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Mini Alcohol Stove For The Stanley Water Bottle And Other Small Pots

After recently being asked which alcohol stove would work well with the Stanley Multi-Use Water Bottle, I decided to conduct a few tests of the stoves that I...
3,350 views | Jul 28, 2012

RED bull Alcohol stove w cooking set ups

inspired by other youtubers who have made alcohol stoves thank you all,I have been making alcohol stoves for about a week straight and learning more and more...
4,299 views | Aug 06, 2010

My favorite pot with IntenseOutdoorGear X Lite Alcohol Stove

Testing my "Favorite" pot on IntenseOutdoorGear's ''X-Lite'' Alcohol Stove I keep getting a couple of questions: "What is your favorite pot?" "What ever happ...
1,226 views | Nov 16, 2013

The Truth About Pots part of the Troop 73 Alcohol Stove Project

The specifications for our cooking pots: Minimum capacity of 500 ml Lightest weight Good heat conductor Fits easily into backpack pockets Stores the stove, w...
7,853 views | Sep 01, 2008

Cooking with Two Pots to Save Time and Fuel While Primitive Solo Campi...

Short video demonstrating using two pots to heat up multiple items at once with only one alcohol stoveburner or heat source. Essentially a double boiler set...
1,004 views | Apr 23, 2013

Alcohol stove troubleshooting part 1, drips hot alcohol with beer can ...

Having a problem with my alcohol stove and pot setup. It drips alcohol as it warms up. Help me figure out why and how to fix it because I'm thinking I really...
2,342 views | Jul 23, 2009

New Alcohol Stove Design DIY

A presentation and demo of a new DIY alcohol stove design. Sturdy and lightweight, this little stove is ideal for the "do it yourself" backpacker, hiker, or ...
171,130 views | Dec 01, 2011

Simple Dollar Store DIY Alcohol Stove And Heater

By using a few simple dollar store items I have a very easy to make diy alcohol stove for heating and cooking. Materials needed: 1. empty sterno can or tuna ...
9,642 views | Sep 24, 2013

Ultra Safe High Capacity Backpacking Stainless Steel Alcohol Stove Boi...

In this video I do my first boil test on the stove I un-boxed yesterday. This is the "Ultra-Safe & High Capacity Backpacking Stainless Steel Alcohol Stove" I...
29,883 views | Jul 12, 2013

Battle of the ColoradoCamper Stoves

The last couple of days I've been doing some boil test videos on a couple of DIY side burner alcohol stoves that ColoradoCamper generously sent to me to test...
1,175 views | Aug 17, 2013

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot The Copper Cooking Pots China Tradition...

Copper hot pot store: http:www.aliexpress.comstore209705 Product Name: charcoal copper hot pot*kitchen ware*the copper pot*lamb hotpot*chinese hotpot*mon...
4,877 views | Dec 22, 2012

trangia adapter for small home made alcohol stoves

This is adapter for smallslim can home made alcohol stoves. You can use small stoves with trangia stormcooker, clikstand or westwind pot support. If you hav...
6,222 views | Nov 23, 2013

Alcohol Stove The Soloist Alcohol Cooking System

The cooking system with the Groove Stove. The base mug is snow peak 300 titanium.
3,202 views | Aug 20, 2012

World s Smallest Alcohol Stove NEW!

Incredibly funny, I pissed someone off when I made this tiny stove. Welcome to the wonderful world of Youtube folks! So this is the last one I'm making cause...
7,161 views | Aug 08, 2012

1 Making a small alcohol stove for a snowpeak

This is a video about the process I went through to make a stove for my Snowpeak 700. I have many stoves that work well, but some are too big for the smaller...
44,689 views | Dec 31, 2010

Reason for my challenge

Here is a short vid showing why it is important for stoves entered in my ultimate thru hiker stove challenge MUST work with small diameter cook pots. Most th...
51 views | Mar 29, 2013

DIY How To Make An AXE Can Alcohol Stove

An easy to follow "how-to" video showing how to make a cool alcohol stove out of an AXE Body Spray can. It has a built in priming tray and achieves full bloo...
156,778 views | Apr 20, 2012


Esbit und alkohol cookset:: http:goo.gl1uONmL My test and review to the Esbit Cookset CS985HA FACTS: extre, lightweight hard-anodized aluminium compact co...
686 views | Jan 20, 2014

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