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All In One Pecan Nut Buster

From - Posted: Sep 12, 2012 - 20,710 views
Cooking | All In One Pecan Nut Buster
All In One Pecan Nut Buster
All In One Pecan Nut Buster
Duration: 2 minutes 16 seconds 
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This video show how the All In One Pecan Nut Buster works. You'll see how it first cracks and extracts then separates the nut meats from the shells.
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Watch the pecan nut buster crack 1,100 pecans in 1 minute. You'll see the nut meat is extracted from the shell and your left with over 90% halves!
4,024 views | Feb 03, 2012
cooking | DIY Nut Cracker MACHINE walnuts pecans brazil nuts etc

DIY Nut Cracker MACHINE walnuts pecans brazil nuts etc

In under 5 minutes you can do a 5 gallon bucket of walnuts compared to 8hrs to do 5 gallons by hand. It can be set to only exert a specific amount of force distance as to not destroy the meat. Works great on any hard nuts: Almonds, Walnuts (English or Black), Pecans, Pistachios, Peanuts, Brazil nuts, Hazelnut, Chestnut, and virtually any other hard shelled nut.Click here to see the Easy Way to Husk Walnuts
4,024 views | Jun 15, 2014
cooking | Pecan Nut Buster In The Field

Pecan Nut Buster In The Field

This video shows how portable the Pecan Nut Buster All-In-One machine truly is.
4,024 views | Mar 26, 2013
cooking | Universal Nut Sheller

Universal Nut Sheller

This is a version of the Universal Nut Sheller that my oldest son made a couple years ago.We've used it for peanuts with very good results.A sheller like this is enables those in developing nations to increase the speed of their food preparations... works well for us too!
4,024 views | Jan 01, 2013

cooking | Cracking Pecans in The World s Best Nut Cracker!!!

Cracking Pecans in The World s Best Nut Cracker!!!

Available at: - Handbuilt Steel Nut Cracker that can crack up to 50 lbs an hour. Cracks: English Walnuts, Almonds, Domestic Soft Shell and Paper Shell Pecans, Filberts, Hazelnuts, Acorns, Peanuts, Brazil nuts, Pistachios, Pine Nuts & more...(530)273-9378
4,024 views | Nov 19, 2013
cooking | Pecan Inlay Grafting Technique

Pecan Inlay Grafting Technique

In this video, Regional Extension Agent Doug Chapman introduces the topic of Inlay Grafting Technique. Part 2 describes the staking procedure to support the graft. Part 3 is how to perform a four-flap graft on a young pecan tree. For more information, contact Doug at: or call him at: 256-232-5510
4,024 views | Apr 28, 2014
cooking | Pecan Harvesting for Small Orchards

Pecan Harvesting for Small Orchards

A how-to video of harvesting pecans on a small pecan orchard.
4,024 views | Oct 17, 2012
cooking | Economy Pecan Sheller

Economy Pecan Sheller

Jack has been making pecan shellers for thirty years and has machines ready for the fall season. Give him a call!
4,024 views | Aug 05, 2014

cooking | Grafting Pecan Trees

Grafting Pecan Trees

(42989)-Host Jim Gallot demonstrates two methods for grafting pecan wood, and shares a few tips for success in doing so.
4,024 views | Jun 11, 2013
cooking | Maquinaria Descascaradora de Nuez

Maquinaria Descascaradora de Nuez

4,024 views | May 23, 2012
cooking | AMAZING automatic nut cracking machine CRONUT

AMAZING automatic nut cracking machine CRONUT

Amazing new and cheap portable nut cracker machine, capacity up to 30 kghrs, for home users and small farms. BRAND NEW MODEL: MORE
4,024 views | Mar 24, 2013
cooking | Redneck Nut Cracker in action

Redneck Nut Cracker in action

We had a bumper crop of pecans this year. Handheld nut crackers are slow and tedious. The trick is just enough force and pressure to crack the nuts shell to be removed but leaving the pecan halves intact. To speed up the process my nephew built an automated nutcracker that could crack hundreds at a time in just minutes. It is constructed of old scrap lumber, metal, old lawn mower parts, and an old electric motor that had been tossed out. With an adjustable hopper it can handle a variety of nut sizes and once dialed in it does a great job. This video is just showing it running, will do a more detailed construction and how it works video in the future
4,024 views | Nov 27, 2014

cooking | How to grow a Pecan from nut.

How to grow a Pecan from nut.

