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Philippines on Channel News Asia

From - Posted: Feb 19, 2013 - 33,568 views
Cooking | Philippines on Channel News Asia | Philippines on Channel News Asia
Philippines on Channel News Asia
Philippines on Channel News Asia
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Real Estate Property Boom as discussed by CBRE Philippines' Rick Santos, CEO and Founder on Channel News Asia-business
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BBC Call Center Philippines

More and more companies are outsourcing work to call centres on the other side of the world. The Philippines has recently overtaken India as the country with the most call centre workers - and it has been taking great strides in trying to prove that it is the outsourcing destination of choice. But what makes all this possible is the technology behind the scenes - to enable these centres to not only be cost effective, but also provide a high-quality, reliable service.Kate McGeown reports from Manila.Special report: The Technology of Business
27,479 views | Feb 20, 2013

PALAWAN ranked 1 of the Top Islands in the World 2015 Condé Nast Trave...

THE BEAUTY OF PALAWAN WILL LEAVE YOU SPEECHLESS by Sabrina founder Sabrina Iovino is a half German, half Italian and has traveled to more than 50 countries around the globe. She feels weird to write about herself in the third person, so she'll switch now. Phew...much better! Let's restart:Hi, I'm Sab! This is my blog and I write about the things I love, mostly.Condé Nast Traveler ranked Palawan as #1 of the Top Islands in the World. The Huffington Post stated last month that Palawan is the most beautiful Island in the World. What else can I say? If you're looking for paradise you can't miss this place: El Nido at the northern end of Palawan was definitely the most picturesque place I have visited in the Philippines! Beaches, lagoons and an underwater life that will amaze you. The archipelago of El Nido is absolutely stunning! If they ever get 247 electricity and a decent internet connection in Palawan, I'm so gonna move there and never come back. How to get there: There are daily flights from Manila, Cebu or Iloilo to Puerto Princesa. From Puerto Princesa Airport you can catch a minibus to El Nido (5-6 hours). I wrote a detailed blog post about El Nido in Palawan - about things to do and places to stay. If you plan to visit Palawan, you might find this post helpful: Unspoiled Paradise on Earth - The Archipelago of El Nido.Hi, I absolutely agree. I traveled a lot in the past 5 years and saw many beatiful places. But my absolute favorite is El Nido. I learned diving there with 'Submariner' diving center. I can highly recommend Ronny and his diving center and I am looking forward traveling there again in the future. We did stay directly in the main village, but 10 minutes from the cemetery. For the island hopping we rented a private boat from an old man living close to our place. The price was comparable to the official tours, but we started earlier and did not see that many people on the island, so I can recommend that. We got there by van and left El Nido with the boat for Coron where we stayed another few days. From there you can fly to Manila. Thank you for your blog. I have to check it out a bit more. Greetings from Germany TinaHi, yes its beautiful, but remember to check the weather! I have been in the phillipines now for two weeks, and the first five days was a storm, almost like a tyfoon, meaning nothing looked like those perfect pictures you see all the time.... Sure the weather got better, but still i had a lot of rain, both north and south and some islands. I wish i had checked the weather, because once you are stuck on an island in a cheap accomodation its not much fun, cold water, cold rain, nowhere to dry your clothes, nothing to do ( no diving) etc. Also i meet a lot of people who where only here one or two weeks who also had no clue about the weather. Meaning their holiday was one big dissapointment. So yes you can have good weather dec-febr, but if you want to be sure, better come in march to may. Clara Hi, Sabrina! Awesome blog you've got here... 😊 I have just one comment on your 2014 update on getting to El Nido—there are still flights going to El Nido. These are operated solely by Island Transvoyager (ITI) now though, and if you're not booking your stay at any of the El Nido Resorts (Pangulasian, Lagen, Miniloc, and Apulit Islands), it will be very difficult for you to book a flight with the airline. I think the reason for this is that the resorts and the airline have the same owners, or at least they have some sort of partnership. I'm not saying it is impossible, just that ITI is prioritizing customers who are also booked at one of the El Nido Resorts. I just booked our (my husband and myself) stay at Miniloc Island online (, and there you have the option to book your flight Manila-El Nido through them as well but not the option to book just the flight... Btw, it's not our first time to travel to El Nido either. We traveled there back in 2008, but stayed at one of those backpacker resorts in El Nido town. At the time there were still other flights going to El Nido, albeit only ITI offers a direct flight (all the others were via Puerto Princesa). Not wanting to go through the hassle of 2-legged flights, I tried booking at ITI. I had to call them over the phone only to be told the best they could offer was to put us on a waiting list as their priority is on customers already booked at the El Nido Resorts... In short, we ended up taking the two-legged flight via Puerto Princesa anyway (which wasn't a waste as we were also able to visit some of the worthy sites there as well, e.g. Crocodile and Butterfly farms). Well, I hope this post helps anyone out there who may want to visit El Nido 😉 More power to you and your blog! 😊 c.flessen
23,504 views | Jan 13, 2015

