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Buying a home on Land Contract

From - Posted: Jun 22, 2011 - 3,570 views
Cooking | Buying a home on Land Contract | Buying a home on Land Contract
Buying a home on Land Contract
Buying a home on Land Contract
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Yes you can buy a home, with no credit, no mortgage, and no hassle. Learn how buying a home on land contract can benefit you. Michigan finally has a relator savy enough to assist today's buyers with options they deserve.
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Land Contracts Full part1

3,147 views | Jul 16, 2009

How to Flip a House With No Money Down The 70 Rule How to Flip a House With No Money Down Using other people's money, having a firm understanding of after repair value and an accurate maximum allowed offer is key to successfully flipping houses.A little math can go a long way when house flipping. I recommend using the 70% rule to accurately determine the profit margin on a potential house flip deal.How to Flip a House with No Money Down Hello everyone, this is Mike from House Flipping School. We are doing a series of videos. We like to keep them short so if you are busy, you can take a look at them one at a time. We have been talking about a few key elements in the house flipping real estate business or house flipping investing business. One of the most common questions that I get is "how can I do this if I don't have any money"? If you look at the OPM Video, (Other People's Money), you can get some good information on that. So you've worked on the OPM, and you have some resources that you are going to work with, maybe a friend, or family member, or someone that you've meet at an investment meeting. You've hooked up with a real estate broker or agent to help you determine the ARV, which is the After Repair Value, what that house is going to be worth when you go to sell it, because without that, there is not deal. There is no determining what a good price is without knowledge of the ARV. I hear about potential real estate investors who say, "Hey I have a house for under $100,000", and if they don't know what they can sell it for, it doesn't mean anything, doesn't even matter if the house is $30,000.00 if they don't know what they could sell it for. At that point we determine the MAO (Maximum Allowed Offer). That is the most I will pay for that property. How do you put all of these things together to determine what the MAO will be? A little bit of math involved. I do this a lot of times without a calculator, but I'll show you on a calculator today so that you can do it too. Your real estate broker has convinced you that the ARV is $200,000, that's an aggressive price. Others have said maybe $205, so $200 would be a good, conservative value on that property. So we have $200,000.00 for the ARV (After Repair Value). You may have heard this from other real estate investors; they use the 70% formula. It is pretty standard; it's the one I use. If you are going to go with the 70% as far as an offer price There are two ways that you can do this, take 200,000 times 70% = $140,000.00 or you could take $200,000 times .7 (which is 70 percent) which equals $140,000.00 So we have taken 70% of $200,000.00, that has given us a maximum allowed offer of $140,000.00, if the house was in perfect condition, but we don't by houses in perfect condition, that's where the end buyer comes in. Excuse me, up late last night working on my business plan, a little groggy this morning, so forgive me. At $140,000.00. Where do we go from there? Our repairs will be $40,000 that leaves us with $100,000 MAO (maximum allowed offer). We deduct $40,000 from the $140,000 and get $100,000.00. So from there, we put our offer in with the bank at $80 or $85 thousand dollars. Consult your real estate broker, depending on the competition; they'd be the best to advise you to determine what the best offer is going to be. I am hoping that this series of videos have helped you to make an offer, how to determine the after repair value is, and get out there and start getting excited about this business. Please feel free to leave a comment below, I'd be happy to get back to you. I want to see you succeed in this business. Thanks again, this is Mike from House Flipping School Please feel free to leave a comment or question below if you'd like more insight regarding how to flip a house with no money down.
6,595 views | Jul 22, 2012

9 Tips on Buying a Home

A beautiful young mortgage bankers give 9 tips on buying a home.
121,441 views | Apr 11, 2007

How to Flip Houses with No Money

how to flip houses with no money http:houseflippingschool.comhow-to-flip-houses-with-no-money Obviously it is easier to get into the house flipping business if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars. However it is possible to successfully build a house flipping career, starting with no money at all. Let me tell you how. how to flip houses with no money
25,979 views | Jun 22, 2012

Land Contract What you need to know now!

