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Bakya Philippine Folk Dance

From - Posted: Sep 21, 2009 - 270,721 views
Cooking | Bakya Philippine Folk Dance
Bakya Philippine Folk Dance
Bakya Philippine Folk Dance
Duration: 3 minutes 10 seconds 
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Philippine Folk Dance
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cooking | Manang Biday

Manang Biday

Courtesy of II-Albert Einstein
4,291 views | Feb 24, 2009
cooking | Tinikling Grand theatre

Tinikling Grand theatre

Tinikling Dance at Grand Theatre 8909
4,291 views | Aug 09, 2009
cooking | Subli A Filipino Folkdance

Subli A Filipino Folkdance

Final rehearsal before performing @ the Couple For Christ's Christmas Celebration 2008.
4,291 views | Dec 04, 2008
cooking | ITIK ITIK Dance PHIL CARES in Rokkakudou Kurume

ITIK ITIK Dance PHIL CARES in Rokkakudou Kurume

フィリピン交流会フェスタ 六角堂
4,291 views | May 25, 2010

cooking | SAYAW SA CUYO Pavia PSSES ISSA Champion


For almost three decades, Pavia Pilot Special Science Elementary School, formerly known as Pavia Pilot Elementary School topped the CDSA II Folk Dance Competition. It was a legend to be kept, a dance to be preserved and people to be known. This video was captured during the 2008 CDSA II Meet at Leon, Iloilo.
4,175 views | Jan 03, 2009
cooking | LAWISWIS KAWAYAN Philippine Folk Dance

LAWISWIS KAWAYAN Philippine Folk Dance

A Waray folk song that has becaome popular throughout the Philippine archipelago. The dance is probably a late choreography to the folk song. There are four versions to the Lawiswis Kawayan dance: one from Kolambugan, Lanao performed by the Waray settlers in that place. Another version from Eastern Samar uses a "bangkopuruk-anan" as an implement to the dancing. The male dancers have a mango leaf on their mouth in one figure of the dance. The two versios from Leyte are very distinct from each other. One version is performed with female dancers holding two branches of the "kalipayan" bush and are swayed in time to the music. This version is usually done during house blessings. The last version is the one described in the classic Waray stage play "Diri Bata, Diri Ulitawo, Diri Inasaw-an". As described, the dancers hold one internode of a bamboo with leaves on it. The dance ends with a pose holding the nodes into one long bamboo pole. Given below is the Lawiswis Kawayan song which was traditionally sung alongwith the musicians who play the dance music: LAWISWIS KAWAYAN (Tanauan, Leyte version) Ako magtatanum lawiswis Kawayan Akon la kan Pikoy palatay-latayan Salbahis ka Pikoy an imo paghuni Naghatag ha kalag, hin' ak' kalipayan Bulahan ka Pikoy, ka Pikoy, tikang panginaun Nagpili hin sanga,tinugdon, hinapun. Unina malupad, paglupad iya karantahun Kundi pagka kulup mabalik guihapon Watch out for my upcoming videos of the following dances: Tinikling (Waray) Itik-itik Kuratsa Samarnon (Waray) Lugkat (Waray) Lukay (Waray) An Marol (Waray) Surtido Samareño (Waray) Ismayling (AmoracionAmoral) (Waray) An Lubi (Waray) An Lab-asero (Waray) Costurera Maramyon (Leyte version) (Waray) Paspe (Waray) Ginabato (Waray) Pantomina de Samar (Waray) Salampati (Waray) Ti Yadut (Waray) Lavezares (WarayAbaknon) Jota han Kalipay (Waray) La Jota Samareña (Waray) Kuradang (Waray) An Ulitawo (Waray) Bagol (Waray) Kadang (Waray) Ingkoy-ingkoy (Samar version) (Waray) Pastores (Samar version) (Waray) Estudiantina (Capul version) (Abaknon) Mazurka Capuleña (Abaknon) Panderetas (Tanza, Ilo-ilo version) (Ilonggo) Engañosa (Pandangyado Mayor) (Waray) Pandangyado Cariñosa (Samar) (Waray) Pandagyado Buraweño Pag-aring (Basey, Samar) (Waray) Jota Paloana (La Jota Navarra) (Waray) Paso Doble (Parañaque version) (Tagalog) Polka Tagala Culebra (Bulacan) (Tagalog) Jota Cabangan (Ilocano) Jota Rizal (Tagalog) Jota Ibanag (Ibanag) Chotis Dingreña (Ilocano) Sangkayao (Bikolano) Pangkilad (Bikolano) Flaggey Libon (T'boli) Madal Tahu (T'boli) Karal Kafi (Bilaan) Ati-ati sa Bukid (Cuyo, Palawan) (Cuyunin) Bendayan (Tchunggas) (Benguet) Kadal Onuk (T'boli Bird Dance) Karatong (excerpt) (Cuyunin) Inday na Kunday (Southern Leyte) Likod-likod (Ormoc, Leyte) Gapus-gapusay (Ormoc, Leyte) Man-manok (Bago) Sohten (Subanen) Khinlesung (Subanen) Pangalitawo (Subanen) Madrileña (Pangasinense) Takiling (Kalingga) Minandagit (Manobo) Inahaw (Higaonon) Dugso (Higaonon) Siring (Tagbanwa) Sarungkay (Tagbanwa) Balisangkad (Tagbanwa) Tugatak (Tagbanwa) Dagit-dagit (Kinaray-a) Jota Moncadeña (Ilocano) Surtido Boronganon (Waray) Tachok (Kalingga) Chalijok (Kalingga) Ballangbang (Applay) Karasaguyon (T'boli) Polka Lapis Apoc (Ilokano) Pangalay (Sama di LautYakan) Paunjalay (All girl version) (Yakan) Silong sa Ganding (MAguindanao) Kandalamat sa Gandingan (MAguindanao) Ipat (Demo) (MAguindanao) Maong a Lalong (Pangasinan) Palu-palo (Ivatan) Pawakan (Sabong) (Maranao) Pinanyuwan (Bontoc) Buhay sa Bukid (Tagalog) Pakkong (Benguet) Buling-buling Pandacan (Tagalog) Tacon y Punta Danza (Bikolano) Telipe (Apayao)
4,175 views | Jul 13, 2007


