Cooking Chhiwat Basma Ramadan

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Batbout Farci بطبوط معمر.Stuffed Batbout Sousoukitchen

Recette Batbout Farci -بطبوط معمر.Pain marocain, msemen, batbout, rghayef Blog Francais: English Blog: http:sousoukitchen...
230,595 views | Nov 24, 2012

Halima Shows me How to make Rife in Rabat!

With recipe (just scroll down)!!! Unfortunately I didn't think to film this until Halima had already started, but oh well, you can see the most important par...
21,503 views | Sep 06, 2011

Moroccan potato cookie حلوة البطاطا

This cookie is called potato cookie , not because it contains potatoes in its ingredients.But its name comes from the mold we use for decoration,That mold is...
224,689 views | Jun 01, 2011

Harcha Moroccan Semolina Bread Ramadan Specials

To view written recipe, click here: http:www.cookingwithalia.comindex.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=16&Itemid=110 How to make Harcha, a delicious M...
493,481 views | Sep 08, 2009

Special recipes for Ramadan وصفات خاصة لشهر رمضان

see you soon!!
59,736 views | Jul 17, 2011

Recette de Ghriba Bahla Moroccan traditional cookies recipe

Regardez cette vido en HD c'est mieux !!! Un des classiques de la pâtisserie marocaine, facile à préparer qu'on aime bien déguser avec un bon verre de thé. A...
445,724 views | Nov 10, 2012

Moroccan Chicken Bastilla Bastila Pastilla

To view written recipe, click here: http:www.cookingwithalia.comindex.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=39&Itemid=110 How to make the most popular dish...
743,826 views | May 10, 2009

كوكيز cookeis

المقادير اربع بيضات-زلافة(طاسة)سكر سنيدة-زلافة زيت-زلافة من عصير البرتقال-اربع خمارات-دقيقحتى يجمع-كاس من حبوب شوكولاطة-ساشي فاني طريقة تحضير نضع البيض و الس...
164 views | Jul 07, 2014

Almond cookie حلويات مغربية حلوة اللوز

Almond cookie is an easy made cookie. It is served during feasts and wedding ceremonies.It can be taken on daily basis.
99,687 views | May 03, 2011

Mille Feuille 100 Maison Homemade Mille feuille Sousoukitchen

Recette de Mille Feuille 100% MaisonHomemade Mille feuille Blog Francais: English Blog: http:sousoukitchen-en.over-blog....
368,680 views | Nov 09, 2012

Moroccan Fish Bastila Pastilla

To view written recipe, click here: http:www.cookingwithalia.comindex.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=28&Itemid=110 How to make the famous Moroccan F...
731,881 views | Jan 22, 2009

حلويات مغربية لكل المناسبات حلوة الهلال Crescent Cookie

A typical Moroccan cookie that is served with mint tea or coffee.Try it .It is really sweet.
476,307 views | Feb 09, 2011

Chebakia Moroccan Sweet

To view written recipe, click here: http:www.cookingwithalia.comindex.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=67&Itemid=110 How to make the most popular Moro...
198,196 views | Aug 17, 2009


7,123 views | Jul 07, 2012

Recette de Couscous au lait fermenté Couscous with buttermilk Saykouk ...

Recette marocaine: Couscous au lait fermenté Couscous with buttermilk-Saykouk Recette en Francais: http:0z.fr9zbNi English Blog: http:sousou-kitchen.c...
2,343 views | Oct 11, 2013

Spinach Fatayer فطير السبانخ

Delicious and Healthy Spinach Fatayer! Link for the dough: http:youtu.be9Ax35wkNgUk INGREDIENTS: 2 packages frozen spinach (300 g each) 1 cup fresh parsel...
574,743 views | Jan 21, 2012

Moroccan Walnut Chocolate Cookies Recipe

Delicious Moroccan butter cookies topped with chocolate and walnuts! Perfect gift for the Holidays! Written recipe: http:cookingwithalia.comindex.php?opti...
87,257 views | Dec 11, 2012

Baghrir or Moroccan Pancakes Arabic Subtitles وصفة البغرير المغربي

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS HERE كل المعلومات عن الوصفة موجودة هنا How to make Baghrir or Moroccan pancakes In a blender mix 2 cups of semolina flour and one and...
854,286 views | Aug 31, 2013

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