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Catching, Cooking and Eating Blue Crabs and Stone Crabs same time!

From - Posted: Jan 17, 2014 - 848,117 views
Cooking | Catching, Cooking and Eating Blue Crabs and Stone Crabs same time! | Catching, Cooking and Eating Blue Crabs and Stone Crabs same time!
Catching, Cooking and Eating Blue Crabs and Stone Crabs same time!
Catching, Cooking and Eating Blue Crabs and Stone Crabs same time!
Duration: 15 minute 39 seconds 
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Ok, so here's a really cool video on how to catch, cook and eat, Stone Crabs and Blue Crabs at the same time!!! and we're doing it in Tiger Wood's backyard! This is a super up close and personal look into Sarah and my's life... no smoke n' mirrors... just who we are and how we live! check it out and please subscribe!!! If you're looking for some Everglades, go to
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Sauteed Lobster with Snook Fillet, Asparagus and Smashed Sweet Potatoe...

To see more of our spices, go to http:www.evergladesseasoning.comRecently we had the pleasure of entertaining good friends Clinton Beall and Paola Ar, on the first night, we cooked an amazing Lobster and Snook dinner. This is what great times and great friends are all about! Please like the video, leave a comment and share it with your friends! Subscribe now and be a part of the conversation!! TGBTG
203,961 views | Jan 03, 2014

BACON OF THE SEA Mud Crabs caught BAREHANDED Catch n Cook TDB

Walking along the mudflats searching for bush tucker, we find a heap of delicious brown mud crabs. We show you how to (and how NOT to) catch and cook these fellas. Seriously, catching them barehanded is a whole lot easier and so much less time consuming then fiddling around all day with nets that most of the time don't catch a crab big enough or any crabs at all. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to see more stuff like this :)
315,379 views | Nov 29, 2014

King crabbing in Northern Norway Königskrabbenfang im Norden Norwegens

Unterwegs mit norwegischen Fischern an Bord der MS Striptind. (Webvideo für die norwegische Firma Striptind AS, November 2010)On tour with norwegian fishermen from the company Striptind
922,146 views | Nov 18, 2010

how to skin, de bone and flesh out an alligator

I use a Silver Stag knife, day in and day out! In this video, Robert Arrington, shows you how to skin out an alligator, remove the good meat and then flesh out the hide so it can be salted and tanned. to contact Robert Arrington about a guided Hunt send him an email at or if you need any alligator hunting gear go to
1,733,390 views | Apr 16, 2013

Dungeness Crab 2013 Part 2

Part 2 of the 2013 Washington coast crab fishing video aboard the Aleutian Isle.
463,141 views | Jun 20, 2013

Nome King Crabbing on Bering Sea Ice

We spent a day ice crabbing on the Bering Sea with a couple of fishermen from Nome. Tony Shelp narrates a day on the ice shelf near Nome, Alaska, as he and his helper, Duane Johnson haul in their catch of Norton Sound King Crab
3,988,852 views | Mar 31, 2011

How To Catch Fiddler crabs, The Fiddler Crab Roundup Part 1 of 2

How To Catch Fiddler crabs, The Fiddler Crab Roundup Part 1 of 2Shrimp N Fish Florida WEBSITES: http:www.shrimpnfishflorida.comFish N Shrimp Florida WEBSITES: http:www.fishnshrimpflorida.comFACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comshrimpn.fishfloridaFishing Shrimping Forum FORUM: http:shrimpnfishflorida.yuku.comFISHING SHRIMPING HOW TO VIDEOS YOUTUBE CHANNEL:
235,192 views | May 21, 2013


This crab fishing custom is present from our ascent ancestors This is not a recourse of occupation or exposure of fundamental talent. In its place, it is an approach to come nearer to nature, It is understanding of the nature, it is an appealing attempt of fusion in nature.Nature and kokan having unbreakable relationship, due to some Globalization changes or urbanization is causing nature and water wealth.Such this realization has produced a documentary.
82,224 views | Jan 04, 2013

Humboldt Dungeness Crab

Humboldt Dungeness Crab (Cooked in 14" Deep Camp Oven) Ingredients: 4 live or fresh dungeness crab 12 cup rock salt water Directions: Fill dutch oven with water & add rock salt. (If confined to cooking indoors, add 1 small jar of pickling spice - It will sweeten the meat and keep your kitchen free of fowl odor afterwards) Bring to a boil & submerge crab. Increase heat until water begins to boil again. Reduce heat & cook 15-17 minutes, uncovered or loosely covered. Remove crab from boiling water and rinse in cold water in separate container. Clean crab, crack meat & ENJOY!!! Humboldt Dungeness Crab Ciopinno (For 14" dutch oven) 4 or 5 crab ½ cup chopped parsley 2 stalks celery chopped 1 cup chopped swiss chard 8 cloves garlic chopped 2 medium onions diced 1 chopped small hot red chili or cayenne pepper (Optional) 2 -- 28 oz. canned crushed tomatoes 1 -- 6 oz. canned tomato paste 1 -- 16 oz. canned tomato sauce ½ cup burgundy wine (Optional, otherwise substitute with water) Saute onions and chopped garlic in oil. Add celery, chard and parsley and sauté until tender. Add crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste and wine or water. Salt and pepper to taste. Add crab, making sure crab is submerged in ciopinno sauce, if not add more wine or water. Simmer at least 45 minutes with occasional gentle stirring to prevent sticking.
733,985 views | Dec 03, 2011

Stone Crabbing

Producer: Lynne FrazerEvery year, from October to May, a small fleet of fishermen work the offshore waters of southwest Florida, harvesting one of the state's most prized delicacies -- stone crabs.
202,693 views | Sep 28, 2010


This week we take you to Navua to feature a business that has given aquaculture a whole new meaning.They're farming crabs in huge ponds and mangroves pans!That's right - and the Crab Company Fiji will argue that it's quite possible!Join us over the next half hour as we show you just what a little ingenuity , innovation and hard work can achieve.
359,813 views | Feb 18, 2014

Lobsters! Catching, cleaning, cooking! Amazing!!!!

during the 2014 Florida Mini Season or Sportsman Season, we headed down to Summerland Key, Florida with our good friends Cliff and Leilani, Brandon and Uncle Larry! it was an awesome trip with good times, good friends and good food!!!! This video will give you a good look at all you need to know to go lobster diving in Florida!
178,523 views | Aug 04, 2014

Giant Coconut Crab Feast Naked Castaway

Ed Stafford comes across one MASSIVE crab on the island of Olorua. | For more, visit http:dsc.discovery.comtv-showsnaked-castaway#mkcpgn=ytdsc1
470,525 views | May 01, 2013

Southern California Lobster Fishing Good

Commercial lobster fishermen Craig "BEAKER" Jacobs and Gaige Bilich say the season is going well with lots of nice bugs. We catch them off-loading a nice catch of langosta at Berth 55 in Long Beach.
303,947 views | Oct 20, 2012

Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishing

commercial dungeness crab fishing off the coast of north california on FV Donna Mia
99,935 views | Oct 22, 2013

Crab Fishing Our Way

Here's us pulling our crab pot up that we set out 2 weeks before
233,064 views | Dec 29, 2011


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