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8 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 8 A Bad Penny Always Returns, Inviting Paul

From - Posted: Aug 17, 2012 - 11,832 views
Cooking | 8 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 8 A Bad Penny Always Returns, Inviting Paul | 8 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 8 A Bad Penny Always Returns, Inviting Paul
8 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 8 A Bad Penny Always Returns, Inviting Paul
8 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 8 A Bad Penny Always Returns, Inviting Paul
Duration: 22 minute 27 seconds 
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Ashling complains that she and her fiancé Desmond are incompatible, but after listening to Emily's speech, she decides to give it another go one more day. But can they really make up the differences?=Tasks= Day 2: Chase 8 Sheep Ashling and Desmond is getting married tonight, but sheep have invaded the restaurant. Emily has to chase them off before the restaurant closes.=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Top of the Counter Table (01:37) Day 2: Left side of Flannery (09:42)=Invitation Challenge: Paul= Wow, it's another difficult challenge - you're dealing with angry customers who will leave if you're not quick enough. Can you still reach the target score?These are some tips:1) Serve Counter customers as the highest priority.2) Entertain seated customers non-stop. If they calm down or become 'Ecstatic (hearts around their heads)', they'll give you more tips which will help you to reach target score.3) Buy new curtains or tables to increase customer's patience (in this video, I bought new curtains, but if you have enough cash, buy both).It gets as hectic as Episode 1's Mice challenge, but is absolutely fun. Good luck!Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
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Larva 2013 Season 2 Larva s Special Ep 1 11 HD 1080p

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22 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 22 A Ram Jam, Balloons For...

Patrick is secretly planning a surprise wedding for Emily, and people from Snuggford start arriving one by one. But is it really a good idea to ask Francois to look after the ring...?=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Next to the Cake Table (03:22) Day 2: Between the Musicians (11:46)= Invitation Challenge: Balloons for Everybody - Catch Snuggy =Emily doesn't know everyone is arriving from Snuggford, and you must hide Snuggy from her sight. Can you still achieve the Target Score?It's a similar challenge to Episode 10 (Finding Bridin), except Snuggy is so tiny that it's very hard to spot her. Keep your ears peeled and as soon as you hear Snuggy, turn your eyes towards that direction - hopefully you can spot her in time!By the way, what's that voice you get every time you catch Snuggy?Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
9,905 views | Oct 28, 2012

9 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 9 The Wedding Crasher, Invi...

Ashling and Desmond are now happily married and the wedding reception continues day and night. As the party finally ends, we see a mysterious woman visiting the Tavern...=Tasks= Day 2: Serve the Wedding Couple Flannery decides to treat the wedded couple with free meals. Can Emily keep up with their endless orders?=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Over the green drape (01:59) Day 2: Above the bell of the counter (09:33)=Tips for Invitation Challenge: Jean-Paul & Nadia =Who would have thought sheep can be so impatient? If they get hungry, they'll escape from the Tavern and it's game-over!Feeding the sheep is your highest priority. Always keep one or two hay stocks in the tray so that you can feed the sheep immediately. Restocking takes time, so keep the basket filled whenever you have spare time. After feeding all sheep, you should have spare time before the restaurant closes, so concentrate on chaining to reach the target score - Good luck!Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
9,383 views | Aug 27, 2012

7 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 7 The Fighting Irish, Invit...

Emily needs to get a bride's bouquet, but the Irish couple, Desmond and Ashling, have decided to call off their wedding. Is there a chance for them to get back together? =Tasks= 1. Day 2: 6 Flower Deliveries (Bonus +150) Despite the feud between Ashling and Desmond, Patrick decides to make a bouquet for the bride. Emily will receive 6 flower deliveries.2. Day 2: Choosing Emily's Wedding Bouquet Patrick offers Emily to make a bouquet for their wedding and you must make a choice! You can choose between a) Hand Tied Bouquet, b) Bag Bouquet or c) Cascading Bouquet. It will affect the mini-game and will appear on the wedding day.=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Upstairs Window (01:56) Day 2: Corner of the Drink & Biscuit Counter (11:24)=Invitation Challenge: Richard= You are going to invite Richard whom Emily had a brief fling in Emily's Holiday Season. Francois is on diet, so don't serve him - otherwise it's game-over!You have to ignore Francois's order, rather than serving him, and it's probably as challenging as the 25 mouse challenge in Episode 1, because Francois will block the queue at the counter which make other customers wait. He also appears in disguise, so be warned!But the trick is simple - just keep serving customers as quickly as you can (don't worry about chaining), then you should be able to reach the target.Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
6,822 views | Aug 10, 2012

