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Club Penguin Meets Roblox Part 1

From - Posted: Nov 30, 2011 - 41,926 views
Cooking | Club Penguin Meets Roblox Part 1 | Club Penguin Meets Roblox Part 1
Club Penguin Meets Roblox Part 1
Club Penguin Meets Roblox Part 1
Duration: 03 minute 36 seconds 
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REMEMBER: This is CP MEETS Roblox, so it is not a battle. The only battle is against the villians in this video. Also, no comments with any bad words please.Gary and Rookie find a portal to Roblox, while Azfar101's team is doing evil to get rid of Cardude2001. Gary gets Woow50000 to help after being tricked about Cardude2001, when Woow50000 explains that Azfar101's team (Azfar101, Garmo, and Jaceminman) tricked him. Gary calls more agents, to help save Roblox. If they fail, Roblox may be ruled by Azfar101. If they do it right, then the Roblox admims can keep freedom on Roblox.This is the ultimate CP vs Roblox, because nobody ever made one like this. Most of them are green screen, or free models, or pictures from CP instead of the characters. This is the only one that has all of the characters doing something.Hoho77527 is the yellow penguin with the green propeller cap. Hoho77527's Channel is Webdude2004. Check it out if you can.
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Like us on facebook -- http:facebook.commaxbenedekvideosIn this MaxBenedek Quickie, Bob travels to the world of Minecraft with hopes of finding out how it stays lag-free. While doing so, he his confronted by a godly character named Mike.
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