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Aguila real cazando cabra

From - Posted: Jul 10, 2010 - 201,929 views
Cooking | Aguila real cazando cabra | Aguila real cazando cabra
Aguila real cazando cabra
Aguila real cazando cabra
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Otro video de aguila real cazando otra cabra en mallorca
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Aguia real atacando cabra montesa

Aguia Real (Aquila chrysaetos) atacando uma cabra de um penhasco. Cenas do Documentário do Félix Rodrigues de la Fuente.
1,438,844 views | Dec 03, 2006

Top 7 Best Eagle Attacks GRIZZLY,KANGAROO... MAN HD

See these predator eagles take down an Grizzly, Kangaroo,Wild Cat,Sloth,Wolf,Deer and a Man. Watch More Videos : http:youtube.comanimalbiologie Killer Whales Attacks Most Dangerous Animals in The World and cats Saves Humans Life Animal Attack 2014 Attack Videos Compilation 2014 Attacks Man's Deadliest - Croc Attacks! 3 Most Horiffic Lion attacks on human the dog owners dying, Watch what happens next! and Attack Fail Compilation Dogs Videos 2014 Animal Sex Mating 2014 Mating 2014✔ Mating Top 2 Best Horses Mating Videos Mating Compilation & Cats Mating Videos Compilation More : http:youtube.comAnimalbiologie
6,172,211 views | Jun 15, 2014

aguila real cazando cabra de 40kg

se muestra un aguila real cazando cabras en mallorca ( abrid bien los ojos nunca mas podreis disfrutar de algo asi en la vida)
145,892 views | Jul 10, 2010

Cetrería con águilas harris en monte abierto

82,467 views | May 04, 2012

El Gavilan de las Galapagos ducumental

Una produccion de BBC Nature.Cuida la naturaleza hoy, mañana puede ser muy tarde.
1,465,400 views | Nov 18, 2010

Oso cazando Bisontes Bear hunts Bison

Parque Nacional de Yellowstone
323,202 views | Nov 21, 2012

Ataque Tigre a pavo zoo madrid 2010.AVI

Ataque tigre a pavo real en el zoo de madrid 2010.
324,611 views | Sep 19, 2010
cooking caza de corzos con aguila real

Pequeña recopilacion del documental "De caza, bajo vuelo con águilas reales".
303,201 views | Jun 06, 2010