Survival Hard Day only Instants and Sun Producing Plants 3

Latest video : 22 Cob Strategy --------------------------------------- Click for details Latest Vid : The Power of Ten --------------------------------------------------------- " No Plants ?, No Problem. " Survival Hard Day Strategy 00:00 - Flags 1 - 2 ( Nothing special ) 04:11 - Flags 2 - 4 ( Catapult + Disco ) 07:20 - Flags 4 - 6 ( Football + Disco ) 10:57 - Flags 6 - 8 ( Gargantuar + Disco ) 15:17 - Flags 8 - 10 ( Pole Vaulting + Jacks + Disco ) ------------------------------------ I Hope this helps You out Survival Hard ( Day ) 1 Survival Hard ( Day ) 2 Survival Hard ( Day ) 3 As Promised i'll make 3 of each survival hard modes~ i did the roof and roof night 1st because it was fun ------------------------------------ This has been done already but i'll try to do it for fun ( someone requested ) so here it is ^^ Survival Hard ( Day ) using only instants and Sun Producing Plants Have fun and i hope this helps ^^ -Hitori
1,645,858 views | Sep 13, 2011

17 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 17 Turning the Tide, Invit...

Emily's parents suggest that the wedding should be postponed, but Emily hangs onto the hope that Patrick will show up after burying the shilling for good luck. Meanwhile, Emily has to deal with Jimmy's offer of 'cake tasting'...=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Above the Balcony Area (02:16) Day 2: Under the Swan Display (09:21)= Invitation Challenge: Gillon & Bridin =Good old Reservation is finally back after a long period of absence! In this challenge, you will receive calls for reservasions - can you still keep the restaurant flowing and reach the Target Score?Your objective in this challenge is never to turn away customers who reserved the tables, otherwise it's game-over! You should serve the seated customers as priority so that you always have tables available for customers whether they booked the tables or not. Good luck!Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
7,891 views | Sep 28, 2012

3 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 3 The Hand of Fate Inviting...

The bad luck continues at Emily's Place, and now Emily herself starts believing that the wedding is doomed. In Episode 3, you will attempt to invite Philippe, whom Emily met on the train to Paris. =Tasks= Day 2: Clean Windows (Bonus Score +175) Pigeons have made mess on the shop windows, and Emily has to clean up 5 spots.=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Gutter, Bottom Left (01:29) Day 2: Right of the Flower Counter (08:45)=Invitation Challenge: Philippe= Phew, this is a simple challenge compared with the previous episodes. Emily can only carry ONE ITEM at a time - can you still meet the target score?The only tricky part in this challenge is customers at Patrick's Flower Shop, because you can't queue other actions until you create a bouquet and hand it to them. Otherwise, just keep serving everyone as fast as you can!Check out my blog for more walkthroughs:
10,474 views | Jul 13, 2012

10 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 10 Iris Eyes Are Smilin , ...

As Emily looks forward to receiving the bride's bouquet, Flannery warns Emily that the legend of Lady Mary doesn't always have a fairy tale ending... =Tasks= Day 2: Wake Up the Musician 4 Times (Bonus +100) The wedding party has continued for several days, and the Musician is falling asleep. Emily must wake him up to keep the party going!=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Left Counter (01:56) Day 2: Outside the Door (08:49)= Invitation Challenge: Isabel & Anotoine =We love spotting mice in Emily's game, but it can be a hard task when you're running a busy restaurant. In this challenge, you must spot the dog Bridin 12 times... can you still achieve the target score?Just like 'catching mice', you need to listen hard for barking. As soon as you hear Bridin's bark, stop your current action and look for the dog. If you miss once, it's game-over! = Important Note: Expert Score =Please note this video was created immediately after the original release, which was released on weekly basis. While I was making this walkthrough, I noticed Zylom has made a few modifications and my videos reflects these transitions. Now that the game is completed and available as a whole package, I heard from some people that Expert Score has also been changed. I revisited the same Episode and indeed Day 2 Expert level score has been raised from 2150 (as you see in this video) to 2950. FYI, in the newly released version, I still achieved Expert (Screenshot: http:youtu.begLsQueMds-0) so I presume the difficulty level is the same, but they just changed the time limit & number of customers etc.I think the updated version has more 'checking in & out' so you need to handle keys more often, and there are more guests who need soaps and towels. Other than that, keep an eye on overflowing soup and make sure you chain customers at all cost and you should be able to reach Expert!Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
6,741 views | Aug 31, 2012

Delicious Emily s Honeymoon Cruise Episode 7 The Piano Lounge Full Wal...

