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Couples 123 Tag Jamie and Nikki

From - Posted: Oct 12, 2013 - 99,148 views
Cooking | Couples 123 Tag Jamie and Nikki | Couples 123 Tag Jamie and Nikki
Couples 123 Tag Jamie and Nikki
Couples 123 Tag Jamie and Nikki
Duration: 11 minute 59 seconds 
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Crazy Sisters! JamieAndNikki Vlog 80

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Follow us on Instagram @jamieandniks and www.facebook.comjamieandniksHey guys, As a lot of you may already know Jamie spent 4 days in hospital with pneumonia. He's home and feeling a lot better now but wanted to sit down and say thank you for all the prayers and get well messages and also talk about his hospital trip and our Valentines day in hospitalFor all Business, Sponsorship or Product Review enquires contact us via
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Date Night turns into a photo shoot JamieAndNikki Vlog 46

Follow us on instagram @jamieandniks and www.facebook.comjamieandniksSometimes the best dates don't have to cost anything. Originally we planned on going out for dinner and instead we let loose and let our creative sides take us through Melbourne City and create some cool photos which didn't cost us anything but was twice as much fun as going out for dinner would have been. Hope you guys enjoy the video and our photo shoot.To see all the photos go to our facebook page and to purchase the Burn City singlet check out https:www.facebook.comballabalaclava
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Follow us on Instagram @jamieandniks and www.facebook.comjamieandniksHey guys! So as you know I am a HUGE Kardashian fan and Khloe is my fav and what would you know, she visited our little town of Melbourne!
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Nikki rocks natural hair for a magazine shoot behind the scenes footag...

A few months ago I tagged along with Nikki on one of her modelling jobs, to occupy time I filmed what was going on behind the scenes. It was a VERY long day and gave me a new respect for what she does as it was tiring for me just watching on the entire day. Nikki looked beautiful and the outfits were really cool as well. The final photos are featured in the current (November 2012) issue of Remix magazine. I hope you guys enjoyed the video.Much love, Nikki and Jamie.
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Follow us on Instagram @jamieandniks and www.facebook.comjamieandniksSo Jamie made yet another embarrassing bet that he couldn't win and ended up having to Twerk in the milk isle of our local super market (Jamie could have really used some twerking lessons before attempting this bet though haha)For all business, product review or sponsorship enquiries contact us through
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Sister Tag! feat Duckie ♡

Hey guys! So this was such a highly requested video, here's the sister tag with my younger sister Duckie! follow Duckie on instagram: @duckieofficial----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Welcome to our channel! We're Jamie and Nikki, a young and happily married couple from Australia. We love fun adventures and sometimes we vlog those fun times and share them with all of you. So Subscribe to follow our life journey!_____________________________________________________KEEP UP WITH US!INSTAGRAM: http:instagram.comjamieandniks and http:instagram.comjamieperkinsfilm FACEBOOK: https:www.facebo8ok.comjamieandniks TWITTER: https:twitter.comJamieAndNiks_____________________________________________________GET TO KNOW US A LITTLE!OUR PROPOSAL: OUR WEDDING: NIKKI'S DRAW MY LIFE: NIKKI'S TMI TAG: 2013 RECAP VIDEO: FEW BEAUTY RELATED VIDEOS:VALENTINE'S DAY GRWM: DATE NIGHT GRWM: EVERY DAY MAKE UP ROUTINE _____________________________________________________INTRO MUSIC PRODUCED AND WRITTEN BY 'MATT HALL' Check out more of his music here! : http:oixhightea.bandcamp.comalbumthe-unknownFOR ALL BUSINESS ENQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT US AT:
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Check out more of Edems art work at and follow her on facebook at http:www.facebook.comprofile.php?id=100001498842468&ref=ts&fref=tsNikki's birthday was a couple of days ago but Jamie was quite ill so Nikki spent the day being a good wifey, taking care of Jamie. So today Jamie took Nikki out for a belated birthday dinner and some shopping
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Our wedding Mike Patricia

SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL...IT'S FREE!: here it is folks, our special day, March 25th 2012, we were blessed in so many ways on the day, and although there was a lot of hard work in planning and preparing for the day, overall it was an amazing day we will remember for the rest of our lives. Hope you enjoy watching some of the highlights...CHECK OUT MY LINKS BELOW!!! MY BLOG: FACBOOK:https:www.facebook.compatriciasworld TWITTER:https:twitter.comPattyOLovesU INSTAGRAM:http:instagram.comthepatriciabright VLOG CHANNEL: business and sponsorship opportunities please contact patstrueworld@gmail.comPlease note I do not own any of the songs used!Daley- They That Wait- · http:daley.tvColdplay (Instrumental)-viva la vidaDuncan-Mighty - ObianujuSpecial thanks to the following peopleEsther- My beautiful makeup -- My amazing wedding photographer- https:www.facebook.comvopoku@DJYUNGMILLI-DJ for the day- https:www.facebook.compagesDJ-Yung-Milli202814233125520
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Hey guys! We have recently moved house and it took a while for the internet to get reconnected but we are officially back on line! Yay. This vlog is pretty late but better late than never right? Here is part one of our one year wedding anniversary. Thanks for sharing in our special day. We love you all :)
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First Stand Up Comedy Show! JamieAndNikki Vlog 60

Follow us on Instagram @jamieandniks and www.facebook.comjamieandniksHey guys! It's been a minute since we did a vlog but we are excited to be back. Jamie is still in recovery mode and has been taking it easy but is feeling a lot better after being sick with pneumonia.Today Jamie surprised me with tickets to Dave Chappelle's sold out show! He is hands down the funniest guy ever and the show was amazing! come along with us as we go to Dave Chappelle's sold out Melbourne show at the Palais Theatre For all Business, Sponsorship or product review enquires contact us via
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