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Chicken Yassa Yassa poulet recette senegalaise

From - Posted: Mar 19, 2011 - 70,299 views
Cooking | Chicken Yassa Yassa poulet recette senegalaise | Chicken Yassa Yassa poulet recette senegalaise
Chicken Yassa Yassa poulet recette senegalaise
Chicken Yassa Yassa poulet recette senegalaise
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http:www.kadiafricanrecipes.comchicken-yassa.html In this video i am going to show you how to cook one of the most famous senegalese recipe. It's chicken yassa. You will learn step by step how to cook yassa with chicken .there is yassa with beef or fish. Ingredients: chicken , onions, garlic, pepper, mustard, lemons, oil, salt, chilli. For more information go to my website.Ingredients:1 whole chicken, cut into pieces7 onions4 lemons ( for the lemons juice)2 Tbs of mustard6 Tbs of oil1 head of garlic2 chicken seasoning ( or Maggi Jumbo)2 Tbs black pepper14 Tbs chili powdersalt ( for taste)Recette senegalaise de yassa poulet tres facile a faire a l aide de ma video ou j explique tout le process.
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My cookbook: http:www.kadiafricanrecipes.comcookbook1.html Full Recipe: http:www.kadiafricanrecipes.comthieboudienn.htmlIn this video i show you how I cook Thiebou Dienn (or ceebu jen) also called Riz gras in Guinea or Jollof rice in Nigeria, this recipe is the kind of recipe you cook when you want to surprise your guest with the good taste of African food. For cooking this recipe you may need a lot of Ingredients but its really worthy because the result is so delicious. Try this jollof rice and Enjoy it .Ingredients: 3 cups of rice 4 large pieces of fish ( salmon) 4 cups of hot water 3 fresh tomato, mashed 3 Tbs of tomato paste 6 small okra 1 bunch parsley, crushed 1 big carrot , cut into small pieces 2 potatoes, cut into pieces 1 large onion, minced 4 large cloves garlic, crushed or chopped 2 small eggplant, cut into slices 1 cabbage, cut into 4 pieces 4 TBS peanut oil 2 chicken seasonings or Maggi jumbo 4 bay leaves 4 chili, crushed 1 Tps black pepper 1 Tps salt
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More details at: http:www.kadiafricanrecipes.comkari ( carry) poulet or chicken curry in a Senegalese style is a very famous dish in Senegal. In this Video I am going to show a simple way to make this dish and yet get a wonderful result.
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Go to http:www.kadiafricanrecipes.compotato-greens.html In Africa, we have many different ways to cook sweet potato leaves (also called saga saka), that why in this article I am going to show you how do we cook it in Guinea. The sweet potato leaves is very rich and delicious. Some people in Guinea call it Hako, some other Bourayai but we all like it. It is serve with rice. So let's get started
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Recette de cuisine Yassa de poulet How to make Yassa

Le yassa au poulet, un plat originaire de Casamance, est tres populaire au Senegal. La recette se decline sous bien des formes, elle peut etre réalisee avec de la dinde, des crevettes, de la viande rouge, ou même du poisson. Les morceaux de poulet sont badigeonns de moutarde, assaisonnes parfois, marines dans du citron, puis sont cuits avec beaucoup d'oignons et parfois du piment.Musique: Pape Diouf - Begue
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Cuisine Africaine. Yassa au poulet par Khady Beye

Cuisine Africaine. Khady Beye journaliste ( nous fait découvrir le Yassa au poulet. Un voyage culinaire signé
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recette du Riz au gras Jollof rice cuisine togolaise

recette : recipe :
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Poulet Yassa oignon caramélisé Cuisine Sénégalaise

like and sahre please! recette : Recipe : Le yassa est un plat à base de poulet , de viande ou de poisson mariné dans du jus de citron vert, des oignons, diverses épices et aromates. Originaire de Sénégambie, il est apprécié dans toute l'Afrique de l'Ouest. On le sert généralement avec du riz blanc. En bouche, le yassa délivre son mélange de douceur et d'impétuosité où se superpose l'acidité de la marinade, les sucs confits de la viande, ceux, caramélisés, des oignons
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Coté cuisine Le Yassa au Poulet

