dr. Zakir Naik vs. Dr William Campbell The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science | Debate Dr. Zakir Naik vs. Dr William Campbell The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science
Debate Dr. Zakir Naik vs. Dr William Campbell The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science
Debate Dr. Zakir Naik vs. Dr William Campbell The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science
Duration: 259 minute 24 seconds 
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Debate: The Quran and the Bible in the Light of Science. Dr. Zakir Naik vs Dr William Campbell - Chicago, April1, 2000. Organized by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).
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Interfaith Service with President Obama at Newtown, CT Muslim Communit...

See ICNA Statement: http:www.icna.orgnewtown-massacre-icna-joins-fellow-americans-in-grievingJason Graves, Al Hedaya Islamic Center In the name of God, the Compassionate, the MercifulThe Muslim community of the Al Hedaya Islamic Center in Newtown, in Connecticut and throughout the nation joins with our fellow Americans in grieving for those who died in this senseless tragedy and praying for them and their families.We ask God to grant those lost a special place in paradise and we ask their families to be granted the strength to endure the unendurable.It is in such times of almost unbearable loss that we seek comfort with our Creator and that artificial divisions of faith fall away to reveal a nation of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, all united in a desire to bring healing and renewed hope.The Quran, Islam's revealed text, tells us that God's mercy and compassion are without limit and always available for those who ask. God says: "When my servants question you about Me, tell them that I am near. I answer the prayer of every person who calls on Me." (2:186)In the Quran, God also says: "Give glad tidings to those who endure with patience; who, when afflicted with calamity, say: 'We belong to God and to Him we shall return.' Such are the people on whom there are blessings and Mercy from God." (2:155-157)So let us all, of every faith, of every background, pray for God's comfort at this time of heartbreaking tragedy."Verily, with every difficulty there is ease. Verily, with every difficulty there is ease." (94:5-6)AmeenThe Islamic Circle of North America is a leading American Muslim organization dedicated to the betterment of society through the application of Islamic values. Since 1968, ICNA has worked to build relations between communities by devoting itself to education, outreach, social services and relief efforts.—END—Press Contact: Naeem Baig Executive Director Islamic Circle of North America E-mail: pr AT
12,354 views | Dec 17, 2012

Latino Converts to Islam Latest report by PBS

PBS visited the ICNA Convention 2014 in Baltimore for the following story:We visit the Islamic Center of Greater Miami to look at the rising number of Latino Muslims in the US—as many as 250,000, according to estimates. Some of the converts say that in Islam they have found theological simplicity and “no intermediaries with God.” The Islamic Circle of North America reports that more than half of the US Latino converts are women. “I just felt that the minute I put my head down to the ground,” says Nadia Echevrria, “I felt like I was really talking to God.”
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Young Australians now crossing over to Islam

An increasing number of young Australian men and women are now crossing over and converting to Islam.Now, A Current Affair takes you inside the family homes where everything is changing.
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Malika MacDonald Seeing the Light

Sr. Malika MacDonald from ICNA Relief speaking at the Islamic Society of Boston Community Center, Boston.
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Dr. William Campbell gets destroyed by Dr. Zakir Naik on scientific er...

