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Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon

From - Posted: Apr 22, 2013 - 26,555 views
Cooking | Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon | Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon
Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon
Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon
Duration: 32 minute 49 seconds 
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A bright, clean Atlantic salmon rises to a RS Alistair Gold JC tube ( 2 inch copper) fly presented on a floating line at the famous Ibsley Pool on the Hampshire Avon.. The Avon valley is bursting with life with the arrival of summer birds like the reed bunting and stonechat. On Paul's arrival at Ibsley Bridge he is greeted by a pair of Goldfinches. He decides to try out his new gold coloured flies! This film is packed with helpful tips and wildlife clips including a white hart deer, barn owl, little egret catching an eel and a Common Buzzard up close.
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Salmon Confidential Documentary 2013 British Columbia

This Documentary is an insight on how the salmon farms in BC are destroying the wild salmon stocks that are native here and how the government is trying to keep it a secret. Another documentary about how steelhead are threatened by the proposed pipeline in BC: you support wild salmon please like the Facebook page it really helps out. https:www.facebook.comFarmedSalmonBoycott
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Chinook Salmon Run

November, 2011 run of Chinook (King) Salmon on the American River, CA at the Nimbus Hatchery Fish Ladder. **Google blocks me from replying to questions.**
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Royalty Fishery. River Avon. Hampshire.

A meander round the Royalty Fishery on the Hampshire Avon.
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Atlantic Salmon 31lb Railway Pool, The Royalty Hampshire

Paul ( PG) is out salmon fishing with his friend Bobby Windsor, fondly known as "The Mars Bar Kid". Knowing that the water was low and that the Avon salmon run was still peaking they decided to visit the famous and historic "Royalty" on the Hampshire Avon in Christchurch, Dorset. PG's last salmon spinning day on the Royalty was more than 6 years ago having only fished it once on the fly during that period.( The day Paul Robinson caught a 29lber on rolling luncheon meat) On his first day back after 6 years of fishing the Somerley Estate, PG lands a fresh and bright cock fish in excess of 30 lb's.Just 2 hours into the session. He presents a mepps 5 (silver blade with blue spots) above the "Railway Pool" near "Greenbanks". Using his " Contour" roaming head cam he captures the anticipation, take, battle and landing of the fish all in under 10 minutes !!! Also includes under-water footage of the release and some stunning stills. Paul takes you into the "Rod Room" and "Davies Tackle" for a trip down memory lane which includes a cast of the 49ber that was caught on the fishery back in 1952. At the end of the film he throws in some wildlife shots taken at the fishery on the day. These include a little egret stalking small mullet below "The Falls".
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Back for a brand new series, Greig Thomson heads back up to Deeside at the stunningly beautiful Invercauld Estate and Mar Lodge chasing late season salmon, in what is near impossible conditions. We also join Terry Mallin of Field and Fish to discuss this new brand for the UK. We hope you enjoy the show.
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How to catch reservoir trout on buzzers saw Graeme & Mike Pullen travel to Farmoor reservoir near oxford to do an exclusive interview with Ranger Mark Loughray. There were buzzers almost clouding the skies, and they got an insight into exactly why Farmoor is one of Britain's top fly fishing waters. You get loads of trout fishing tips from Mark, and he explains the life cycle of one of Britain's most famous flies - The Buzzer. If you love your fly fishing, then this new trout film may increase your urge to get out on the big waters. But long casting is not the key, there is a special technique on how it should be fished. The regulars are filmed by The Totally Awesome cameras netting fish after fish, confirming that Farmoor is still a great place to catch your first Reservoir trout. And these trout were also on catch and release Farmoor 1.**JOIN THE AWESOME ARMY** And see what we're up to: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comtotallyawesomefishing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER: https:twitter.comTAFishing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE: for fishing DVD's, Graeme & Mike's blog and fishing articles.Music: Theme Music: Ben Wilshire - Background music:
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GIANT RAINBOW TROUT of Sutton Springs Totally Awesome Fishing Show

An insight into the fishery that produces Britains biggest Rainbow Trout. Sutton Springs in Hampshire is renown for producing big fish for the discerning fly fisherman. The clear water lakes allow visual stalking of some of the biggest Trout you will find. Luckily Graeme was there with our back up camera to film the stocking of the lake. It's Totally Awesome!FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comtotallyawesomefishing TWITTER: https:twitter.comTAFishing WEBSITE: for fishing DVD's and articles.Music:
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A bunch of guys went to British Colombia to the world's best salmonregion with access to Skeena River, Kalum River and Copper River (Zymoetz). The last day of fishing we experienced a fantastic fishing. At 5 hours, we got 5 King salmon, 29 lbs (13 kg), 38 lbs (17 kg), 44 lbs (20 kg), 46 lbs (21 kg) and the one on this movie - over 60 lbs (28 kg)! чавыча 國王鮭魚 大鲑鱼Königslachs sølvlaks record trophy
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Battle with a 40lb plus Avon Salmon

Round 1 - Paul returns to the "Royalty"just 5 days after landing his 31lb cock fish. He sets his sights on a 40-50lb fish in an attempt to smash the Hampshire Avon salmon record of 49lbs set in 1952. He fishes the tail of the "railway pool" presenting a deep and slow retrieving silver dotted mepps 5. Just 30 minutes into the session his 3lb test curve spinning rod rod goes solid and he thinks he's hit the floor."Not another railway snag and lost mepps!" As he tries to pull out of the "snag" the heavy floor beneath his mepps begins to move and the battle commences.
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Fly fishing a 50 pound atlantic salmon in the Alta River, Finnmark, No...

Fly fishing Atlantic salmon. Laksefiske. Fluefiske i Altaelva. En laks på 22,7kg fiskes på flue, og håndtailes av fiskeren:-) Fly Fishing lessons
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