American Eagle 2008 720p HDTV

Eagle is a common name for some members of the bird family Accipitridae; it belongs to several genera that are not necessarily closely related to each other. Most of the more than sixty species of eagles occur in Eurasia and Africa.[1] Outside this area, just eleven species can be found -- two species (the Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle) in the United States and Canada, nine species in Central America and South America, and three species in Australia. Eagles are large, powerfully built birds of prey, with a heavy head and beak. Even the smallest eagles, like the Booted Eagle (Aquila pennata) (which is comparable in size to a Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) or Red-tailed Hawk (B. jamaicensis)), have relatively longer and more evenly broad wings, and more direct, faster flight -- despite the reduced size of aerodynamic feathers. Most eagles are larger than any other raptors apart from some vultures. The smallest species of eagle is the South Nicobar Serpent Eagle (Spilornis klossi), at 450 g (1 lb) and 40 cm (16 in). The largest species are discussed below. Like all birds of prey, eagles have very large hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong muscular legs, and powerful talons. The beak is typically heavier than that of most other birds of prey. Eagles' eyes are extremely powerful, having up to 3.6 times human acuity for the martial eagle, which enables them to spot potential prey from a very long distance.[2] This keen eyesight is primarily attributed to their extremely large pupils which ensure minimal diffraction (scattering) of the incoming light. The female of all species of eagle known is larger than the male.[3][4] Eagles normally build their nests, called eyries, in tall trees or on high cliffs. Many species lay two eggs, but the older, larger chick frequently kills its younger sibling once it has hatched. The dominant chick tends to be the female, as they are bigger than the male. The parents take no action to stop the killing.[5][6] Due to the size and power of many eagle species, they are ranked at the top of the food chain as apex predators in the avian world. The type of prey varies from genus to genus. The Haliaeetus and Ichthyophaga eagles prefer to capture fish, though the species in the former often capture various animals, especially other water birds, and are powerful kleptoparasites of other birds. These eagles often target various arboreal or ground-dwelling mammals and birds, which are often unsuspectingly ambushed in such dense, knotty environments. Hunting techniques differ among the species and genera, with some individual eagles having engaged in quite varied techniques based their environment and prey at any given time. Most eagles grab prey without landing and take flight with it so the prey can be carried to a perch and torn apart.[7] The Bald Eagle is noted for having flown with the heaviest load verified to be carried by any flying bird, since one eagle flew with a 6.8 kg (15 lb) mule deer fawn.[8] However, a few eagles may target prey considerably heavier than themselves; such prey is too heavy to fly with and thus it is either eaten at the site of the kill or taken in pieces back to a perch or nest. Golden and Crowned Eagles have killed ungulates weighing up to 30 kg (66 lb) and a Martial Eagle even killed a 37 kg (82 lb) duiker, 7--8 times heavier than the predating eagle.[7][9] They have at least one singular characteristic. It has been observed that most birds of prey look back over their shoulders before striking prey (or shortly thereafter); predation is after all a two-edged sword. All hawks seem to have this habit, from the smallest kestrel to the largest Ferruginous -- but not the Eagles. Among the eagles are some of the largest birds of prey: only the condors and some of the Old World vultures are markedly larger. It is regularly debated which should be considered the largest species of eagle. They could be measured variously in total length, body mass or wingspan. Different lifestyle needs among various eagles result in variable measurements from species to species. For example, many forest-dwelling eagles, including the very large Harpy and Philippine Eagles, have relatively short wingspans, a feature necessary for being able to maneuver in quick, short bursts through dense forested habitats.[7] On the other hand, eagles in the genus Aquila are found almost strictly in open country, are superlative soarers, and have relatively long wings for their size.[7] Here are lists of the top five eagles going on weight, length and, lastly, wingspan. Unless otherwise noted via reference, the figures listed are the median reported for each measurement in the guide Raptors of the World (Ferguson-Lees, et al.), in which only measurements that could be personally verified by the authors were listed.
154,156 views | Oct 10, 2013


118,265 views | Oct 26, 2010

El Águila Come Monos de Venezuela

Documental sobre las águilas arpías o come-monos, que habitan en la cuenca del Orinoco (Venezuela), a través del estudio de una familia. Serán los monos capuchinos las presas preferidas por el águila macho, mientras la hembra permanece en el nido velando por su cría.Enlace = http:youtu.beUFtjDO_U0m4
77,580 views | Jun 14, 2013

Lances de cetrería

Selección de lances de cetrería, sobre todo del halcón peregrino. Incluye águila real a lobo de los Kirguises. Short selection of some awesome falconry momments, including golden eagle preying on wolf. Petite sèlection de moments espectaculaires de fauconnerie.
291,481 views | Jan 12, 2009

Lucha entre Pigargo gigante y Aguila Real

Un Pigargo gigante y un Aguila Real en plena lucha por la comida. Más videos en
426,412 views | Feb 04, 2012

El Hombre y la Tierra El Águila Imperial Parte 1

El Hombre y la Tierra - El águila imperial (1ªparte). Serie documental sobre reportajes de animales protagonizada por Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente. 30 años sin Félix recuerda 'El Hombre y la Tierra', audios de RNE, reportajes y documentales. Una de las rapaces más bellas y escasas del mundo es el águila imperial, que tienen en la Península Ibérica su último refugio. Se estima, según el último censo elaborado por el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente, que hay 250 parejas de estas rapaces en la península ibérica, que habitan, mayoritariamente, el cuadrante suroccidental de la península.
38,684 views | Nov 09, 2011

Águila cazadora de hombres

115,549 views | Dec 20, 2012

Aguila Real contra Halcón Peregrino

Es poco frecuente ver atacando un Aguila Real a un Halcón Peregrino. Aquí un ejemplar joven decide probar suerte...
256,946 views | Feb 03, 2011

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