How to buy a home on land contract... Adam Lesner | Michigan Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS 198818 A land contract is a way to buy a home when you have a unique scenario, or the property may be unique. The seller becomes the lender. Here are the answers on how to find land contracts, and what to look out for.Michigan First Mortgage NMLS 130329balanceprocess.comportfolio-loan
299 views | Oct 01, 2014

15 Ways to Buy Property No Money Down Real Estate Investing Training V... Colorado Real estate investment expert, Michael Jake, teaches zero down investing techniques. Learn foreclosures, short sales, subject to, land contracts, owner financing and other creative real estate financing structures. Free Colorado real estate investing course teaches you how:
153,054 views | Apr 03, 2009

The Smartest Way To Buy A Home

Buying a home is usually the biggest financial purchase a person will make, and you want an agent that is truly working for YOU. But, not all agents are created equal. In fact, many home buyers find out the hard way that their agent wasnt solely on their side. In this segment, we explain Exclusive Buyer Agents and what they can do best for you not just at contract time, but throughout the entire process of buying a home.Buying a home is usually the biggest financial purchase a person will make, and you want an agent that is truly working for YOU. But, not all agents are created equal. In fact, many home buyers find out the hard way that their agent wasnt solely on their side. In this segment, we explain Exclusive Buyer Agents and what they can do best for you not just at contract time, but throughout the entire process of buying a home.Buying a home is usually the biggest financial purchase a person will make, and you want an agent that is truly working for YOU. But, not all agents are created equal. In fact, many home buyers find out the hard way that their agent wasnt solely on their side. In this segment, we explain Exclusive Buyer Agents and what they can do best for you not just at contract time, but throughout the entire process of buying a home.
29,649 views | Mar 18, 2010

Learning Real Estate Investing Lesson 1

Selling on Land Contracts can be very profitable if you do them right. Learn the way we do our land contract properties in this very informative video. Want to make $500-$600 per month Income? Better get investing!
1,445 views | Apr 20, 2011

How to Owner Financing Contract Owner Financing Contract

Owner Financing Contract http:www.reimaverick.comowner-financing-contract If you are in danger of an upcoming foreclosure and you're looking for another way out, knowing what an owner financing contract is absolutely essential. Here we'll explain exactly what an owner financing contract entails, how you go about getting one, and what the risks are when using an owner financing contract. Owner Financing Contract | What Is It Exactly? An owner financing contract basically puts the responsibility for paying off the remaining amount of the mortgage on the buyer of the home. Many might ask, 'why would I want to sell my house if I'm not going to make any profit?' Thats a good point, you wouldn't want to use an owner financing contract if you aren't facing a foreclosure. However if you're facing a foreclosure then your other options aren't looking very great. If your house undergoes a foreclosure then your credit is going to take a major hit, however if you use an owner financing contract then you can definitely protect your credit score from substantial damage. Now you may be wondering why a buyer would want to go along with an owner financing contract in the first place. Well have you seen how difficult it is for someone to be approved for a loan these days? Although mortgage rates are low and home prices are down, banks are implementing extremely stringent loan policies that require most applicants to have near perfect credit to be approved. With an owner financing contract on the other hand, buyers that can't qualify for a loan can become homeowners! Owner Financing Contract | The Process Your best bet when putting together an owner financing contract is to trust an investor or another third party to draw up the contract. So why would you do that? Sure there are a lot of free contracts online, however some of these are very risky to use. FBSOAmerica explains some of the pros and cons of using a free real estate contract, you'll see why an owner financing contract should be left in the hands of professionals: Although it may seem like there are millions of federal laws, there really are not. Many areas of law are left to the province of state governments and courts. Real estate law is one such area. Given the fact there are 50 states in the Union, this means there are essentially 50 different sets of laws and regulations related to how real estate transactions happen, the language that can and cannot be included in the agreement and how real estate contracts that fall apart are handled. The beauty of a free real estate contract is, well, its free. That is about it, however. The problem with these contracts is they constitute one general form without taking into account the fact that each state has different laws regarding real estate transactions. Simply put, a real estate contract for Arizona will contain entirely different language than one for New York. The laws are entirely different. A free real estate contract tries to get around this problem by including a clause that voids any part of the contract that violates the state law applicable to your transaction. You can find it in the "concluding" clauses at the end of the contract. This is a rather weak attempt to deal with the issue and rarely works if there is a dispute between buyer and seller. Of course as with anything else there are risks an owner financing contract and thats why you need to be careful who you go into business with meaning you should reference the investor that draws up the owner financing contract to see if he has had success in the past. If our readers have any questions about the owner financing contract process, please let us know in the comments below.
2,596 views | Feb 28, 2012

How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business Timeline Facebook Prof...

