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Cord King CS2040 Demo Fastest firewood processor in the world

From - Posted: May 07, 2013 - 313,137 views
Cooking | Cord King CS2040 Demo Fastest firewood processor in the world | Cord King CS2040 Demo Fastest firewood processor in the world
Cord King CS2040 Demo Fastest firewood processor in the world
Cord King CS2040 Demo Fastest firewood processor in the world
Duration: 08 minute 25 seconds 
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This demo video of the Cord King CS2040 captures the speed and production capabilities of this amazing machine. With a 2.5 second cycle time it is capable of producing and amazing 10+ full cord of firewood per hour. Imagine what it can do for your bottom line.
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Wood as Fuel at Lion Salt Works March 1999

Practical demonstrations of wood processing and use, part of Science Week 1999 at the Lion Salt Works. Also a demonstration of open pan salt making over a wood fire. It was intended that the Lion Salt Works used biofuels if salt making could be re-started at the site. Vale Royal Borough Council and Cheshire County Council who funded this demonstration were both dissolved on 31 March 2009 when the unitary authority, Cheshire West and Chester Council came into being and at the same time took over ownership and management of the Lion Salt Works restoration project.
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330 hp firewood processor

eltec h226 logmax 7000 doing burch 45 cm 16``
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Heavy Equipment Disasters

this is a PIcture Video only, sorry no filmMusic: German band called Eisbrecher :first song's called" Leid"... second "Adrenalin" and #3 "Vergissmeinnicht" All from there same album "Antikörper"
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Poor Man s Wood Processor

Wood Processor... For more information please contact me at Also watch Poor Man's Wood Processor Upgrades
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New evolution in skid spliting tech

Superior skid splitter, for more information 248-866-9348
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Split Big Rounds of Firewood Quick, Easy and very little Effort!

Cut Big Rounds of Firewood Fast and Easy, No wasted Energy and you do not have to use a Giant maul that is heavy! Just Tap, Tap, Tap and the wood will split Quick and Easy. Practical tip that is not taught in school, no they teach great things that you will use all your life...Like...the history of paper clips!! Anyways simple no machines just avoid the knots on both sides and Tap, Tap, Tap.
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S u Ü SSA 550, Brennholzvollautomat, Firewood, Full Prozessing, Spalte...

Brennholz vom Stamm zur Splitte Vollautomatisch Sägespaltautomat Mobil SSA 550 von S u Ü ( Made in Germany ) Woodsplitter Logsplitter Firewood Prozessor Full-Automatik-Firewoodproduktion
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Dad s Wood Splitter

THIS ONE IS SOLD. Please see our website To see all the new models. contact Josh Larrabee at (612)366-5636, or email at Also, check out our Facebook page: www.facebook.comtempestwoodsplitters
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2013 KUBIK2 Vedfabrik Effektiv vedmaskin för produktion av brasved. Fi...

KUBIK2 - Kraftfull och effektiv vedmaskin för produktion av brasved. Tillverkad i Kisa, Sverige. --- För mer info --- VEDFABRIK - Komplett uppsättning med timmermatning, transportör, spånfläkt osv.- Highly efficient firewood machinery. Made in Sweden. - Eine professionelle und leistungsstarke Maschine zur Produktion von Brennholz.För mer info more info - ----------------------------------------------------------Se även vår video om paketering av ved i säckar: http:youtu.beJzwVV2Rc4yg ..............................................................................................................................................
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Extreme Loggers Ice Logging Discovery Channel E1 Part 2 4

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Kindling firewood splitter KSxU 350 Zündholzautomat Дровокол для лучин... +380983026256---------------------------- KSxU-350 ------------------------------Machine for splitting both firewood (size up to 80x80mm) and kindlingwood (size from 20x20mm to 40x40mm). Maschine fur Spalten von Brennholz (Größe bis zu 80x80mm) und Anfeuerholz (Größe bis 40x40mm). Машина 3-в-1: для колки дров (размером 80х80мм) и лучин (размером до 40х40мм).Dear "ALL Customersviewers". This presentation video was made at work space at the factory manufacturer of equipment. We do not make kindlings or firewood. So GREAT thanks for ALL comments.Buy from us such machine and send us video from work space with real job: in gloves, earplugs, work boots, safety glasses, safety mask, etc.IT'S REALY important for life and Peace for all the world.With deep respect - Author.
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Home Made Wood Processor

Specifications: GVW: 3000lbs. approx., 24HP Honda GX, 37gal. Hydraulic Tank, 2 Stage Hydraulics, 7,000RPM Hydraulic Saw Motor, Hydraulic adjustable 2 or 4 way splitting with self-centering log guider, Handles logs up to 21" in diameter, 4ft. Collapsible deck that can lift logs from the ground, Approx. 1,500 hours to manufacture the processor, Approx. $12K to build
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Pilkemaster Evo Fastest Firewood Processor in the market Long version

Pilkemaster Evo - markkinoiden nopein klapikone pilkekonePilkemaster Evo - Fastest Firewood Processor in the market
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Pickaroon Mans Best Friend

The Pickaroon is a tool I would be lost without. When it comes to cleaning up large branches, moving small logs or picking up split cord wood a hookaroon is absouloutly a force multiplier. In this video I restore an old handmade pickaroon and fit it with a custom made hickory handle. Follow Wranglerstar on Facebook for exclusive videos, pictures, & updates. http:www.facebook.compagesWranglerstar453208754723615
405,058 views | Aug 21, 2013

Best way to cut your Firewood

Not the easiest way to make firewood but one that works for me. It keeps your saw out of the dirt and lets you do your cutting at a more comfortable height. The wood I have delivered is green oak and some of the logs are quite heavy so it's a good idea to have a "Cant-hook" to help move them up to the notches to cut. If you need a diagram of the crib type stacking, I'd be happy to send a JPEG that you could print out. Thanks for watching and "HAPPY CUTTING" !!!
249,342 views | Apr 02, 2012

Homemade Firewood Processor

I recorded and uploaded this video for my Dad in the fall of 2013. Any questions or comments can be seen by him at rjallen@seasidehighspeed.comWood Processor made in Nova Scotia, Canada
130,397 views | Oct 01, 2013

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