Emily's mom is preoccupied with her old flame, John, who bosses around on the ship. Edward is increasingly concerned about the situation, and when John's friends insult his wife, he finally snaps...[Mouse Locations] 7-1: Behind the Sofa at the Piano Bar (01:14) 7-2: Behind the left side of the Kitchen Counter (08:49) 7-3: Behind the Glass of the Food Trays (16:28) 7-4: Behind the Whipped Cream, bottom right (25:23) 7-5: Outside the Round Window on the left (33:17)[Tasks] 7-2: Receive 8 Deliveries 7-3: Serve John's Friends[Memorable Moment] - 7-4: Collect 33 Gold Hearts to capture "Snuggy's magic appearance!" (26:50)[Collectables] - Collect 35 Gold Hearts to unlock John Tones=== ♥ Emily's Wonder Wedding Walkthrough♥ Emily's True Love Premium Walkthrough♥ Emily's Taste of Fame Walkthrough to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Facebook: https:www.facebook.comKittenChippy Blog: Twitter: @KittenChippy
8,021 views | Oct 09, 2013

Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding english version

Emily's big day is coming! Emily and Patrick are happily engaged, but when Patrick's mom arrives bad omens start appearing. Is their marriage written in the stars? Or will fate deal Emily a bad card?We're proud to present you a brand-new way of playing games with our "episodic gaming" concept. With episodic gaming we're combining the best of two worlds: each week you'll get a piece of a bigger story, like in a TV series, while playing an addictive hit game. Delicious -- Emily's Wonder Wedding is our first episodic game with a new episode every Friday. The first episode is now available for you to play -- for free!Don't wait any longer -- Play the first episode right away!http:bit.lyK7md4O
38,382 views | Jun 27, 2012

11 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 11 Doggone Luck, Inviting ...

Gillon's beloved dog Bridin has gone missing, and the search begins. Iris is still hanging onto the bride's bouquet as she hopes 'her fiance' who stood her up 10 years ago will show up. Heartache continues...=Tasks= 1. Choosing Emily's Wedding Ring Another decision time - you will choose the wedding ring today! Selections are: a) Irish Emerald, b) Golden Rose or c) Sapphire Glamour. 2. Day 2: Find 8 Tools (Bonus +100) The well is broken and Emily needs to find the right tools for Flannery so he can fix it.=Mouse Locations= Day 1: A hole on the ground (02:29) Day 2: Behind the window (11:14)= Invitation Challenge: Mr Farrell & Gladys =Since I've started this walkthrough, I've heard from so many people that they still haven't managed to invite all the guests so far... well, we've certainly been given hard challenges!Finally, this one is purely fun. Unlike the last challenge which was super difficult to chain, you should chain as much as you want here - you should reach the target score in no time!Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
10,101 views | Sep 07, 2012

2 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 2 Heeding the Signs Invitin...

Episode 2 is finally out today! Emily is having a hard time dealing with her superstitious mother-in-law, and still hasn't secured her wedding dress. She also chooses her Maid of Honor today.=Tasks= Day 2: Clean Snuggy (Bonus Score +125) Snuggy has dropped into the sewer and has temporarily become 'Black Cat', a bad omen according to Brigid. Emily has to wash Snuggy in a bath.=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Inside the Left Tree (02:55) Day 2: By the Right Wall (08:39)=Invitation Challenge Tips= You will attempt to invite Officer Jackson who loves Emily's donuts. Your task is to serve him as the highest priority for 10 times & achieve Target Score. If you keep him waiting, he will receive an urgent call and it's GAME-OVER!Following Amelie's challenge, this is another tricky one, so here is the tips:Officer Jackson arrives on the bike and always orders 2 Donuts. As soon as you hear the bike sound, ignore other customers, add 2 Donuts in the tray and check him out as soon as possible.Once he arrives for the 9th time, the Restaurant closes. Now you have 2 x OFFICER JACKSON (how can it be possible?). So serve the 1st Jackson, then immediately serve his clone who arrived on foot - Hooray, the challenge is completed!Check out my blog for more walkthroughs:
12,136 views | Jul 06, 2012

24 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 24 The Gang s All Here, In...