http:www.soldwithvideo.comarticleshow-to-create-a-professional-looking-facebook-profile-timeline-page - See more samples and our written guide on how to make a facebook profile. Feel free to check out our Facebook profile here: https:www.facebook.comSoldWithVideoCreating a professional Facebook page for your business is a great way to build your brand and connect with your clients, fans, and audience. You can design cool profiles, colorful profiles or professional profiles in this new timeline Facebook profile design. Follow our guide to see how you can begin designing and creating your new Facebook profile. If you can do it right, you will see a bigger ROI from Facebook.By using Facebook you can get cheaper advertising rates with Facebook ads, which can really help your marketing campaigns. You can also use it to promote sales, discounts, and new product launches. You can even grow your business by connecting with new clients in your area, showing off your products and forming a relationship with them online. Using Facebook in your marketing begins with a nice looking Facebook profile. That is why we took the time to create this how to guide on creating a Facebook profile for you to use and follow along.Our guide goes through step by step to show you exactly what you need to do to create your business profile. It covers things like adding in, designing, and uploading a Facebook cover image or banner, editing, adding and uploading a profile image, and adding and moving apps and tabs.We also have more videos and guides on how to get more Facebook Likes, and how to rank videos in Google and more. You can check those out at our site here: http:www.soldwithvideo.comarticlesYou can follow all our videos at our channel here: this video to see how to build your facebook profile:
147,732 views | Aug 07, 2012

Renting vs. buying a home What you need to know

Are you better off buying a home or renting one? Rebecca Jarvis speaks to the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts about five things potential owners need to know before making a decision.
3,066 views | Oct 15, 2012

Land Contract Scamed Owner out of 80,000 in damages Renter NIGHTMARE

Before you Rent or Sell on Land Contract. Worst Possible Case Seneario , Dont Make the Same Mistake
1,802 views | Apr 20, 2013

Calculating Cash Flow and ROI for Rentals Land Contracts

If you are looking for some hot Detroit properties: http:www.HotDetroitDeals.comFacebook Fanpage: http:www.facebook.comdetroitforeclosures Twitter: @jeremyburgess Real Estate Blog: Personal Blog: skype: thedetroitmarketexpertCalculating Cash Flow and ROI for Rentals Land Contracts
765 views | Jan 23, 2012

What Are My Risks Buying a Home Traditionally Vs. Using Owner Financin...

To learn more about owner financing and other creative financing strategies visit Add your comments below and let me know if this information was helpful and what other videos you'd like to see.
497 views | Nov 06, 2010

