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Amsoil Vs. Cerma Oil using timken ok load test

From - Posted: Sep 18, 2012 - 12,258 views
Cooking | Amsoil Vs. Cerma Oil using timken ok load test | Amsoil Vs. Cerma Oil using timken ok load test
Amsoil Vs. Cerma Oil using timken ok load test
Amsoil Vs. Cerma Oil using timken ok load test
Duration: 15 minute 21 seconds 
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Here we have a test showing the protection offered by Amsoil 10w-30 synthetic and Cerma Industries Cerma 10w-30 Motor Oil with STM-3 add pack.As you will see we are very surprised with the protection Amsoil provided, Yet as you will realize Cerma surpasses Amsoil with over double the shear strength protection.For more information concerning Cerma products visit
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This is the original video of the test, the video didnt up load correctly the first time, which is why it was put in more then one. But heres the better verion. i was running the 10-30 for a year and the oil STILL LOOKS CLEAN AND IS STILL SLICK WITH 9,000+ MILES ON IT. i could go longer but i want to put a thiner oil in it. i was told that the 0-30 that is in this video could give me a little better gas milege so when i came up to the one year mark with about 9-11 k on the oil i changed it due to AMSOILS recomindation of one year or 25,000 miles. the year came first so i changed it. i put a single by pass filter system on it with the 0-30 oil and ive been using that with prittly good results. im getting higher compression with it, im NOT saying if u are already using AMSOILS oils then u can or will get higher compression by going to a thinner oil. but thats what happed in my case. i dont know what the compression was before changing it to AMSOIL but i know what it was when i flushed it the first time i did was about two months after flushing out the moter with AMSOILS motortrans flush and the second time a year later.
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