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Bubur Nasi Berempah Spicy Rice Congee

From - Posted: Mar 07, 2010 - 23,852 views
Cooking | Bubur Nasi Berempah Spicy Rice Congee | Bubur Nasi Berempah Spicy Rice Congee
Bubur Nasi Berempah Spicy Rice Congee
Bubur Nasi Berempah Spicy Rice Congee
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Umi sharing Bubur Nasi Berempah (Spicy Rice Congee).For recipe please visit
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RESEP Bubur Ayam Jamur

[ RESEP ] Bubur Ayam Jamur
2,701 views | Oct 09, 2013

Bubur Ayam Rice Porridge with chicken

Bubur ayam kilat, perniknya juga hemat. Kalo ada waktu dan tenaga silahkan ditambakan telur rebus, krupuk udang, cakwe dan sambal kecap. Bisa juga ditambah sate jerohan, usus masak kuning ataupun seafood. Kayaknya untuk pelengkap gak ada pakemnya, bisa apa saja tergantung selera masing2. Selamat memasak.
163,012 views | Jun 06, 2010

Bubur Lambuk

"Cara-cara memasak Bubur Lambuk. Untuk melihat lebih 1000 lagi video masakan, layari ! Steps to cook Bubur Lambuk. For 1000 more recipe videos, go to ! Follow us TryMasak@facebook. TryMasak@Twitter. TryMasak@Google+"
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Sira Ubi Kayu Tapioca In Palm Sugar Syrup

Umi showing how to prepare Sira Ubi Kayu.For recipe please visit http:umidishes,blogspot.comThe blog tea with umi has been merged with umidishes
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Blissful Cooking Fish Rice Soup Congee

Blissful Cooking - Simple Pleasures
7,427 views | Jun 24, 2009

Chicken and rice porridge dakjuk 닭죽

How to make Korean-style chicken and rice porridge. The full recipe is here: http:www.maangchi.comrecipedakjukYield: 8-10 servings Cooking time: 2 hoursIngredients: A whole chicken (about 3 pounds), 1 ½ cups of garlic cloves, 1 ½ cups of rice, 2 eggs, 3 green onions, salt, water. For 2 kinds of dipping sauce: Salt and pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, hot pepper flakes, green onion, sesame seeds, sugar. Directions: 1. Soak 1½ cups of rice in cold water for 1 hour. *tip: if you like thinner soup style, use 1 cup of rice; if you like thicker porridge style, use 1½ cups rice 2. Wash and drain the whole chicken. 3. Trim the fat from the chicken's stomach area with scissors; cut off the tip of bum part. : ) 4. Place the chicken in a large pot and add 12-13 cups of water. 5. Add 1½ cups of garlic cloves and bring to a boil over high heat for about 40 minutes. 6. Turn down the heat to low-medium and cook 20 more minutes. 7. Rinse and drain the rice, and add to the boiling chicken porridge. 8. Remove any fat floating on top of the soup with a spoon or ladle. 9. Keep boiling with the lid closed for another 30 minutes. *tip: lower the heat if it boils over 10. Chop 3 stalks of green onion and beat 2 eggs and set aside. 11. Check if the chicken is cooked tender or not by poking the meat with a fork or chopsticks. It's usually tender after 1½ hour of cooking, but if it's not tender enough, cook a little longer. 12. Add 1 tbs salt to the soup and mix it with your spoon. The amount of salt depends on your taste, so use more or less as you like.Ok, now time to serve! Take the chicken out of the pot, transfer to a large plate, and put it on the table to serve. Make 2 kinds of dipping sauce: 1. Mix 1 tbs salt and ¼ ts black ground pepper in a small bowl 2. Mix these ingredients in a bowl (this is my father's favorite dipping sauce whenever he had this dish): 2 tbs soy sauce, 1 tbs vinegar, 1 tbs chopped green onion, 1 ts sugar, 1 ts roasted sesame seeds, and 1 ts hot pepper flakes. Now back to the chicken soup! 1. Add the chopped green onions (from #10). 2. Add the beaten eggs. Pour them in and wait for 10 seconds before stirring, to let them cook. Your chicken porridge is ready! Turn the heat off and serve.
244,871 views | Mar 03, 2010

Bubur Nasi

"Cara-cara memasak Bubur Nasi. Untuk melihat lebih 1000 lagi video masakan, layari ! Steps to cook Bubur Nasi. For 1000 more recipe videos, go to ! Follow us TryMasak@facebook. TryMasak@Twitter. TryMasak@Google+"
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Jok Congee Breakfast Rice Porridge Hot Thai Kitchen!