My first House Flip with NO MONEY DOWN Wholesaling Houses Flipping Hou..., I will personally Teach & Mentor you on How to Flip Houses with no credit or cash. Enjoy the videos and audios of deals I've done and FREE REAL ESTATE INVESTING TIPS. 509-11.30.2008NO property managers needed Buy Houses with No Money Down NO real estate brokers NO real estate management NO Investing Real Estate red tape NO real estate appraisers needed NO real estate investments that won't make money Buy Homes - Buy Houses with no credit NO competing for real estate foreclosures NO selling houses without a buyers list NO property managers needed Why cheap homes will be easy to find NO real estate investor tire kickers Your first house flip will put you in the black NO investment club meetings if you don't choose to Become WE BUY HOUSES cash machine NO Flip this House or Flip that House fiction Selling a House with buyers waiting House Buyers that will be begging you for more deals Invest in Real Estate deals that make sense Motivated sellers will be begging you, "buy my house"How to Flip Houses with NO MONEY DOWNHow to Flip Houses with a MentorHow to Flip Houses with a CoachHow to Flip Houses with NO CREDITHow to Flip Houses without using a RealtorHow to Flip Houses using a RealtorHow to Flip Houses in this marketHow to Flip Houses with low cost marketingFlipping House Tips, Ideas and Secrets Flipping houses is harder than it looks - Buy a House: MLS Foreclosure Flipping Tips How a First Time House Flip Went Bad HowStuffWorks "How House Flipping Works" Flipping Houses | Free House Flipping Tips & Articles Flip Thy House Flipping Houses Blog, Flipping Real Estate, Make Money Flipping ... Fipping Houses - A Guide to Real Estate Flipping Flipping Houses For Dummies (For Dummies (Business Real Estate Investing at Flipping Homes: Make Money Flipping Real ... Real Estate Property Investors :: House Flipping :: Real Estate ... Jeanette Fisher's Flipping Houses Doghouse Dollhouse Dollars Flip This House Television Show Flip this House | Armando Montelongo - Home Page Trial over 'Flip This House' to begin - Los Angeles Times A Review Of Popular House Flipping and Home Hunting Television Shows Perfect House Flipping Flip This House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Real Estate Investing | Investment Articles, Tips, Expert Advice - Invest In Real Estate Real Estate Investing Articles For Investors Real Estate Investing .com - Learn Creative Flipping Short Sales John T. Reed's view of various real estate investment gurus Real Estate Investment Club Directory: Local & Nationwide REI Clubs Real Estate Investing Guide | BiggerPockets® Investment Real National Real Estate Investor - commercial real estate investing Real Estate Investing Blog MSN Money - Real Estate Investing Real Estate Investing: The Creative Investor Real Estate Investing - Investment Articles, Forums, Clubs Atlanta a poor choice for real estate investing, report says | Real Estate Investing Education and Networking at Real Estate Real Estate Investing - Advice on Investing in the Real Estate Market Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Real estate investment trust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA Beginner's Guide to Flipping Houses Flipping houses is harder than it looks - Buy a House: MLS HowStuffWorks "How House Flipping Works" House Flipping Strategies Gerald Romine's How To Flip Houses How to Flip a House in 90 Days: Getting Started to Demolition Fipping Houses - A Guide to Real Estate Flipping How to Flip Houses - TLC :: Flip that House Flipping Houses Blog, Flipping Real Estate, Make Money Flipping Investing in Real Estate, Flipping Houses, Hard Money Loans & More Real Estate and Flipping Houses: Pros & Cons of Investing Flipping Houses | Free House Flipping Tips & Articles Flip your house without losing your shirt House Flipping Tips for Beginners | A Primer Can You Flip Houses in Any Market? Flip that House : TLC What Is Meant By Flipping Houses? flip houses Flip This House Onlinehttp:youtu.be3doXmn7gAFc
59,807 views | Dec 16, 2008

How To Pick The Best Home Safe Tips On Buying A Home Security Safe -- Finding the best home safe for your needs is an important way to preserve your valuables from a variety of unfortunate situations. Depending on the brand or model you choose, a quality small home security safe can protect contents from fire, theft, water and sometimes a combination of all three. The safe buying process can sometimes be confusing though so in this short article I'm going to explain three things you should remember when looking for the best home safe to buy.Tip #1 --The Best Rated Home Safes Are Certified By Underwriters Laboratories (UL).Any top home safe you purchase should have an accredited rating from Underwriters Laboratories or UL for short. Underwriters Laboratories has been doing product safety certification since 1894 and is the #1 authority when it comes to testing the quality of a variety of products. Underwriters Laboratories tests safes on how long they can stand up to a variety of situations like break-ins or fires. They then provide UL home safe ratings based on how effective they were in each test.For example, one popular fireproof home safe is both UL classified for 1 hour fire protection and UL classified for a 15 foot drop test. When reviewing any home safe, you should be able to find its UL rating right on the box or webpage you are researching it from.Tip #2 -- Make Sure The Security Safe For The Home You Choose Is Big Enough.While this might sound self-explanatory you would be surprised how many people think they are getting the best home safe for the money only to find out that it's not big enough for their prized possessions. To avoid this problem, I suggest gathering all your valuables and getting a measurement. Then compare this measurement with the dimensions of the potential home safes you are reviewing.Tip #3 -- Choose The Best Lock System For Your Home Safe Needs.The last thing you should consider when choosing the best home security safe is what type of locking system you want. While the majority of new home safes have electronic locks some still use the tumbler locks too.Electronic locks have a keypad where you simply enter a combination for fast access to your home safe. These usually run off of a 9 volt battery that will need to be replaced from time to time. A few advantages to electronic locks include fast access to your belongings and it's easy to change your combination if needed.Tumbler locks are the traditional locks where you move a dial back and forth to a unique set of numbers. While these locks take a little longer to get into, you also don't have to worry about using batteries to access your valuables. One drawback to tumbler locks is that it's usually difficult to change your combination and requires the assistance of a certified locksmith.In closing, I hope the things I've outlined give you a better understanding on how to select the best home safe for you needs. To get more in-depth information PLUS read home security safe reviews on the best brands and models, check out our website
9,002 views | Feb 11, 2014


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