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Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon

From - Posted: Apr 22, 2013 - 23,531 views
Cooking | Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon | Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon
Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon
Atlantic Salmon on the fly Classic Ibsley Pool Hampshire Avon
Duration: 32 minute 49 seconds 
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A bright, clean Atlantic salmon rises to a RS Alistair Gold JC tube ( 2 inch copper) fly presented on a floating line at the famous Ibsley Pool on the Hampshire Avon.. The Avon valley is bursting with life with the arrival of summer birds like the reed bunting and stonechat. On Paul's arrival at Ibsley Bridge he is greeted by a pair of Goldfinches. He decides to try out his new gold coloured flies! This film is packed with helpful tips and wildlife clips including a white hart deer, barn owl, little egret catching an eel and a Common Buzzard up close.
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Spring Fishing on the River Finn in May 2013

Fishing for spring salmon on the River Finn in May 2013.You can see the dressing and tying for the 'lucky fly', the 'Firetail Cascade' here -
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November, 2011 run of Chinook (King) Salmon on the American River, CA at the Nimbus Hatchery Fish Ladder.
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How to Butcher Whole Salmon - How to Fillet a Fish - How to deboned salmon - How to clean salmon Welcome to Worldwide Culinary Apprentice. During that class, you will learn how to break down a whole salmon. Thank you for watching and sharing! Chef RogersHow to fillet a salmon quickly. This Technique is one of the best to butcher whole salmon. The Knife cut close to the bone of the Salmon fillet. Removing the head of the salmon and the fillet of the salmon. Removing the pin bones of the salmon. Farm raise salmon are sustainable. Cooking school basic technique. Butchering basic technique. Cutting a salmon for sushi-salmon burger-. Professional butchering technique demonstration-of cutting a whole fish. Dressing and Filleting round fish. Salmon cooking recipes. Learn how to debone whole salmon. How do you know the fish is fresh- it should have a shiny, brilliant appearance, scales firmly in place. Bright shiny eyes, sunken eyes are not a sign of freshness. Bright red gills, full of blood, firm, and intact stomach; firm flesh, resistant to the touch with a nice fresh odor. Salmon fillet can be sautéed-Salmon can be poached-Salmon fillet can be roasted-smoke salmon-
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Lewis River Lodge: www.atlanticrivers.comst_lewis_river_lodge
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21lb River Orkla Atlantic Salmon Aug 2013

Salmon fishing in Norway on the beautiful River Orkla, a place where there'd be big fish! As you will see this particular one lead me a merry dance for nearly 20mins and had the Classic singing!This fish was approximately 100cm and estimated at 21lbs (9.6kg), safely released to go about her business.Please excuse the coughing... I managed to pick up a bad cold on the way over... planes have a lot to answer!
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A bunch of guys went to British Colombia to the world's best salmonregion with access to Skeena River, Kalum River and Copper River (Zymoetz). The last day of fishing we experienced a fantastic fishing. At 5 hours, we got 5 King salmon, 29 lbs (13 kg), 38 lbs (17 kg), 44 lbs (20 kg), 46 lbs (21 kg) and the one on this movie - over 60 lbs (28 kg)! чавыча 國王鮭魚 大鲑鱼Königslachs sølvlaks record trophy
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ติดตามความเคลื่อนไหวของรายการได้้ที่ http:www.facebook.comironchefthailand
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Seasons On The Fly Atlantic Salmon Iceland Full Episode

Join us as we head to Iceland to fish one of the greatest Atlantic Salmon rivers in the world.
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Monster 40 lb Salmon Three Rivers Kola Peninsula

Huge 40lb Atlantic Salmon caught on the Atlantic Salmon Reserve during the hosted 'Three Rivers' week in August 2012. Fly fishing action from the Kharlovka, Litza and Rynda Rivers on the Kola Peninsula.
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April Vokey s fly tying demo on adh fishing fly fishing fair

April Vokey was our guest at the tying table on our fly fishing fair and she showed us her great tying steps for steelhead flies and she really was superb in giving us her tips and tricks. She is in high demand worldwide as a fly fishing instructor and gives frequently casting and tying courses. Further dates of upcoming courses which will again be taking place in our store too, will follow and be announced in our webstore http:www.adh-fishing.comFor more or https:www.facebook.comadhfishing+++german+++ April Vokey am Bindestock auf unserer Fliegenfischermesse auf der Sie uns mit ihren Steelhead Mustern begeisterte und auch nicht mit Tips und Tricks zurückhaltend war. Sie ist eine weltweit gefragte Fliegenfischer Instruktorin und gibt regelmäßig Wurf und Bindeworkshops. Kurstermine, die auch wieder bei uns stattfinden werden, folgen demnächst...Weitere Infos gibt es oder https:www.facebook.comadhfishing
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Royal salmon fishing on the Thurso, Scotland

On the last day of a Macnab challenge all keen fisherman Dom Holtam has to do is catch his first ever salmon on the River Thurso in a single day. With guidance from Head Ghillie, Dougie Reid, plus a chance to fish the exclusive Private beat, a favourite of The Queen Mother and Prince Charles, it's the best chance he has of completing the Ferrari Macnab.To see the full film watch Fieldsports Britain's Ferrari Macnab episode 154
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In the Ring of the Rise

Dry fly fishing on the river Tees. A small tribute to the late great Vincent Marinaro. Many thanks to my wife Nellie for capturing those scenes.
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