4,024 views | Mar 09, 2013
cooking | How to Grow Pecan Trees

How to Grow Pecan Trees

How to Grow Pecan Trees by Richard Skinner Hawkins Corner Nursery 813-752-4938 3611 James L. Redman Parkway, Plant City, FL USA 33567 http:www.HawkinsCornerNursery.comHawkins Corner Nursery is Owned and Operated by Richard and Martha Sue Skinner. Mr. Skinner is Available for Telephonic Consultation or by Special Appointments to Discuss and Answer Your Questions. Hawkins Corner Nursery is the Largest Dealer in Central Florida of Backyard hybrid Fruit Trees Developed by the University of Florida. There are Around 1,000 Citrus Trees in Every Variety and About 1,500 Other Types of Fruit Trees.Welcome to Hawkins Corner Nursery, Where You Will Find a Plethora of Edible Landscaping for the Homeowner or Orchard Grower Hobbyist . . . Offering Cold Hearty and Semi-Tropical Florida Fruit Trees; as Well as, Grape, Blackberry, and Raspberry Varieties, and Even Flowering Trees.Owners Richard and Martha Sue Skinner Began Hawkins Corner Nursery as an Outgrowth of Over a Hundred Years of Farming Enterprise on the HawkinsSkinner Family Farm Land. In 2011, Florida's Commissioner of Agriculture, Adam Putnam, Presented the Unique Designation of Century Pioneer Family Farm in Recognition of Their Family's Maintaining a Continuous Farm for Over 100 Years!Richard Skinner has Over 30 Years of Experience in Guiding Your Successful Growth of the Many Varieties of Fruit and Flowering Trees Offered at Hawkins Corner Nursery. Richard's Expertise and Knowledge are Both Impressing and Easy to Understand. While at Hawkins Corner, Be Sure to Listen Close and Maybe Take Some Notes, as Richard's Instructions Bring Out Your Inner Green Thumb, Despite Any Limitations You May Have. Hawkins Corner is One of Florida's First Nursery's to Embrace the University of Florida's Hybrid Stone Fruits, Which are the Peaches, Plums and Nectarine Varieties. At This Authentically Rustic Family Nursery, You Will Also Find Over 30 Florida Specific Varieties of Citrus . . . That is Oranges, Grapefruits, Tangerines, Lemons, Limes, Kumquats, Calamondins, and Many More Specialty Varieties. Additionally, Hawkins Corner Offers Many Other Edible Landscaping Options Including Oranges, Grapefruits, Tangerines, Lemons, Limes, Kumquats, Calamondins, and Many More Specialty Varieties All Ready to Grow in Your Central Florida Backyard.Hawkins Corner Nursery is Centrally Located at the Corner of James L. Redman Parkway -- State Road 39 and Trapnell Road in Plant City, Florida, Less Than an Hour's Drive from Tampa, Orlando, Leasburg, Brooksville, St. PetersburgClearwater, Sarasota or Sebring!Hawkins Corner Nursery Does Not Offer Shipping, but You Wouldn't Want to Miss Experiencing Richard's Authentic Personality and Growing Advice First Hand. Afterwards, You'll be Sure to Tell all Your Neighbors!How to grow videos: Apple Trees, Banana Trees, Blackberries, Citrus Trees, Crepe Myrtles, Fig Trees, Grapefruit Trees, Grapes, Guava Trees, Lemon Trees, Lime Trees, Mulberries, Nectarine Trees, Olive Trees, Papaya Trees, Peach Trees, Pear Trees, Pecan Trees, Persimmon Trees, Plum Trees, Pomegranate Trees, Raspberries and Tangerine Trees?How to Videos: Fertilize Fruit Trees, Get Rid of Spider Mites, Grow Fruit Trees in Containers, Grow Organically, Kill Weeds and Prune Fruit Trees?What is Videos: a Graft Line, a Peanut Tree, Pineapple Trees, Pummelo Tree, Edible Landscaping, Difference Between Stone Fruit and Prone Fruit and an Extension Service?What are Chill Hours and Ornamental Trees?When to Plant Fruit Trees and Plant Fruits and Vegetables?How Often Should I Water My Plants?Nematodes in Florida.Tags: hawkins, corner, nursery, hawkins corner, hawkins-corner, hawkinscorner, hawkins corner nursery, hawkins-corner-nursery, hawkinscornernursery, richard, skinner, richard skinner, richard-skinner, richardskinner, martha, sue, skinner, martha sue skinner, martha-sue-skinner, marthasueskinner, florida, fl, fruit, tree, trees, fruit tree, fruit-tree, fruittree, fruit trees, fruit-trees, fruittrees, fl fruit trees, fl-fruit-trees, flfruittrees, florida fruit trees, florida-fruit-trees, floridafruittrees, adam, putnam, florida, commissioner, agriculture, century, pioneer, family, farm, edible landscaping, home owner, orchard grower hobbyist, cold hardy florida fruit trees, semi tropical florida fruit trees, university, of, florida, hybrid stone fruit, how, to, how to, grow, apple trees, banana trees, blackberries, citrus trees, crepe myrtles, fig trees, grapefruit trees, grapes, guava trees, lemon trees, lime trees, mulberries, nectarine trees, olive trees, papaya trees, peach trees, pear trees, pecan trees, persimmon trees, plum trees, pomegranate trees, raspberries and tangerine trees, small nursery, family nursery, landscaping, plant city, strawberry, strawberries, plant city strawberries, plant city strawberry festival
4,024 views | Aug 29, 2012
cooking | Top Notch Pecan Cracker and Sheller

Top Notch Pecan Cracker and Sheller

At top notch we take pride in building high quality machines and providing excellent customer service. For more details and pricing on our various machines please visit
4,024 views | Dec 20, 2013
cooking | How To Make Candied Pecan Nuts

How To Make Candied Pecan Nuts

This guide shows you How To Make Candied Pecan Nuts Watch This and Other Related films here: http:www.videojug.comfilmhow-to-make-candied-pecans Subscribe! Check Out Our Channel Page: Like Us On Facebook! https:www.facebook.comvideojug Follow Us On Twitter! http:www.twitter.comvideojug
1,381 views | May 11, 2012


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