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Asia s Less Developed Economy Philippines on Channel News Asia

From - Posted: Feb 19, 2013 - 27,670 views
Cooking | Asia s Less Developed Economy Philippines on Channel News Asia | Asia s Less Developed Economy Philippines on Channel News Asia
Asia s Less Developed Economy Philippines on Channel News Asia
Asia s Less Developed Economy Philippines on Channel News Asia
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Real Estate Property Boom as discussed by CBRE Philippines' Rick Santos, CEO and Founder on Channel News Asia-business
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BBC News US key for Philippines economy.FLV

18,012 views | Jan 01, 2013

Asian Tiger Cub Economies Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines Thailand

A tribute to the emerging Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines & Thailand
28,665 views | Apr 30, 2013

Why Outsource To The Philippines? With David Jenyns Chris Ducker

www.melbourneseoservices.comdvd3Have you thought about outsourcing to the Philippines? If you're smallmedium business owner there's a huge opportunity to build a team in the Philippines and get a competitive advantage over your competition. Discover why David Jenyns and Chris Ducker think it's the biggest opportunity right now!And if you're interested in learning how to start outsourcing, visit: www.melbourneseoservices.comdvd3
13,152 views | Dec 02, 2012

Unprecedented Succes, Philippines on Channel News Asia

Property boom in Manila Real Estate Property Boom as discussed by CBRE Philippines' Rick Santos, CEO and Founder on Channel News Asia-business Central Dated Jan 29 2013
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Philippines EPHE Analysis

Analysis of the Philippines market-tracking ETF, EPHE from the Hong Kong Group of Carolina Investment Association.Some people have been asking about the 4.8% real GDP growth numbers. Our source for that data is the CIA World Factbook. The data:https:www.cia.govlibrarypublicationsthe-world-factbookfields2003.html
8,174 views | Feb 21, 2013

Philippines now a rising tiger World Bank official

DAVAO CITY — President Aquino cited the gains that his administration has achieved, recognizing the need to ensure that these gains are felt by as many people as possible.
33,314 views | Feb 05, 2013

PHILIPPINES Export Multiplies GDP Growth due to SUPREME quality robust...

Economy of Philippines multiplies growth due to high quality robust Exports such as Prefab Houses exported to Japan that have withstood TsunamiGlobal Media such as Bloomberg has reported that The Philippine Economy continues to multiply its positive growth due to the high quality Exports it produces. Abs-cbn News also supports these findings with products such as Prefab Houses exported to Japan that have withstood Tsunami and has out-performed products made in Japan.According to Japanese Foreign Direct Investors such as President Makoto Yoshida , there are 4 factors why they prefer to invest in the Philippines compared to other countries around the world.1) PEZA - Philippine Economic Zone Authority incentives2) Best Trading Location and ASEAN free trade agreements3) Manpower - Diligent, Efficient and Disciplined Filipino Workers4) Language - Globally Proficient English Speaking Filipinos It's MORE Fun to Invest in the Philippines!
13,163 views | Apr 22, 2013

Chef Popular than Nurse, Philippines on Channel News Asia

Becoming a chef is now one of the most popular professions in the Philippines. That is because when it comes to finding work, some say it's easier to get a job abroad as a cook than it is as a nurse. Channel NewsAsia Christine Ong finds out why Filipino chefs are in such great demand overseas
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Suze Orman advises Filipinos to invest in PH

American personal finance guru Suze Orman is in town again and she's putting her bets on the Philippine economy, while urging Filipinos to do the same.
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Philippines Boracay Best Island in the World 2014

Boracay Travel + Leisure Magazine's World's Best Island Award 2012 TripAdvisor and National Geographic Society's Best Beach in Asia 2012 Its more fun in the Philippines
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Comparing the Philippine economy to Indonesia

People used to say the Philippines is the next Indonesia. But recent developments point to a different story. As Coco Alcuaz tells us the Philippine economy may soon outrun its neighbor.
27,994 views | Feb 05, 2013

Good Morning ASEAN 21 03 2013 part2

3. VIETNAM - BRAZIL TRADE HITS $2 BILLIONSpecial Report(3.23): JP Morgan reviews on economy and politic in VietnamSpecial Report(2.51): DBS economic forecast Philippines
4,655 views | Mar 20, 2013

Asia s Tiger Cub Economies Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand Malaysia! ...

