Cooking 3 In 1 Foldable Shelter By Mss

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How does Firestick position affect boil times on the Folding Firebox s...

I've been asked by several to explain the Folding Firebox slots used for the Firesticks and if they can effect the boil time. In this video use a Mini Trangi...
627 views | May 29, 2012

Cook Pinto beans on a Biomass Stove in the Rain Survive Emergency Cook...

Survival situations could have bad weather associated with them. So I decided to test this SilverFire Hunter stove and Dragon pot on a rainy, windy afternoon...
2,984 views | Dec 05, 2013

Rocket Stove Test

This is our 2nd attempt at making a Rocket Stove and 1st attempt at cooking eggs on one . And 1st Youtube Video. I am adding this as a video reply to BCTruck...
147 views | Feb 12, 2013

Ebay Alcohol Wick Stove Test 3

In this video I address the accusation that I wasn't fair in the testing of an alcohol wick stove that I bought on eBay for $5.50. I've been told that the st...
1,042 views | Feb 27, 2011

U.S. Military 3 Layer ECWS Sleeping Bag System

U.S. Military 3 Layer ECWS Sleeping Bag System + Q&A!!! If any one wants any army surplus video's put up let me know, I prob have what you are looking for an...
30,574 views | Aug 27, 2010

Eldfell Wood Burning Stoves

Excellent Eldfell wood burning stove assembly video. Nothing heats a Tentipi Nordic tipi like an Eldfell wood burning stove. Eldfell is the natural heart of ...
1,842 views | Nov 06, 2012

Quick HOBO Camp

Practicing for a homeless bug-out situation, cold weather camping under a tarp, staying warm with a steel can hobo rocket stove. Dressing in layers with camo...
364 views | Nov 03, 2013

BioLite CampStove First Burn Charge Test.wmv

In this video I do my first burn using wood pellets for fuel. I also do a little test to see if the BioLite CampStove will charge my cellphone. This test was...
6,788 views | Dec 02, 2012

Cube affordable super efficient Rocket Stove

Improved super efficient and affordable Rocket Stove. Burns almost 90% less wood than conventional wood burners. Heats up fast an store the heat inside his w...
2,002 views | Jan 08, 2013

HOBO STOVE With Sterno Boiling Water

One of many ways these stoves may be used.
976 views | Nov 29, 2012

Dollar Stove

SurvivalCamping stove.
49 views | Sep 12, 2013

quick stove

72 views | Jun 29, 2012

Continental Antique Stove German Austrian Accessories - Continental Antique Stove German & Austrian Accessories for Sale (Newel Art and Antiques, New York City)
202 views | Oct 07, 2010

Four Dog Ultralight I DX Titanium Tent Stove

6,439 views | Nov 11, 2012

3ModeStove Mini UNPACKING Case

http:www.instructables.comid3ModeStove-Mini-Camping-Emergency-Stove 12V fan forced TLUD stove for camping or emergency use. Unpacking the 3ModeStove Min...
70 views | Jun 02, 2013

Caldera Cone Like wedge cone stove

Caldera Cone Like(wedge cone stove).all titanium body(0.1mm-Titanium foil and Titanium wing stove MOD).
136 views | Jun 26, 2012

Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent with Wood Stove at Snake Lake Camping De...

This is our first deer hunt with the Cabelas Ultimate Alaknak Tent. Our new Colorado Cylinder Stove kept things nice and warm inside the tent while the tempe...
40,041 views | Nov 19, 2012

Homemade wall tent stove

homemade sheet metal stove for hunting. Long burn times desired and obtained!
16,080 views | Oct 28, 2012

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