For recipes: Pork Stock recipe: http:youtu.bePV__ThYw6VI Connect with me: http:facebook.comHotThaiKitchen http:twitter.comHotThaiKitchen http:instagram.comhot_thai_kitchenIt's all over the streets of Thailand every morning, and now you can have it at home! Creamy, comforting rice porridge with tender pork meatballs and topped with ginger...mmm...sure beats any cereal out there!
16,182 views | Apr 03, 2014

Penang Mee Curry Mee Kari Penang

Recipe forResepi untuk: Penang Mee CurryMee Kari PenangIngredientsBahan:A) Mee and toppingsMee dan bahan hiasan400gm yellow noodlemee 400gm rice vermicillimeehoon 1 cupcawan bean sproutstauge 3 pcskeping chicken breastdada ayam (boil and shred to small pcsrebus dan carik2kan) 2 cupscawan cockleskerang (boil and remove fleshrebus dan ambil isinya) 2pcskeping fish cake (blanch and cut to small pcscelur dan hiris nipis) 1 cupcawan prawnsudang (shelled and boilbuang kulit dan direbus)B)chilly oilsambal minyakrefer to video on chilly oil rujuk video mengenai sambal berminyakC)Chilly pasteCili Kisar20 pcsbiji dried red chilliescili kering (boilrebus) 3 pcsbiji fresh chilliescili merah 1 tbssb shrimp pastebelacan 5 pcsbiji shallotsbawang kecilBlend all with 14 cup of waterD) SpicesRempah2 tbssb coriander powderserbuk ketumbar 2 pcsbatang lemon grassserai (cut into small pcs and pound or grindtumbuk atau kisar) 1 in galaghallengkuas (cut into small pcs and pound or grindtumbuk atau kisar) 6 pcsbiji candle nutbuah keras (poundtumbuk) 3 tbssb brown sugargula merah 1 tbssb saltgaram Mix all spices into the chilli paste Adun semua rempah kedalam cili kisar12 cupcawan oilminyak 6 pcskeping dried tofutofu kering 40 pcsbiki fish ballsbebola ikan 1 litre prawn stockair rebusan udang 2 cupscawan thick coconut milksantan pekat 12 cupcawan dried prawnsudang kering (soak in warm water and grindrendam dlm air suam dan ditumbuk)MethodCara:1) Heat oil fry the chilli mixture unti oil separates Panaskan minyak dan tumis sehingga pecah minyak2) Add the pounded dried shrimps,fry for half minute or so Masukkan udang kering yg sudah ditumbuk tadi,dan tumis lagi sekejap sekadar setengah minit.3) Add a little bit of the stock,stir and add in the sugar and salt.Stir.let the sugar dissolve. Masukkan sedikit air rebusan udang,garam dan gula.Kacau sehingga gula hancur.4) Now add a bit of the coconut milk and a bit more of the stock and let it boil. Tambahkan sedikit lagi santan dan air rebusan udang dan biarkan menggelegak5) When the gravy boils add a bit more of the coconut milk and the stock. Let it boils and keep repeating the process until all the 2 cups of coconut milk and 1 litre of stock are finished.In the process don't close the pot. Stir constantly. Bila kuah menggelegak masukkan sedikit lagi santan dan air rebusan udang.Biarkan menggelegak.Ulangi proses ini sehingga habis kesemua 2 cawan santan dan 1 liter air rebusan udang.Kacau selalu dan jangan tutup periuk.6) Add the fish ball and dried tofu.Let it boils.Taste the gravy for salt and sugar.Ready to serve. Masukkan bebola ikan dan tofu kering.Biarkan menggelegak.Rasa masin dan manis kuah.Siap untuk dihidang.Suggested servingsCara Menghidang 1) Place noodles and bean sprouts in a bowl.Pour in the gravy.Garnish with cockles,shredded chicken,prawns and fish cake.Serve the chilly oil in a separate small bowlplate. Letak mee dan taugeh didlm mangkuk.Tuang kuah.Hias dengan ayam,kerang,fish cake dan udang.Letak sambal minyak didlm mangkuk kecil berasingan. Bon appetit. visit my blog at
10,233 views | Oct 11, 2013

