Cooking 3 In 1 Foldable Shelter By Mss

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BioLite CampStove Q A 1

I've received several good questions and comments from people about the BioLite CampStove I covered in my last couple of videos. Questions like "What is a Pe...
2,307 views | Dec 04, 2012

Cook Pinto beans on a Biomass Stove in the Rain Survive Emergency Cook...

Survival situations could have bad weather associated with them. So I decided to test this SilverFire Hunter stove and Dragon pot on a rainy, windy afternoon...
3,564 views | Dec 05, 2013

Quechua Tente QuickHiker Ultralight 3 places QuickHiker Ultralight III...

Conçue pour 3 personnes en RANDONNÉEBIVOUAC, très exigeantes sur la légèreté et la compacité. Le plus produit : 3 places. La plus compacte et légère de la g...
8,181 views | May 23, 2013

Build A Mini Greenhouse For Raised Beds

In this video I show my home made Mini Greenhouse for my raised beds using PVC. Here is the parts list: 34 pvc pipe: 10 - 4" 10 - 13" 10 - 24" 8 - 19" 3 - 4...
190,385 views | Jan 29, 2013

How is the Kelly Kettle Trekker more than a biomass backpacking stove?

The Kelly Kettle Trekker is really a lighweight, compact biomass-fueled stove. It allows you to boil water while cooking food. The Trekker holds 19 ounces of...
20,181 views | Feb 21, 2013

Bannock Dry Baked on a Firebox Stick Stove Woodstove

I show my traditional dry baking method for bannock that I use on all my long solo canoe trips - but this time I am at home and trying out a Firebox stick st...
30,680 views | Aug 26, 2012

Cube affordable super efficient Rocket Stove

Improved super efficient and affordable Rocket Stove. Burns almost 90% less wood than conventional wood burners. Heats up fast an store the heat inside his w...
2,480 views | Jan 08, 2013

Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent with Wood Stove at Snake Lake Camping De...

This is our first deer hunt with the Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent. Our new Colorado Cylinder Stove kept things nice and warm inside the tent while the tempe...
49,561 views | Nov 19, 2012


Cutting air intake holes,door hole, adding rivets to the seam of pipe and installing top.
569 views | Dec 06, 2013

My Gasifier Stove

How to build a Gasifier Stove.
78 views | Feb 26, 2014

Pictures of my first Mini Potbelly Woodstove made in 2012

Re posting this again It was deleted from my videos This is the first stove build I made and posted on YouTube.
514 views | Dec 29, 2013

Polish Army Lavvu Set Up including mini stove and bed

Inside of my polish lavvu with mini wood stove and camp bed. With a guest appearence from my cat! Excuse the quality of the vids. I only have a handheld vide...
1,802 views | Mar 05, 2013

Make Rock Oven

100 Photos for the make Turkish rock oven !
934 views | Nov 02, 2012

Esbit no soot microsized rocket stove

no soot and very faint odor(uses Esbit 4g fuel tablets).
1,044 views | Mar 17, 2012

Unboxing and Bushcraft Challenge update

Unboxing and Bushcraft Challenge update.
712 views | Jan 23, 2012

Continental Antique Stove German Austrian Accessories - Continental Antique Stove German & Austrian Accessories for Sale (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
211 views | Oct 07, 2010

rocket stove fail

I ask that all my subscribers please share your subscriptions publicly and to make for ease of communication, Please sign up for google gmail and googleplus....
15 views | May 18, 2014

Rocket Stove 2

91 views | Jul 13, 2012

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