Philippines The Sustainable Path

Broadcasted on Channel News Asia International, this documentary explores the Philippines as it rises up to the 22nd century challenge of a green and sustainable way of expanding. The Philippines faces an urgent need to become an environmental steward and leading innovator in sustainable solutions. Sustainability, by definition, encompasses different sectors and different industries. Watch as we explore growth industries that incorporate a sustainable outlook in their day- to-day operations. Much like the many different cultures that abound in the Philippines, the country, with over 7,000 islands, is also rich in both natural and man- made wonders. And the world is certainly taking more notice now. Certain industries have taken the spotlight ... tourism... BPOs... Sustainable energy... And they all show much promise and advancement, all good things to pave the way for a renaissance in the Philippines.
27,756 views | Oct 17, 2012

The New Philippines 2015 ASEAN fastest growing economy next only to Ch...

The Philippine named as the sickman of Asia now gets stronger. The Economy of the Philippines is the 40th largest in the world, according to 2012 International Monetary Fund statistics and it is also one of the emerging markets in the world. The Philippines is also considered as a newly industrialized country. Goldman Sachs also included the Philippines in its list of the Next Eleven economies. According to HSBC, the Philippine economy will become the 16th largest economy in the world, 5th largest economy in Asia and the largest economy in the Southeast Asian region by 2050. Credits to the owners of the videos
87,476 views | Oct 25, 2013

Breaking News Philippines Beats Global Stocks | Truly Rich Club News Don't be left behind, the stock market is gaining momentum! Learn how to invest at Truly Rich Club ( The world's biggest equity bull market is propelling Philippine valuations to all-time highs as international investors pile into the country's stocks in an endorsement of President Benigno Aquino's economic policies. Mia Saini reports on Bloomberg Television's "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)
78,058 views | Mar 06, 2013

Comparing the Philippine economy to Indonesia

People used to say the Philippines is the next Indonesia. But recent developments point to a different story. As Coco Alcuaz tells us the Philippine economy may soon outrun its neighbor.
30,615 views | Feb 05, 2013

Philippines Is Now One Of The Fastest Growing Economy In The World

The Philippines' economy grew at a faster rate than expected in the third quarter, indicating that the country's economic condition continues to strengthen.
62,026 views | Feb 15, 2013

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About the Philippines

Welcome to Top10Archive! The Islands are a beautiful tropical paradise and vacation spot, and in this video, we are going to dive into its beautiful terrain and look at the ten most interesting things you should know about the Philippines. Follow Us on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comtopten.archive Support us by shopping on Amazon! http:tinyurl.comnjwyzzn Check out our website: http:www.top10archive.net10. The Text Capital of the World 9. The Flag 8. Inventions 7. Biggest Shoes 6. Philippine Cuisine 5. Crucifixion Reenactments 4. The Banaue Rice Terraces 3. Matruculan 2. Famous Filipinos 1. Down With PepsiReferences:,3599531 http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiTim_Tebow http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiFlag_of_the_Philippines http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiPhilippine_mythical_creatures http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiBanaue_Rice_Terraces http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiText_messaging#Philippines http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiHoly_Week_in_the_Philippines https:en.wikipedia.orgwikiPhilippine_adobo http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiRoberto_del_Rosario http:www.marikinalife.com200905worlds-largest-shoes.html Photo By: Mike Smith Miguel Lazatin Photo: Erik De Castro ReutersVoice Over Talent: www.Facebook.comdenisonvoiceMusic:
117,532 views | Jan 03, 2015

Why is the Philippines Important?

