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Reverse Flow Tailgating mini BBQ making chicken

This video shows exactly how light and portable this 'mini' bbq offset smoker is, I will show how to put it on your vehicle as well as cook a bunch of goodies.
5,247 views | Jul 05, 2012

BBQ Cooker Smoker tailgating grill, Reverse flow Lang style

Reverse Flow Wood Burning Smoker grill. Starting the fire and cooking with a this small tailgating BBQ Pit.
39,405 views | Sep 14, 2008

The World s Smallest Bacon Explosion

From the makers of the Fakin Explosion and the beer battered bacon explosion comes The World's smallest bacon explosion, cooked on the world's smallest reverse flow smoker. For more, check...
13,732 views | May 19, 2009

Build a Fire in a Reverse Flow Smoker.... The Frank Method

The Frank Method of building a fire in a reverse flow smoker. For more great info on building and using smokers of all kinds go to www.SmokerBuilder.comForums For smoker Plans go to www.
31,667 views | Feb 26, 2012

Ben Lang Discusses the BBQ Model 36

The 36" smoker cooker is a backyard stick smoker cooker with a patio cart and features the reverse flow heat baffle to heat up fast and retain an even cooking temperature.
1,571 views | Oct 14, 2011

How Reverse Flow Smokers Work.flv

http:www.bbqpage.comelectric-smokers4-steps-reverse-flow-smokers-work.html How Reverse Flow Smokers Work.
24,789 views | Jul 11, 2011

Meadow Creek BBQ Smoker in Action | Watch the pros smoke ribs and split bone-in chicken breasts in a "cadillac" bbq smoker from Meadow Creek. This is a TS250 tank smoker with sliding grates and...
267,739 views | Apr 15, 2008

Reverse flow BBQ smoker, Portable mini pit

To see this in action please view my other video****** This is our 12x24" reverse flow BBQ smoker, if you're like me, you would love to take your barbecue skills on the road with you........
5,497 views | Jun 28, 2012

Smoker Build Off Part One

How to build a big competition trailer smoker. Offset reverse flow smoker build with gril part and kitchenette.
1,236 views | Jan 09, 2014


HOW TO MAKE OVELIA The steps 1. Buy from your local butcher a succulent Pig sheep dear etc about 9 - 15 kilos will cook the best. 2. Apply sea salt thru out the body 3. Add the following...
1,038 views | Sep 16, 2013

Building reverse flow smoker BBQ

Building my first smoker BBQ.
310 views | Mar 27, 2014

Reverse Flow Coffin Fog Chiller.... Inner workings

This will suffice as a "tutorial". Inner workings of the reverse Flow Coffin Fog Chiller. This is an Antari Z-1200 fog machine rocking at 34 to full volume. Froggys "Freezin Fog" fluid was...
17,887 views | Oct 24, 2009

Ben Lang Discusses the BBQ Model 48

This family size smoker cooker is built on mobile trailer frame. Reverse flow, off set-fire-box design 14" rolled plate steel body & firebox One piece removable rack made of square...
7,380 views | Oct 14, 2011

Small reverse flow smoker

Just built reverse flow for thanksgiving with family.
377 views | Nov 19, 2012

My Stumps Smoker, a year cooking BBQ with the Stretch

A photo journey over the past year with my Stumps Stretch. The Stump Stretch is a gravity feed smoker built in Centerville, Georgia.
11,549 views | Jul 14, 2011

Pulled Pork Boston Butt Recipe BBQ Smoked

This is a delicious pulled pork recipe for making awesome home made pulled pork Barbecue. In this video I use a part smoker part oven method, however this can be made without a smoker and even...
304,165 views | Sep 13, 2012

Smoked Beef Roast Reverse Sear

Resting meat, the reverse sear & salting links: http:www.seriouseats.com200912how-to-have-juicy-meats-steaks-the-food-lab-the-importance-of-resting-grilling.html?ref=title http:www.bbq-bret...
3,087 views | Sep 15, 2012

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