The following excerpt was taken from the debate took place at Niles West High School, Chicago, USA between Dr. Zakir Naik and Dr. William Campbell Dr. William Campbell, a medical doctor and a Christian Missionary, is the author of the book "The Qu'ran and the Bible in the light of history and science" which is a reply to the famous book " The Bible, the Qu'ran and Science" by Dr. Maurice Bucaille. Dr. William Campbell in his book, which is also on the internet, had pointed out several "scientific errors" in the Qu'ran. His book and his contentions were unanswered for several years, and were used by Christian Missionaries to harass the Muslims.Alhamdulillah, the debate proved to be victorious event from the Islamic perspective. Dr. Zakir Naik gave logical and convincing replies to each and every of the alleged scientific error in the Qu'ran pointed out by Dr. William Campbell. Those who witnessed this recording were extremely pleased with this event, Alhamdulillah. Several positive comments were received as feedback after the programme. One young Muslim stated, "After having seen this programme, for the first time in my life I felt proud of being a Muslim". The Topic was The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of Science Click here to watch the full debate church jesus trinity jihad shabir Ally islam hadith god allah religion bible christianity muslim debate judaism quran christ ahmed deedat religions God mohammed born hell again mohamed koran mecca medina bukhari moslem aljazeera arab moses abrogation محمد شحـرور النبي القرآن الإسلام فقه عبد الحميد الأنصاري البخاري صحيح مسلم أحاديث أهل السنة مسلمين الله حديث مسيح الرسول العربChristianity Bible Jesus Christ Islam Qur'an Koran God Godhead Sonship Trinity Sin Sins Quran Jay Smith Shabir Ally Allah Muhammad Salvation Revelation Gospels New Old Testament Atonement Forgiveness Justice YAHWEH Jehovah Messiah Resurrection Crucifixion Paul Divine Conflict Debate Faith Science Muslim and Christian Perception of Dialogue Christianity Bible Jesus Christ Gospels Scripture New Old Testament Scientific Allah Yahweh Jehovah Science Islam Qur'an Koran Quran Debate Muhammad Muhammad Prophet Scientific Error Dr James White Tafsir Tafseer Quran Koran Biblos Interpretation Errors Dialog Cosmology Contradictions William Campbell Zakir Naik
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Al Qur an vs Injil Dr. William Campbell Dr. Zakir Naik Full

Narasi Bahasa Indonesia. For original video please visit http:youtu.beirC4jYLINDM Untuk video aslinya silahkan klik http:youtu.beirC4jYLINDM
377,426 views | Aug 04, 2012

FULL New Dr. Zakir Naik Quran Modern Science

FULL - New - Dr. Zakir Naik - Quran & Modern Science
122,168 views | Aug 24, 2011

Dr Zakir Naik and Oxford Union Debate Q A 5 of 7.flv

Live uncut recorded address plus question and answere session by Dr Zakir naik via satellite link to Oxford Union on 11th Feb 2011 on topic ISLAM AND 21st CENTURY (age of science). Very well balanced question and answere session please dont miss it.
606,432 views | Feb 11, 2011

FULL Was Christ Really Crucified? Dr. Zakir Naik debates Pastor Ruknud...

FULL - Was Christ Really Crucified? Dr. Zakir Naik debates Pastor Ruknuddin
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Dr. Zakir Naik Urdu Islaam Kay Mutalliq Galat Fahmiyaan full Lecture

Dr. Zakir Naik on the Topic "Misconception againsts Islaam" i.e., Islam kay mutalliq galat fahmiyaan.............must watch...........full lecture in urdu..................
639,648 views | May 26, 2011

All Hindu and muslim please watch it

GOD may bless u all !!!!! if u r open minded please read this editorial ..http:www.hindustantimes.comeditorial-views-onOpedsTake-it-from-VivekanandaArticle1-238801.aspx
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Rahul Easwar asking Brilliant Question to Dr Zakir Naik in kerala

Rahul Easwar asking Brilliant Question..........!! And Excellent Answer by Dr:zakir naik
674,626 views | Jul 24, 2010

Top Bible scholar leaves Christianity

This is a short interview with a renowned Bible scholar who talks about why he left Christianity. Remember to never give up on God Almighty if you want to be guided call on the Creator alone and he will guide you. people see that these manmade religions don't have fall apart after you look deeper into them all of them except the true way of life to learn more visit
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Christian Professor Countering Zakir Naik

Christian Professor Countering Zakir Naik To Watch Complete Speech Click Here
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FULL New Kingdom of Peace Dr. Zakir Naik 2011

FULL - Kingdom of Peace - Dr. Zakir Naik,
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FULL Ahmed Deedat Vs Robert Douglas Crucifixion Fact or Fiction?

FULL - Ahmed Deedat Vs Robert Douglas - Crucifixion - Fact or Fiction?
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