Angela has forgotten to bring Emily's Wedding Dress, but fortunately she's brought her own dress which Emily wanted in the first place. Meanwhile, Patrick is getting exhausted for keeping his plan secret... =Tasks= Accept Deliveries 6 Times (Day 2)=Mouse Locations= Day 1: Behind the Left Bush (02:17) Day 2: Next to the Balloon Machine (10:22) = Invitation Challenge: Inviting A Just Married Car - Make Burgers for Elvis =Elvis is finally fulfilling his dream of having Emily's delicious burgers as much as he wants. Can you serve him in time and still achieve the Target Score?Elvis always orders two burgers, so as soon as the game starts, start making two burgers before he arrives. Afterwards, keep two burgers in your tray all the time so his order is ready before he arrives. Good luck!Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
7,417 views | Oct 30, 2012

14 Delicious Emily s Wonder Wedding Episode 14 A Previous Engagement, ...

Emily hears that Iris and Patrick were once 'engaged'. Emily cannot help but feeling insecure and ends up arguing with Patrick. Now Francois has to take over the restaurant and console Emily...=Mouse Locations= Day 1: By the Right Gate (02:21) Day 2: Behind Cherries (10:50)= Invitation Challenge: Carlos & Carmen =In Episode 14, new products (Juice) are introduced, and aside from cooking, you have a lot of 'time-consuming tasks', i.e. picking fruits, fishing, knitting, finding Lucky Clovers... on top of it, you have to clear up the tables!As soon as the restaurant opens, collect as much ingredients as possible, then concentrate on serving customers. The key is to send Emily for errands (cleaning & collecting) immediately after checking out, so you have minimum amount of people queuing at the counter. Good luck!Subscribe to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog:
5,140 views | Sep 18, 2012

Delicious Emily s Honeymoon Cruise Episode 5 The Kid s Club Full Walkt...

Patrick told Emily he'd love to have kids, but she's not sure she wants the same. They end up in the ship's kids club. Will this change Emily's mind?[Mouse Locations] 5-1: 01:12 (Inside the bottom right Basket) 5-2: 11:51 (Behind the Heater, bottom left) 5-3: 17:04 (Behind the Grill) 5-4: 27:57 (Behind the Bottom Table) 5-5: 33:40 (Inside the Bookshelves)[Tasks] 5-1: Find 8 Tools (Solution: http:bit.ly17Ms6TU) 5-2: Chase Jayden 5 Times[Collectables] - Collect 25 Gold Hearts to unlock Jimmy[Memorable Moment] - Collect 23 Gold Hearts to capture "Those cute kids" (28:20)[Tips] Some of the kids can be very impatient, so focus on serving them as quickly, then chain whenever possible. In 5-4, the mouse often appears when there are customers at the table which obscure its presence... it's a very tricky one!=== ♥ Emily's Wonder Wedding Walkthrough♥ Emily's True Love Premium Walkthrough♥ Emily's Taste of Fame Walkthrough to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Facebook: https:www.facebook.comKittenChippy Blog: Twitter: @KittenChippy
5,923 views | Oct 06, 2013

1 Delicious Emily s Taste of Fame Stage 1 Day 1, 2, 3 Betty s Drive Th...

One month ago... Emily and Francois are stranded after car crash. Emily decides to work at Betty's Drive Thru to earn money to fix the car.= Mouse = Day 1: In front of the Middle Planter (03:21) Day 2: Above the Clock (05:54) Day 3: Behind the Register (13:58)= Tasks = Day 2: Pick Up Francois' Packages 8 times Day 3: Find 8 Missing Pearls= Trophy = 1) Triple Cash Combo Blast (04:28) - Handle 3 Customers at once= Tips = On Day 3, you need to find 8 Pearls. One of them is found behind Betty (above the tray), so click on it while she is cleaning a table (14:20).You can earn the first trophy on Day 1! At the end of the day, you'll receive the last drive-thru customer. Don't take the cash until two more customers come to the counter, then process their payment at once. You'll earn 'Triple Cash Combo Blast'!*** ♥ Emily's Wonder Wedding Walkthrough♥ Emily's True Love Premium Walkthrough to my channel: http:tiny.ccoz1qhw Check out my blog: KittenChippy's Facebook: http:www.facebook.comKittenChippy
970 views | Aug 15, 2012

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