How To Make Soto Ayam Indonesian Chicken Soup

Nonton video tutorial membuat "rujak manis" tutorial how to cook Indonesian favorite chicken soup, Soto Ayam.Interested to become our sponsor in our next cooking tutorial video please contact us: rimanbudiman@gmail.comFound this video useful, any donation will be appreciated. Bitcoin: 13nd3FKdzSJmPmqKaQMiKqQKEvhgqjT1H7
200,180 views | Jul 29, 2011

【HD】How to make Japanese porridge Okayu

Ingredients for 2 person : 85g rice : 800ml water (Regular porridge) : SaltWater quantity suggestions: 6 to 7 times the quantity of rice for regular porridge; 8 times the quantity of rice for softer porridge; and 10 times the quantity of rice for a very soft pasty form of porridge.Miso flavored chicken : 100 - 150g ground chicken : 1 eggplant : 1 carrot : 1tsp sugar : 1tsp soy sauce : 1tsp sake : 1tsp oyster sauce : 2tsp misoUmeboshi-daikon : Grated daikon from 80g daikon : 2 umeboshi : Soy sauce Negi-miso with shimeji : 12 Chopped green onion : Some shimeji mushrooms : 2tsp miso : 1tsp sake : 1tsp soy sauce : 1 tsp sugarToday's customer at RUNNY's Lyna chong from FBMusic by Purple Planet 甘茶の音楽工房 Tam Music Factory http:www.tam-music.comMy Blog http:runnyrunny999.blogspot.comTwitter http:twitter.comrunnyrunny999Facebook http:www.facebook.comrunnyrunny999Helloasia ハローアジア http:www.helloasia.jpThanks-runnyrunny999
189,194 views | Apr 12, 2011

Penyediaan Nasi Bukhari Hasnah.wmv

Nasi Bukhari Hasnah is a secret recipe comes from Arab Castle. Please be free to visit us at Facebook by searching Rempah Nasi Bukhari Kak Nah or follow this link http:www.facebook.compagesRempah-Nasi-Bukhari-Kak-Nah113888465332720?ref=ts
60,528 views | Sep 18, 2010

Resep Nasi Lemak

Masakan Malaysia yang satu ini mirip dengan nasi uduk, dua duanya enak tapi nasi lemak lebih simple cara masaknya. Lauk pelengkapnya bisa macem2 ya, mulai tahu sampe ayam goreng tapi wajib ada irisan mentimun dan sambalnya :) This one is my take on Nasi Lemak, one of my Malay friend taught me on making this dish years ago and i have to admit that i fall for this ''nasi'' immediately.
173,416 views | Apr 09, 2009

HedChef Ayam Penyet

98,450 views | Nov 19, 2011

Pinoy Recipe Arroz Caldo Filipino Congee

Arroz caldo is one of my favorite foods for breakfast and night time snack when I was still in the Philippines. Visit for more mouth watering Pinoy recipe.Most of the time, I would just buy this because you will see street food vendors selling this all over the place. It was pretty convenient for me to buy instead of cooking it because I was living by myself. Although when I was still at my aunt's house, she would cook this in the morning if we have some leftover rice from last night and if the weather is a little bit cold.Arroz caldo is basically some rice soup mixed with some sautéed chicken and boiled eggs. The combination of the fish sauce and ginger makes the flavor of this Filipino congee perfect. You can actually cook this Pinoy recipe from leftovers. You can use leftover rice and leftover chicken, though some people would prefer to use fresh ingredients. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. There is also different ways of cooking this. Others would sauté all the ingredients including the uncooked rice and then put some chicken broth and let the rice cook with the broth. That is perfectly okay. I prefer the way I cook it because it is easier for me.The quantity of the ingredients like rice, chicken and boiled eggs are actually all up to you. Some cooks would prefer it with a lot of chicken and boiled eggs. But if you are like most of the people I know who are on a tight budget, then you would prefer to use more rice and less chicken and eggs. It will still come out okay. I prefer it with lots of rice and less chicken and eggs. That's just how I like it. I only cooked it with a lot of chicken because I know that Nunnie is going to like that.Join Us On Facebook: http:www.facebook.compinoyrecipeFollow Us On Twitter http:www.twitter.compinoy_recipe
30,019 views | Jun 04, 2010

Bubur Sayuran 2 3 Cara Membuat

Cara membuat Bubur Sayuran
6,835 views | Jan 16, 2012

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