Martin Gower-Smith talks about doing business in the Philippines at the Explore Asia event, London, 19 March
67,533 views | Apr 10, 2013

Philippines EPHE Analysis

Analysis of the Philippines market-tracking ETF, EPHE from the Hong Kong Group of Carolina Investment Association.Some people have been asking about the 4.8% real GDP growth numbers. Our source for that data is the CIA World Factbook. The data:https:www.cia.govlibrarypublicationsthe-world-factbookfields2003.html
8,771 views | Feb 21, 2013

Philippines Raised to BBB from BB on CCTV news

Anchor Phillip Yin joins Ryan Hakim, an economist at Cascade Asia Advisors, on Fitch's upgrade of the Philippines to the nation's first ever investment-grade rating.The Philippines has won its first-ever investment grade rating. The move by Fitch should cut borrowing costs and boost cash inflows. The ratings agency raised the nation's long-term foreign currency debt rating to BBB- from BB+.And while that might not sound very impressive, it moves the Philippines at par with India and Turkey, both of which have been investor darlings in recent years.The Philippines can certainly match some of their stats. The economy grew by 6.6% in 2012, driven by its mining, manufacturing, retail and outsourcing industries.
21,909 views | Mar 29, 2013

LATEST NEWS The Philippines looking forward آخر أخبار العالم جميع 2013 07112012 -- ... (DFA) on Wednesday welcomed the re-election of United States (US) President Barack Obama, saying that the Philippines is looking forward ... Dusit Thani Manila's Philippine Cuisine: Looking Back ... - Dusit Group - Traduzir esta página All roads led to Dusit Thani Manila last Monday, June 7 as the hotel officially marked their celebration of the Philippines' 112th Independence led by director of ... ZENIT - Philippines Looking Forward to Canonization of Native Son www.zenit.orgarticle-35443?l=english - Traduzir esta página 30082012 -- Philippines Looking Forward to Canonization of Native Son CEBU, Philippines, AUG. 30, 2012 ( On Oct. 21, Benedict XVI will ... After 38 years of Revolution: Looking Forward in the Philippines - Traduzir esta página 5 dias atrás -- Ka Frank suggested posting excerpts from this statement released by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on the anniversary of the ... USS George Washington Arrives in the Philippines - Traduzir esta página 24102012 -- "This is my first visit to the Philippines and I am looking forward to experiencing the culture," said Ship's Serviceman Seaman Matthew Davis, ... JESSICA SANCHEZ Says She Is Looking Forward For Her Concert ... - Traduzir esta página 10012013 -- Last Sunday, Jessica hosted a video chat with her Filipino fans and said that she is looking forward to perform for her Filipino fans for the ... US commander visits Philippines amid South China Sea tension ... - Traduzir esta página 18072012 -- "I'm looking forward to giving the message to the Philippine military and to the leaders there that the United States is a very reliable ally. APPEND Philippines -- Looking forward | Opportunity International ... - Traduzir esta página 29032012 -- APPEND Philippines -- Looking forward. Friends, I had the privilege last week of attending the Board and CEO forum for APPEND, the network ... IMF hopes for stronger ties with Philippines - Traduzir esta página 16112012 -- MANILA, Philippines - Amid mounting pressure to resolve the debt crisis in Europe, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is looking forward to ... Philippines still looking forward to comprehensive electronic ... - Traduzir esta página The banking system in the Philippines comprises commercial, universal, thrift, rural, and specialized government banks, with various categories of banks offering ...
21,739 views | Feb 15, 2013