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Nigerian Food is yummy! See more Nigerian recipes: http:bit.lyNigerianRecipes See more information about this recipe by clicking "Show More" below.Nigerian Fried Rice written recipe: http:www.allnigerianrecipes.comricenigerian-fried-rice.html Facebook Fan page: http:www.facebook.comallnigerianrecipesWatch more Nigerian Rice recipes: are some instructions written inside the video. To see them, watch the video on a Desktop or Laptop computer, those watching on a mobile device cannot see Youtube annotations.Ingredients •Rice - 3 cigar cups | 750g •Vegetable Oil •Chicken (whole chicken or chicken drumsticks) •Cow Liver (100g) •Plain Yellow Curry Powder -- no chilli (enough to colour the rice) •Green Beans (a handful) •5 medium sized carrots •Salt (to taste) •Onions - 3 medium sized bulbs •Seasoning -- 3 big MaggiKnorr cubes & Thyme (1 tablespoon)Notes: - Chicken is the best meat for preparing Nigerian Fried Rice. Cut yours into desired pieces. Grilled Chicken video: - If your vegetables are too tough, you may want to boil them for a bit instead of soaking. - After soakingboiling the vegetables in hot water, pour in a sieve to drain (this step was missed in the video) - The curry powder is merely for coloring so this is not the hot and spicy Indian curry! - Use a generous quantity of water when parboiling the rice.VERY IMPORTANT: Nigerian Fried Rice can go bad very quickly. Eat it once you finish preparing it. Or refrigerate immediately. If you want to serve it at a party, please cook it very close to the serving time, if not, it will go bad! It will be good for up to 48 hours if refrigerated.FAQ 1. Why did you fry the rice separately? Why can't you just fry it all at once?I fried the rice in small batches because that's the only way to actually get every single grain of the rice fried for a few minutes. That way the flavour of the ingredients will go into the rice and make your fried rice taste better.If you "fry" them all at once, all you are doing is basically mixing everything together and your fried rice won't taste as delicious as when you fry in small batches. Do you want to prepare Mixed Rice? Then mix all the ingredients at once. There's a HUGE difference between Fried Rice and Mixed Rice :DDDIn Nigeria, when we want to cook rice (Jollof, Fried etc) for a large crowd we do it outside with a large gas stove known as osi ite in Igbo lol. You still get to fry in batches (that are much bigger than mine, of course) because the intense heat can handle the larger quantity. If you don't, the rice will taste like ... cardboard, yea that's the only thing I can think of ... lol!Give your fried rice a chance to taste as delicious as it should ... Fry in batches.If you think it's too much work then maybe cooking fried rice is not for you :DDD2. Is the liver compusory? I can't stand liver but I don't mind it at all in this recipe. Maybe because it is diced. It adds a lot of flavour to this recipe and without it, fried rice tastes kind of bland. Take this from a liver hater :DD So, unless you are vegetarian, do yourself a favour and add liver to your fried rice, you'll love it!**************************************************************************************Background Music:
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Riz au poisson Rice with fish

Malian recipe in French and English .Song : Mana Mana ( Aicha Koné)Recette - Recipe- 1 poisson - fish (Tilapia...) - Legumes - Vegetables - Huile - oil ( pour frire le poisson et la cuisson - to fry the fish and for cooking) - Sel - Salt - Poivre - Pepper - 1 Oignon Haché- Chopped onion - 2 Maggi Cubes - Persil, Ail, Coriandre, Poivron -parsley , Garlic, coriander, green pepper - Tomates en pate et ou broyées - paste or and crushed tomatoes - Poisson séché- dried fish - Riz concassé- broken rice
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Recette de cuisine Poulet braise How to make broiled chicken

Le poulet braisé est mariné pendant quelques heures et cuit au feu de bois ou au grille.Cette recette est retrouvée un peu partout en Afrique. Le poulet braisé à la façon ivoirienne est un pur délice. Don't forget to like, comment and subscribeFacebook page : https:www.facebook.comlesrecettesafricainesdolivia
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Kedjenou Côte d Ivoire

Dinar típic de Côte d'Ivoire
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Recette de cuisine Degue ou Thiakry

Ce dessert typiquement africain est constitué de lait caillé ou de yaourt melangé a de la semoule de mil cuite.Il est delicieux quand il est servis tres froid avec des glacons.
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Recette du poulet yassa

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Thiéboudienne riz senegalais

morceau de yët (escargot de mer séché) donne au Thiéboudienne cette odeur que tout le monde recherche. A defaut de yët, vous pouvez utiliser lan houn houn (poisson seche)
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