Asia's Tiger Cub Economies.. It's the term used to describe the emergence of new industrialized countries in Asia.. They are Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.. This four countries are considered as the younger brothers for the real Asia's Tigers that already succeed in becoming the high income countries.. The Asia's Tigers are Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong and South Korea.. They are all ASIAN PRIDE!!
12,887 views | Apr 12, 2013

2014 Top Emerging Markets The Philippines and Mexico

THE PHILIPPINES AND MEXICO TOP THE LIST OF EMERGING MARKETS SET TO GROW IN 2013, SAYS ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO.SHOWS: HONG KONG, CHINA (February 27, 2013) (REUTERS - ACCESS ALL) ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO, CHIEF ECONOMIST FOR EMERGING MARKETS, BBVA 1. REPORTER OFF CAMERA SAYING: "What are you assuming on the Fed's quantitative easing program now following Ben Bernanke's congressional testimony this week? And what impact does it have on emerging market growth?" 2. ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO SAYING: "Well, of course there's been a lot of noise with basically playing with the idea that the QE3 would not last as long as we had all expected. I would start by saying that I think the Fed will kind of correct that message towards stability for the time being. So I would expect better news to come very soon. And that means that for the emerging world, we will go back to the idea that this is going to last. However in the minds of everybody who is investing in the emerging world, there is this idea that QE3 is not there forever. Which means that the risks entailed will have to be taken into account. But again, I think the impact will be muted with better news to come very soon." 3. REPORTER OFF CAMERA SAYING: "Property concerns in China again with banks turning cautious on the nation's housing markets. The latest announcement came from China's Ping An Bank banning its branch from approving home loans. What are your thoughts?" 4. ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO SAYING: "We've been analyzing the announcements and frankly, if one looks at them carefully, there's not really much news there. I mean, these are measures that had been announced before. Of course the key issue is whether they will be enforced more tightly than they were. And that will have an impact on of course the housing market. My feeling is that the Chinese authorities, as opposed to Hong Kong by the way, do not want to break the good environment in the housing market. We can't forget that it had been bad for quite a long time. And I think the only thing they want to do is to avoid excessive growth in prices. But just let them grow slightly over time. So I would not again consider this news to be very negative for the housing market. I think growth is still an issue in China. They want to promote growth - that's the key message. And we've seen that in many ways. So, the housing market is a very important engine of growth in China. And I don't think the measures again are so tightened as they look. So I would not expect major changes so far." 5. REPORTER OFF CAMERA SAYING: "The top three emerging markets to grow the fastest this year - what are your picks?" 6. ALICIA GARCIA-HERRERO SAYING: "Top emerging markets this year. In Asia, I always like to talk about what I consider to be like Cinderella of Asia which is the Philippines. There's been a nice surprise. Not only last year, but there's been a nice surprise for last few years. I think the government has improved in terms of corporate governance. And I think they are attracting more FDI than they used to. They have a generally well-educated population in terms of language skills and even third degree level compared to other Asian countries. So I think they will still attract FDI and they will do well this year. The macroeconomic management in the Philippines has improved enormously in the last five, six years. So I think that is a nice bet for investors. And again it's nice because it's been cheap for a long time. And it's been like not regarded as a key country in the region. In Latin America, I think this is the year of Mexico. They have new government, they really want reforms. And Brazil is still struggling to improve its growth projections and pattern for 2013. With a very bad year 2012 they didn't even manage to grow 2%. So I think Mexico has a goal this year to attract FDI. They've always attracted a lot of FDI. But I think this will be their year in terms of, again, reforms and huge amounts of flows into Mexico. The risk is of course excessive exchange rate appreciation. The peso may fly. They have a very, very flexible exchange rate regime. So that's the trick. But for investors, if they enter early enough, that's a double bet, positive bet for them. I think these are the key countries I would recommend at the moment."
48,086 views | Mar 01, 2013

2014 Philippines Raised to BBB from BB on CCTV news

Anchor Phillip Yin joins Ryan Hakim, an economist at Cascade Asia Advisors, on Fitch's upgrade of the Philippines to the nation's first ever investment-grade rating.The Philippines has won its first-ever investment grade rating. The move by Fitch should cut borrowing costs and boost cash inflows. The ratings agency raised the nation's long-term foreign currency debt rating to BBB- from BB+.And while that might not sound very impressive, it moves the Philippines at par with India and Turkey, both of which have been investor darlings in recent years.The Philippines can certainly match some of their stats. The economy grew by 6.6% in 2012, driven by its mining, manufacturing, retail and outsourcing industries.
20,014 views | Mar 29, 2013

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