4,175 views | Mar 22, 2010


4,175 views | Mar 22, 2010

cooking | Marilag Dancing SALIDUMAY 09

Marilag Dancing SALIDUMAY 09

Marilag and Company dancing Salidumay At Sydney Royal Easter Show, Australia
4,175 views | Apr 23, 2009
cooking | Bulaklakan Dance FJCC 2010 Israel Rejoicing

Bulaklakan Dance FJCC 2010 Israel Rejoicing

Adult dancers of the Friends of Jesus Christ Canada dancing Filipino Folk dance Bulaklakan at the 2010 Israel Rejoicing celebration at Earl Bales Park
4,175 views | Jun 15, 2011
cooking | Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Pandanggo sa Ilaw - The word pandanggo comes from the Spanish dance "fandango"characterized with lively steps and clapping while following a varying ¾ beat. Pandanggo requires excellent balancing skill to maintain the stability of three tinggoy, or oil lamps, placed on head and at the back of each hand. This famous dance of grace and balance originated from Lubang Island, Mindoro. Philippine Experience Show at Villa Escudero After lunch, guests have the opportunity to watch the Philippine Experience Show where the country's rich culture comes to life, from its ethnic diversity to its colonial legacy. The dances were painstakingly recreated by the late National Artist for Dance Ramon Obusan of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Mr. Obusan's insistence on authenticity sets this show, performed by resort employees and accompanied by the resort's own musicians and rondalla ensemble, makes this show a far cry from the stylized performances one sees today. (Fridays-SundaysHolidays only) http:www.villaescudero.comphil-exp...
4,175 views | Dec 03, 2010


4,175 views | Mar 22, 2010

cooking | Philippine Folk Dances Track 06 Pandanggo Sa Ilaw

Philippine Folk Dances Track 06 Pandanggo Sa Ilaw

Lesson Six of Aquarius Records - 16 Best Philippine Philippine Folk Dances - Volume One. A definite must have VCD for all Filipino's learning their culture! Available at http:www.kabayancentral.comvideootherscpot16bpfdov.html
4,175 views | Jul 25, 2009
cooking | Zamboanga Philippine Folk Dance

Zamboanga Philippine Folk Dance

Folk Dance
4,175 views | Sep 21, 2009
cooking | Pandanggo sa ilaw Candle Dance

Pandanggo sa ilaw Candle Dance

The Filipino Cultural Dance Troupe Wagga Wagga NSW Australia performing Pandanggo sa ilaw (Candle Dance) This was performed at the Wagga Wagga RSL club during a wedding in late 2010. Recorded by Grant Higginson from Cut Above Productions.
4,175 views | Apr 27, 2010
cooking | Leron, Leron Sinta Philippine Folk Dance

Leron, Leron Sinta Philippine Folk Dance

Folk Dance
4,175 views | Sep 21, 2009


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