Cooking 3 In 1 Foldable Shelter By Mss

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Smokeless Cooking inside Shelter

I love to cook in the openness of a tarp shelter, but I don't always want to use a conventional fueled stove. In this video is a way to cook inside a shelter utilizing wood as fuel and also...
932 views | Mar 02, 2015

Multi Mission Sleep System MMSS Combination Hammock and Cot Part 3 Fir...

DIY combination hammock and camp cot. An alternative to having both a hammock and a separate cot when you enjoy the bush during the Fall and Winter. The first hang of the MMSS in hammock ...
298 views | Nov 21, 2014

Idea for Outfitting My Stanley Camp Set Boil Test 1

In this video I show an idea I have for outfitting my new Stanley Camp Cook & Cup Set minus the cups using a Condor H2O water pouch and the strap I got from the Para-Cord Guy. Thank you for...
11,723 views | Feb 29, 2012

BioLite CampStove Q A 1

I've received several good questions and comments from people about the BioLite CampStove I covered in my last couple of videos. Questions like "What is a Peltier device?" And from Davidautofull...
2,538 views | Dec 04, 2012

Learn How to Cook on a Hobo Stove Part II

In this video, three ways of cooking on this type of campstove are covered. To learn how to create a hobo stove, please visit Learn How to Build a Hobo Stove Part I.
143 views | Jul 29, 2012

Thru Hiking Kit Jansport Big Bear 82L

56 oz - Big Bear 82L pack 6 oz - raincover 12 oz - rain pants 20 oz - rain coat 6 oz - extra socksbriefs 14 oz - extra nylon pants (zip off shorts) 10 oz - bush buddy stove 11 oz - Optimus...
3,220 views | Aug 22, 2011

U.S. Military 3 Layer ECWS Sleeping Bag System

U.S. Military 3 Layer ECWS Sleeping Bag System + Q&A!!! If any one wants any army surplus video's put up let me know, I prob have what you are looking for and would love to make them, so send...
32,745 views | Aug 27, 2010

The Great Woodstove Burn Off 3

This test was done with a different species of wood clothes pins. Seems to be made of pine. 2 ounces of wood, 2 cups of water all three stoves boiled the 2 cups. The stoves are the bushbuddy,...
3,965 views | Mar 30, 2011

BioLite CampStove First Burn Charge Test.wmv

In this video I do my first burn using wood pellets for fuel. I also do a little test to see if the BioLite CampStove will charge my cellphone. This test was more to see how the stove runs...
9,869 views | Dec 02, 2012

Prepping for SHTF Survival and Knives

We're always prepping for a SHTF scenario and continuously adding to our preps, survival Knives are one thing that can be easily overlooked. You never know when you may need a knife for bushcraft.
47,401 views | Jun 03, 2012

Urban Survival Tip for Deterring Home Invasions

This is an Urban Survival Tip for one way to help deter a person from invading or breaking into your home. This isn't going to scare off a determined or desperate invader, but will work for...
13,913 views | Feb 20, 2014

Wooden Wood Rocket Stove.wmv

Make a wood stove out of wood.
134,999 views | Mar 12, 2012

How To Start A Fire With A Fresnel Lens Magnifying Glass

This is a quick demo of how to start a fire with a fresnel lens. A Fresnel lens is basically a plastic magnifying glass. These can work really well in great conditions, but when the sun is...
8,749 views | Feb 26, 2014

HOBO STOVE With Sterno Boiling Water

One of many ways these stoves may be used.
1,369 views | Nov 29, 2012

Alpine Design 45 Degree Mummy Bag

A brief overview of an inexpensivecompact sleeping bag that was found on sale for $15. It packs up fairly small and keeps you toasty warm in temps above 45 degrees. Here's where to buy:...
6,918 views | Dec 06, 2012

How to Make a Hoop House or Green House for Cheap.

Here's another idea on how to make a nice green house on the cheap. Check out these GREAT channels on youtube:
514,802 views | Jun 01, 2009

Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent with Wood Stove at Snake Lake Camping De...

This is our first deer hunt with the Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent. Our new Colorado Cylinder Stove kept things nice and warm inside the tent while the temperature dropped down around 25 degrees...
68,718 views | Nov 19, 2012

Homemade wall tent stove

homemade sheet metal stove for hunting. Long burn times desired and obtained!
31,604 views | Oct 28, 2012

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