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Charcuterie Making Lonzino Lomo Embuchado with UMAi Dry

From - Posted: Dec 26, 2012 - 10,118 views
Cooking | Charcuterie Making Lonzino Lomo Embuchado with UMAi Dry | Charcuterie Making Lonzino Lomo Embuchado with UMAi Dry
Charcuterie Making Lonzino Lomo Embuchado with UMAi Dry
Charcuterie Making Lonzino Lomo Embuchado with UMAi Dry
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Making LonzinoLomo using UMAi Charcuterie kit and dry curing in a home refrigerator. UMAi Charcuterie kit allows the meat to cure in the safety and constant temperature of a refrigerator and no smells transfer to or from the meat. The dry cured pork tenderloin will loose about 35% of its weight in approximately 4-6 weeks.
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Making Magret de Canard Seche Duck Prosciutto with UMAi Charcuterie

Magret de canard séché - Duck prosciutto is dry cured duck breast, we make it with UMAi Dry bags in our refrigerator. UMAi Dry is a moisture permeable material that allows to dry age beef, dry cure pancetta, bresaola, capicola, prosciuttini and duck prosciutto in a household refrigerator without odors, mold or risk of contamination. UMAi Dry acts as a membrane separating the meat from its surroundings and at the same time releases moisture and allows oxygen to penetrate at a controlled rate to dry age and dry cure. Here is the recipe that we used in this video for Magret de Canard Séché:two 7oz 200g duck breasts (magret de canard) 1 tbsp 9g kosher salt (sel gros) 2 tsp 12g brown sugar (cassonade) 2 juniper berries (baies de geniérve) 1 bay leaf (feuille de laurier) 12 tsp black pepper (poivre noir) 18 tsp smoked paprika (paprika fumé)
3,778 views | Sep 07, 2013

Capocollo Making at the Infusino s A 3 Part Pork Series with Frank Maz...

PART THREE of a THREE PART PORK SERIESSpecial thanks to the Infusino family for allowing me into their home and to share in such an important annual tradition with them.Capocollo (in America, capicollo or capicolla), or coppa, is a traditional Italian cold cut (salume) made from dry-cured whole pork shoulder or neck. The name coppa is Italian for nape, while capocollo comes from capo—head—and collo—neck—of a pig. The Italian spelling, "capocollo'", is derived from Latin, "caput collum". It is similar to the more widely known cured ham or prosciutto, because they are both pork-derived cold-cuts that are used in similar dishes. However, the technical definition of ham is the thigh and buttocks of a pig (or boar) slaughtered for meat, whereas capocollo is solely meat from the shoulder or neck.
2,912 views | Dec 24, 2013

Homemade Italian Capocollo

Nonno Filippo making homemade Italian capocollo from scratch. Enjoy!
32,352 views | Feb 01, 2012

Pancetta Making Pancetta at Home with UMAi Charcuterie

Our customer Larry P. has demonstrated a novel application for UMAi DrybagSteak on our forum http:www.drybagsteak.comforumsearch This new application is dry cured Pancetta. We decided to share this recipe he used. The recipe for the cure is from "Charcuterie" by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn The ingredients are as follows:For the dry cure 4 garlic cloves, minced 2 teaspoons pink salt (see Note below) 14 cup kosher salt 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar 4 tablespoons coarsely ground black pepper 2 tablespoons juniper berries, crushed with the bottom of a small saute pan 4 bay leaves, crumbled 1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg 4 or 5 sprigs fresh thyme
23,316 views | Jun 12, 2012

How to make Country Pâté Country Pâté Recipe Charcuterie Recipe Cookin...

How to make Country Pâté - Country Pâté Recipe - Charcuterie Recipe - Cooking Classes The recipe is great and very easy. The pig use is a Berkshire. Berkshire pigs are a great breed for Charcuterie. Great fat to meat content and wonderful flavor. Thank you for watching. Happy Cooking!!!Cooking Schools : Online cooking school Cooking classes culinary school free cooking classes The international culinary center The French culinary institute Ice Culinary Institute of america Le cordon bleu
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UMAi Charcuterie Making Dry Cured Capicola

