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Welcome to the SimpleCookingChannel. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for Heisenberg's blue crystal menth. ....
598,649 views | Oct 04, 2013

Breaking Bad Blue Rock Candy! Make your own!

For more recipes check out my Tumblr at Please leave all negative comments about how dirty that pot looks below. It's actually really clean. Ingredients 12...
357,615 views | Sep 09, 2012

How to cook crystal meth w holy sacrifice

dolo mission yolo swag twerk trwma.
1,875 views | Oct 06, 2013

Breaking Bad Game Free Play Link Cook Your Own Blue Crystal Meth.

Free Play Link: http:flavourmachine.combreaking Im not Walter White, or Jessie. Breaking Bad eps are on Netflix at the moment!!!
1,404 views | Jan 08, 2013

How to cook Crystal Meth like Walter White

How to cook Crystal Meth like Walter White.
799 views | Nov 26, 2013

EPIC meth making FAIL

Winnie the druggy crack dog attempts to show you how to make a dirty batch of hard-core meth. Do not try this at home pups.
5,096 views | Jan 27, 2012

Breaking Bad Blue Sky Crystal Meth Rock Candy

How to make Blue Sky 'Crystal Meth' Rock Candy! What you'll need: 12 Cup Water Cooking Pot 34 Cup of Light Corn Syrup 2 Cups Granulated Sugar Stirring Utensil Candy Thermometer Stove ...
2,533 views | Sep 30, 2013

Breaking Bad Crystal Meth Rock Candy Dessert Ideas Just Add Sugar

You can find other techniques and more details on if you want to get a faster ... Leave Santa a new treat this year: Mini Candy Cane Milano Cookies! On this episode of Just Add Sugar Brandi...
152 views | Jan 19, 2015


Decided to try and make some candy based crystal meth, it was amazing!! The recipe I followed was this: http:www.sugarhero.com201207blue-crystal-meth-rock-candy-for-breaking-bad Go...
17,647 views | Oct 24, 2012

Meth Nerve Agent PSA Exclusive 911 Dispatch of Nerve Agent Call by Met...

http:amzn.to1vGJ6Gy | Addiction Treatment: A Strengths Perspective (Substance Abuse Counseling) Katherine van Wormer $132.99 IF YOU ARE ADDICTED...
37 views | May 21, 2014

The Making of the Blue Meth Throne

Unfortunately 3D printers don't print clear acrylic blue tinted material at the moment. Which is why if you want your 3D printed Blue meth throne to look like "Blue Meth" you need to create...
4,817 views | Sep 10, 2013

Correct way to smoke A crystal pipe.

"CORRECT WAY" to smoke a crystal pipe, (WARNING!! crystal methamphetamine is Extremely Hazardous, Toxic, Caustic, THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IT GENERALLY HAS NEGATIVE IMPACT ON ...
18,176 views | Dec 13, 2014

Ryan Cooks Pt. 1 Rock Candy

Slept over at my cousins over the weekend and decided to make Rock "Meth" Candy over the weekend. Subscribe, there's more to come.--- Ryan Cooks Series Copyright to TNT - ACDC.
200 views | Dec 01, 2013

Rock Candy!!

I remember seeing these Rock Candies at speciality candy shops all the time when I was kid!! They were always such a special treat!! This is a fun science craft project you can do at home....
101,090 views | Sep 30, 2014

Jayy and Kris plays gmod vortex rp how to make meth

this is a tut on how to make meth in vortex roleplay song:Pegboard Nerds x MisterWives - Coffins I DO NOT OWN NOR TAKE...
357 views | Nov 22, 2014

Making Belgian Candi Sugar At Home

I have been working on a method to prepare Belgian Candi Sugar at home. This is a common adjunct used in many Belgian ales, and consists of bucrose (beet or cane sugar) which has been cooked...
3,793 views | Oct 07, 2013

how to make crystal meth

twitter https:twitter.comYotubeHashtag.
912 views | Nov 17, 2014

Make breakable fake ice with alum

In this video I will show you how to make fake ice with alum. You have to melt it on metal and melt all of the powder, cool it, and snap it out. Be careful because this liquid is very hot and...
22,689 views | Nov 04, 2009

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