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All In One Pecan Nut Buster

From - Posted: Sep 12, 2012 - 10,501 views
Cooking | All In One Pecan Nut Buster | All In One Pecan Nut Buster
All In One Pecan Nut Buster
All In One Pecan Nut Buster
Duration: 02 minute 16 seconds 
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This video show how the All In One Pecan Nut Buster works. You'll see how it first cracks and extracts then separates the nut meats from the shells.
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Universal Nut Sheller

This is a version of the Universal Nut Sheller that my oldest son made a couple years ago.We've used it for peanuts with very good results.A sheller like this is enables those in developing nations to increase the speed of their food preparations... works well for us too!
28,070 views | Jan 01, 2013

Watch the pecan nut buster crack 1,100 pecans in 1 minute. You'll see the nut meat is extracted from the shell and your left with over 90% halves!
10,422 views | Feb 03, 2012

Pecan Harvesting for Small Orchards

A how-to video of harvesting pecans on a small pecan orchard.
12,247 views | Oct 17, 2012

Econo Sheller 2

4,674 views | Nov 08, 2012

Pecan Nut Buster In The Field

This video shows how portable the Pecan Nut Buster All-In-One machine truly is.
2,611 views | Mar 26, 2013


Turbo Vac Nut Harvester. For Vacuuming Hazel Nut and Walnut Crops.
103,378 views | Aug 31, 2010

Pecan harvesting

Ever wonder how Pecans are harvested? This Video will show you how! Here in Green Valley, we use the latest and greatest in farming equipment technology to ensure the freshness and taste of our pecans. Unlike most fresh produce, which is harvested during the summer months, pecans and other nuts wait until fall. For pecans, harvesting waits until the first hard freeze of winter. This first freeze kills off the green protective shuck around the nut itself causing it to open and expose the pecans inside. It is at this time when harvesting will begin.
46,838 views | May 18, 2009

Pecan Cracking on Test Trailer

Cracking pecans using Jessee Equipment Manufacturing's test cracker and sizing deck. A local resident wanted to crack the pecans from his two trees. We were pleasantly surprised at how well they cracked out! El agrietamiento de pacanas usando Jessee Equipment. Una máquina descascaradora de pecanes.
15,034 views | Apr 26, 2011

Grafting Pecan Trees 4 29 89

Host Jim Gallot demonstrates two methods for grafting pecan wood, and shares a few tips for success in doing so.
12,777 views | Jun 11, 2013

The Orangeburg Pecan Company

Mini-documentary on a pecan-shelling plant located in Orangeburg, SC. This video was produced and directed by Quinton T. Wright for Senior Project at Claflin Univeristy.
24,107 views | Nov 23, 2011

Pistachios Farmers hope for big potential with little nut

Near Fresno, the Nichols family is going nuts over pistachios. For more information, please visit: http:www.californiabountiful.comfeaturesarticle.aspx?arID=642
2,657 views | Jan 20, 2012

Mechanical Principles 1930 by Ralph Steiner 4min selection

This is my favorite 4min selection of a larger work by Ralph Steiner. The original was silent, and the DVD had it set to classical music. I have swapped the audio for an electronicaindustrial track by 3 Liquid Hz - Little Boy.Favorite movements: @ 1:16 - counter mechanism @ 2:55 - normal gears, but cut to engage on diagonals @ 3:37 - SQUARE GEARS! @ 3:41 - variable speed transfer @ 3:46 - rotary to linear action with a 4 tooth cogSeveral users have commented that these gears may be on display at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL.
4,134,729 views | Sep 13, 2009

Black Walnut Cracker at Industrial Speed Using a Drill

The black walnut cracker from easily cracks black walnuts, hazel nuts, and almonds. Some people are even using it on pistachios. Notice how the black walnuts give up the nutmeat? There is no need to hand shell, use diagonal pliers, or use a pick to get out the nutmeat. Also notice how large the chunks are? That is comparablebetter than most manual black walnut crackers.
30,102 views | Oct 10, 2011

Econo Sheller 817.645.5451

A factory for shelling pecans!
1,419 views | Oct 24, 2012

Hunts Electric Nutcracker

The hunt's nutcracker, I bought is a great machine 2010 for cracking black walnuts or any hard nuts, and it even got better with a new dayton motor now attached I bought in June. Best black walnut, butternut and hickory nut cracker I have ever owned. It operates smoothly and allows very precise nut cracking. This is an old school device that makes sweet work of a hard job...breaking those hard black american walnuts.
15,929 views | Jun 11, 2012

Walnuts Australia Tabbita NSW Walnut Orchard

Walnuts Australia Tabbita NSW Walnut Orchard 1 of 3 large walnut orchards run by Walnuts Australia, an operating division of Webster
106,908 views | May 03, 2011

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