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Canteen cup cooking series part 5,The Finale, Pork fried rice Oshawabu...

This is the finale video in this series and i think Oshawabushcraft and I have brought many good set ups and recipes for you all to enjoy. I hope the videos ...
4,879 views | Sep 04, 2013

Canteen cup cooking series part 4,Lasagna Oshawabushcraft

This is part four in Oshawabushcraft and I's cup cooking series on a wood fire. I'm bringing a unique recipe that can be cooked in the bush and loved out the...
1,209 views | Aug 28, 2013

Military Canteen Cup Cooking

Feel free to share your recipes, I'm open to new ideas. A quick video about cooking with a military canteen cup and pot stand. I made my own lid and wind scr...
11,416 views | Oct 17, 2010

Canteen cup cooking series part 1 , Rice Oshawabushcraft

Oshawabushcraf and I are starting a series of cooking vids, from a cup. simple minimalist cooking over a wood so...
2,866 views | Aug 04, 2013

Cooking Rice and Sausage in the Canteen Cup

I make Rice and Sausage using the Canteen Cup, Delta Gear StoveStand and the Heavy Cover Lid.
38,720 views | May 20, 2009

Pot Cozy Cooking Using US GI Canteen Cup and Rice Medley

Check out Maddeythegoose's channel for pot cozy how to: A video demonstrating the use of a homemade pot cozy I mad...
4,338 views | Dec 27, 2011

Canteen cup cooking series part 2, vegitable beef soup Oshawabushcraft

This is the second video in the series of my cup cooking vids with oshawabushcraft. Check out his channel for the cup cooking he is doing as well within this...
1,821 views | Aug 17, 2013

Cooking Breakfast with U.S. Canteen Cup and Sweedish Stove

Cooking Breakfast with U.S. Canteen Cup.
14,015 views | Aug 28, 2010

Canteen cup cooking series part 3, crustless quiche Oshawabushcraft

This is the third part in Oshawabushcraft and my series of cup cooking over a wood fire. I thought i would do this recipe, for it is easy,and very healthy . ...
852 views | Aug 21, 2013

CF stove Canteen cup cooking

1oz of methanol, 1cup of rice with 1&12 cup of water. Canteen cupを使ってご飯を炊いてみました。
516 views | Jan 08, 2011

Martha cooking rice, tuna in a canteen cup

Martha cooking rice and tuna in canteen cup.
441 views | Mar 06, 2011

CowBoy Coffee Over Campfire with Canteen Cup, Lid Stove

This is a video suggesting a way for brewing cowboy coffee with a canteen cup cook set over a campfire. This is not an official product endorsement or a review.
4,480 views | Apr 04, 2012

canteen cup cooking.

I using the canteen cup to cook.
422 views | Aug 07, 2011

Alcohol Stove for Army Canteen Cup

I've Created a low pressure Alcohol Stove for my Canteen Cup. I've tried making several but didn't like them. This one worked just like I wanted....... Check...
7,404 views | Nov 20, 2011

Canteen Cup Stove with Mod 1 using Coghlan s Fuel Tablets Boil Test 1

I've had requests to use Coghlan's Fuel Tablets in the canteen cup stove so in this video I do another boil test using this combination. I also show a modifi...
10,665 views | Nov 09, 2010

Canteen Cup Stove 0° or 180° Reloaded

I'm reloading some of my old videos after I do re-edits because the music police marked a lot of them, "Video blocked in some countries." as a result of my m...
334 views | Apr 12, 2013

DIY custom survival canteen cup stove cook set US Army issue Bug Out B...

I recently watched a video by YouTube user Alan Guice where he moded a US Army canteen into a stove for the cup... I loved the idea and wanted to make my own...
6,189 views | Aug 03, 2013

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