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Canteen cup cooking series part 5,The Finale, Pork fried rice Oshawabu...

This is the finale video in this series and i think Oshawabushcraft and I have brought many good set ups and recipes for you all to enjoy. I hope the videos ...
6,311 views | Sep 04, 2013

Military Canteen Cup Cooking

Feel free to share your recipes, I'm open to new ideas. A quick video about cooking with a military canteen cup and pot stand. I made my own lid and wind scr...
11,714 views | Oct 17, 2010

Canteen cup cooking series part 4,Lasagna Oshawabushcraft

This is part four in Oshawabushcraft and I's cup cooking series on a wood fire. I'm bringing a unique recipe that can be cooked in the bush and loved out the...
1,510 views | Aug 28, 2013

Canteen cup cooking series part 1 , Rice Oshawabushcraft

Oshawabushcraf and I are starting a series of cooking vids, from a cup. simple minimalist cooking over a wood so...
3,652 views | Aug 04, 2013

Cooking Breakfast with U.S. Canteen Cup and Sweedish Stove

Cooking Breakfast with U.S. Canteen Cup.
14,316 views | Aug 28, 2010

Pot Cozy Cooking Using US GI Canteen Cup and Rice Medley

Check out Maddeythegoose's channel for pot cozy how to: A video demonstrating the use of a homemade pot cozy I mad...
4,568 views | Dec 27, 2011

Canteen cup cooking series part 2, vegitable beef soup Oshawabushcraft

This is the second video in the series of my cup cooking vids with oshawabushcraft. Check out his channel for the cup cooking he is doing as well within this...
2,149 views | Aug 17, 2013

Chicken Dumplin s in a Canteen Cup

This is the last episode of a recent trip to the Boise river. This time I'll try to show how to make some campground comfort food. You might want to try this...
446 views | Nov 05, 2013


Just a thought about an alcohol stove for a canteen cup.Have to experiment more ...looks like it works well...may have to vary tube size,felt or no felt ques...
7,638 views | Feb 22, 2012

Cooking with the canteen. Blueberry Muffins

Making some instant muffins with the canteen kit.
258 views | Nov 10, 2013

Weenie Boats Delicious Trailer Park Cooking Recipes

"Trailer Park Cookin" with Genie B. Delishus is the cooking show web series that features easy-to-make, low-budget, scrumptious recipes that are right outta ...
1,951 views | Apr 15, 2013

Pesarattu Green Gram Dosa Telugu Recipes Indian Recipes

MLA పెసల పెసరట్టు - MLA Pesarattu gets its name because Upma is hidden inside. The story goes that MLA's generally have guests from their constituency. When ...
21,888 views | Feb 27, 2014

using the canteen cup as an oven to make cornbread

I saw Rob from canteen corner and Beast12101 make muffins in their canteen cups, so I thought I would have a go at it too. Sorry Rob for the mistake. His sit...
16,756 views | Jul 20, 2009

Making Ramen Noodles With My Canteen Cup and Cooker

Went for a walk in the mountains, gathered edible wild plants and made ramen for lunch. I have decided that's cooker works fine with wood but...
1,954 views | May 01, 2012

Dutch Oven Cooking For Backpacking

After a long day outdoors there's nothing like a good hot meal to replenish and refuel the body, mind, and spirit. And one of the best ways to prepare a grea...
24,761 views | Apr 18, 2011

Easy Chinese Recipes Three Cups Chicken 三杯雞 In ten minutes, you can learn how to cook this delicious Chinese dish called "san bei ji", or "three cups chicken". It...
2,745 views | Jun 17, 2012

Backpacking Recipe Trailside Chicken and Rice Campsite Cooking Ep.1

For great deals on products for all your camping needs, click here: http:stp.mehome1 We're kicking off our campsite cooking outdoor meal series with trail...
8,538 views | Mar 26, 2013

Campfire muffins

Campfire cooking in a canteen cup. Baking a giant blueberry muffin on a campfire. Very simple and very tasty with a cup of coffee.
1,034 views | Sep 17, 2010

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