Step by step guide to using UMAi Charcuterie Kit and making home made Capicolla. Turning an inexpensive cut of pork into a masterpiece of Charcuterie. Pork shoulder is salted and cured, then spices are added and Capicola is dry cured for 3 months. UMAi Charcuterie allows the Capicola to dry cure in a household refrigerator protected by the membrane like structure of UMAi Dry. Mold, odors and off flavors are prevented by UMAi Dry material. Use the recipe is below: Dry cure for a 4 12 lbs. (2 kg) pork coppa muscle: 3 tbsp kosher salt 2 tbsp sugar 1 tsp InstaCure #2 2 tbsp coarsely ground black pepper 1 tbsp juniper berries, crushed 2 bay leaves, crumbled 12 tsp freshly grated nutmeg 2 or 3 sprigs fresh thyme 2 cloves of garlic, mincedUMAi Charcuterie - Creating Tradition at Home
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making capicola

Old school Italian Salumi .... here's a tutorial on how to make capicola from my Italian mom....
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En este video enseñamos como podemos hacer de forma natural un lomo de cerdo curado en una nevera no frost.In this video we teach as we can naturally cure a pork loin in the no frost refrigerator.
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60DAY Dry Aged New York Strip Steak UMAI

The long wait is finally over. I initially set out to dry age this New York Strip for 45days but decided to let it go for 60days. I am truly impressed with the UMAI drybagsteak product as it cant get simpler than this. Here is the link to the process of DryAging
189,132 views | Nov 02, 2012

Bresaola How to make it at home with UMAi Charcuterie

Process of making home made traditional italian dry cured beef using UMAi Charcuterie Bresaola or also known as Viande des Grisons in Switzerland is dry cured air beef usually the Eye of Round. Here is the recipe by Michael Ruhlman: 5.5 lb eye of round 5 tbsp of salt 1 tsp of InstaCure #2 2 tsp of black pepper 1 tbsp of chopped rosemary 2 tsp of fresh thyme 5 juniper berries
2,668 views | Jan 25, 2014

Mortadella di Bologna making at home with UMAi Dry

Traditional Italian Bolognese Mortadella is a cooked sausage made with pork, pistachios and peppercorns. We make it at home using common household appliances and UMAi Dry bags This video is a step by step process of making this delicious charcuterie. Recipe: Mortadella di BolognaPork 1590g 3.5 lb Jowls, bacon or fat trimmings454g 1 lb Back fat 227g 0.5 lb Salt 41g 1.5oz Instacure #1 5g 1 tsp White pepper 4.5g 2 tsp Whole peppercorns 9g 2 tsp Coriander 1.13g 12 tsp Garlic Powder 3.5g 1 tsp Anise 2.27g 1 tsp Mace 2.27g 1 tsp Caraway, ground 1.14g 12 tsp Pistachios, whole 8g 12 c Cold red wine 150ml 12 c Ice water 150ml 12 c Recipe thanks to Recipe
3,867 views | May 15, 2014

How to make Pancetta Part1

In this video I demonstrate how to make Pancetta. Pancetta is often called Italian bacon. That's a true enough description, but unlike American bacon, which is most often smoked, pancetta is unsmoked pork belly that is cured in salt and spices such as nutmeg, pepper and other spices.The Ingredients:500g Kosher Salt 55g Insta Cure #1 28g Juniper Berries 28g Star Anise 3 Bay Leaves Fresh Black Pepper Fresh NutmegSpecial Thanks to UMAI from at "The Corner Butcher Shop" http:www.http:cornerbutchershop.comJacob Burton -
77,720 views | Feb 28, 2013

Homemade cured pork loin ham

16,085 views | Nov 08, 2010
cooking UMAi Dry Age Steak Bags Review 30 Day Dry Aged Loin Str... - This is part two of my demonstration and review of the UMAi ry Age Steak bags. See the results of a 12.3 lbs. Strip Loin after aging in the fridge for 30 days. The flavor is amazing. You can make steaks as good if not better then the expensive steak houses.
10,564 views | Oct 29, 2012

How to make Pancetta at home the right way part 1

Here we show you how to make Pancetta at home the right way the first time. You will save money and it tastes great too. We also show you what spices to use and how to tie it up to hang. Visit
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Carnes Clase 1

Cinco clases para aprender las caracteristicas culinarias de las carnes de diversos animales.
62,187 views | Oct 22, 2011

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