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Chimney Rock GoPro jumpers Lake Martin

From - Posted: Jun 18, 2012 - 16,161 views
Cooking | Chimney Rock GoPro jumpers Lake Martin | Chimney Rock GoPro jumpers Lake Martin
Chimney Rock GoPro jumpers Lake Martin
Chimney Rock GoPro jumpers Lake Martin
Duration: 25 minute 18 seconds 
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lake martin

Caroline and Mark's boat
6,763 views | Aug 15, 2010


FOR MORE INFO: FOX PLAY WITH BIG CATFISH - AMAZING !!! Foxes have an age-old reputation for cunning and intelligence, and if this video is any proof, those claims are well deserved. One Lithuanian cameraman managed to capture footage of a fox attempting to pull in a huge catfish by rope. It doesn't take long for the fox to realize that the fish is attached to the rope, and was results is a strange tug-of-war between the two animals. While the odds are stacked against it, the sly creature isn't keen on giving up. Will the fox succeed in pulling in its fishy buffet? Watch the video below to find out.
3,827,158 views | Dec 14, 2013

Chimney Rock Lake Martin Alabama

Good times with friends at Chimney Rock July 4th and July 12th weekends. Video By:
10,313 views | Jul 15, 2014

cliff jumps

blueness i forgot to put my clip in there.
78,408,591 views | Apr 09, 2012

Funniest boat launch ever!

Look at these guys! They are using 3 trucks and 2 tractors to get the boat out of the water. FAIL! Have fun watching. Original video sound starts at 4:00. Flooded car at 8:50.
2,646,464 views | Feb 22, 2013

▼Lake Martin 2012▼

A Week in Lake Martin Tons Of Wakeboarding and Cliff Jumping ! Living Life! SubScribe!
8,750 views | Jun 30, 2012

Chimney Rock National Historic Site

Chimney Rock National Historic Site located in Nebraska. It is one of the main landmarks that travelers used when heading west across the vast open plains. Video take from an X650 Quadcoptor using a GoPro2 camera. Flight was done via FPV (First Person View) from the parking lot at the edge of the hiking trail. Flight reached 2,800 out feet away from the take off point with a max altitude at 372 feet. From http:OutsideOurBubble.comMusic: Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under CC Attribution 3.0.
3,837 views | Oct 02, 2013

Lake Martin Tornado 4 27 11 From Helicopter

Lake Martin Tornado 4-27-11 From Helicopter
10,451 views | Apr 28, 2011

Chimney Rock Jump

Crazy fool jumping off of Chimney Rock at Lake Martin. Somewhere around 70ft.
36,339 views | Apr 30, 2007

A Lake Martin Classic Recovery

The recovery and raising of a rare 1969 (Borum Boats).Sea Camper # 23 This boat was scuttled on Lake Martin Alabama
9,720 views | Jun 24, 2009

Chimney Rock, North Carolina DanTraveling

Take a ride up to one of the most spectacular views in the entire Southeastern US.Chimney Rock State Park, North Carolina - DanTravelingSUNBOX's YouTube Channel
3,421 views | Nov 30, 2012

Tripp Gold Coast Weekends biggest wakeboard boat in the world!

http:www.trippindustries.comclothinghome.php http:www.facebook.comtrippclothingThe Tripp Crew headed out to Film a Jetski video, This is what we get up to when the filming has stopped!Thats where its at....Music Bombs Away Swagger
182,963 views | Feb 03, 2012

Epic Cliff Jumping Hong Kong

Video by JP Lewis - https:twitter.comJPLewisUK - Follow him!http:www.facebook.comRogueElementsUK - Follow us! https:twitter.comRogueElementsUK - Tweet us!Bridge and Cliff Jumping in Hong Kong and Philippines (Ariels Point - Boracay)If you like the video subscribe to our channel :)Song - Photograph by Urban ConeFilm by JP Lewis
3,451,155 views | Oct 17, 2011

Lake Martin Area Tornado Aerial Video April 27 2011 moderate quality.A...

Aerial video of the path of destruction left by the April 27, 2011 Tornado that crossed Lake Martin, Alabama. Video begins just southwest of Hwy. 9 near Central and spans to Stilwaters on the east side of Lake Martin. Areas filmed include Childrens Harbor, The Ridge, Windemere, etc.
5,369 views | Apr 29, 2011

Ben Watts and Alex Graydon Part in A SINGLE DAY.

Ben Watts and Alex Graydon Part in A SINGLE DAY. From Remedy Films and Singleton Marine Group.
4,029 views | Aug 19, 2011

GA boy at Chimney Rock Lake Martin

Nick jumping off of Chimney Rock on Lake Martin Alabama
12,179 views | Aug 30, 2008

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