Philippines beats Global Stocks by 124%
24,472 views | Feb 21, 2013

Top Emerging Markets The Philippines and Mexico

THE PHILIPPINES AND MEXICO TOP THE LIST OF EMERGING MARKETS SET TO GROW IN 2013, SAYS ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO.SHOWS: HONG KONG, CHINA (February 27, 2013) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO, CHIEF ECONOMIST FOR EMERGING MARKETS, BBVA 1. REPORTER OFF CAMERA SAYING: "What are you assuming on the Fed's quantitative easing program now following Ben Bernanke's congressional testimony this week? And what impact does it have on emerging market growth?" 2. ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO SAYING: "Well, of course there's been a lot of noise with basically playing with the idea that the QE3 would not last as long as we had all expected. I would start by saying that I think the Fed will kind of correct that message towards stability for the time being. So I would expect better news to come very soon. And that means that for the emerging world, we will go back to the idea that this is going to last. However in the minds of everybody who is investing in the emerging world, there is this idea that QE3 is not there forever. Which means that the risks entailed will have to be taken into account. But again, I think the impact will be muted with better news to come very soon." 3. REPORTER OFF CAMERA SAYING: "Property concerns in China again with banks turning cautious on the nation's housing markets. The latest announcement came from China's Ping An Bank banning its branch from approving home loans. What are your thoughts?" 4. ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO SAYING: "We've been analyzing the announcements and frankly, if one looks at them carefully, there's not really much news there. I mean, these are measures that had been announced before. Of course the key issue is whether they will be enforced more tightly than they were. And that will have an impact on of course the housing market. My feeling is that the Chinese authorities, as opposed to Hong Kong by the way, do not want to break the good environment in the housing market. We can't forget that it had been bad for quite a long time. And I think the only thing they want to do is to avoid excessive growth in prices. But just let them grow slightly over time. So I would not again consider this news to be very negative for the housing market. I think growth is still an issue in China. They want to promote growth - that's the key message. And we've seen that in many ways. So, the housing market is a very important engine of growth in China. And I don't think the measures again are so tightened as they look. So I would not expect major changes so far." 5. REPORTER OFF CAMERA SAYING: "The top three emerging markets to grow the fastest this year - what are your picks?" 6. ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO SAYING: "Top emerging markets this year. In Asia, I always like to talk about what I consider to be like Cinderella of Asia which is the Philippines. There's been a nice surprise. Not only last year, but there's been a nice surprise for last few years. I think the government has improved in terms of corporate governance. And I think they are attracting more FDI than they used to. They have a generally well-educated population in terms of language skills and even third degree level compared to other Asian countries. So I think they will still attract FDI and they will do well this year. The macroeconomic management in the Philippines has improved enormously in the last five, six years. So I think that is a nice bet for investors. And again it's nice because it's been cheap for a long time. And it's been like not regarded as a key country in the region. In Latin America, I think this is the year of Mexico. They have new government, they really want reforms. And Brazil is still struggling to improve its growth projections and pattern for 2013. With a very bad year 2012 they didn't even manage to grow 2%. So I think Mexico has a goal this year to attract FDI. They've always attracted a lot of FDI. But I think this will be their year in terms of, again, reforms and huge amounts of flows into Mexico. The risk is of course excessive exchange rate appreciation. The peso may fly. They have a very, very flexible exchange rate regime. So that's the trick. But for investors, if they enter early enough, that's a double bet, positive bet for them. I think these are the key countries I would recommend at the moment."
50,880 views | Mar 01, 2013

Why Outsource To The Philippines? With David Jenyns Chris Ducker

www.melbourneseoservices.comdvd3Have you thought about outsourcing to the Philippines? If you're smallmedium business owner there's a huge opportunity to build a team in the Philippines and get a competitive advantage over your competition. Discover why David Jenyns and Chris Ducker think it's the biggest opportunity right now!And if you're interested in learning how to start outsourcing, visit: www.melbourneseoservices.comdvd3
17,559 views | Dec 02, 2012

Unprecedented Succes, Philippines on Channel News Asia

Property boom in Manila Real Estate Property Boom as discussed by CBRE Philippines' Rick Santos, CEO and Founder on Channel News Asia-business Central Dated Jan 29 2013
49,471 views | Feb 19, 2013


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