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Walter Veith YHWH Name Reversed is Satan

From - Posted: Dec 02, 2012 - 13,573 views
Breakfast | Walter Veith YHWH Name Reversed is Satan | Walter Veith YHWH Name Reversed is Satan
Walter Veith YHWH Name Reversed is Satan
Walter Veith YHWH Name Reversed is Satan
Duration: 06 minute 52 seconds 
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An expert in secret societies, Walter shows something a little strange.
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SOURCE: YAHWEH AND JEHOVAH ARE THE NAMES OF SATAN? http:mfmmusic.comindex.phpname-of-god215-yahweh-and-jehovah-are-the-names-of-satanWho is Jehovah? http:mfmmusic.comindex.phpname-of-god242-who-is-jehovah
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This video is edited from a lecture given by Dr. Walter Veith. This short video proclaims that you are truly great and very special. It also reveals why Satan or Lucifer absolutely and utterly detests you. Dr. Walter Veith has many interesting lectures available. His series of lectures entitled "Total Onslaught" is very interesting and a must to see. Dr. Veith is a blessed and valuable resource for the Lord. May the Lord continue to bless him and keep him safe as he travels the world revealing the deceptions and evils that are being played out before us. Info available at
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Prof Dr.Walter Veith 03 König des Nordens Teil 2 Sturm aus dem Norden

(03) König des Nordens (Teil 2) Eine Auslegung der Prophezeiung in Daniel 11 über den lang anhaltenden Konflikt zwischen Nord- und Südkönig, besonders in seiner letzten Phase seit 1798, die in einen vollständigen Sieg des Nordkönigs mündet. Teil 2 widmet sich auch den Irrlehren über den Antichristus sowie die Rolle des heutigen Israel in der biblischen Prophetie.
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21 Events Coming Soon during the Four Blood Moons by Maurice Sklar wit...

Bro. Maurice seems to believe in Pre-Trib, and I respect him for that.I personally believe in Post-Trib. Prophets Brian Bailey, Neville Johnson and Sadhu Selvaraj believe in Post-Trib. The Lord personally appeared to Bro. Sadhu and taught him Post-Trib, a final test for people's allegiance and loyalty to God)May each of us personally take this to the Lord.21 Events Coming by Maurice Sklar1. ISRAEL IS ABOUT TO ATTACK IRAN. 2. THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY THE WEST, WILL PANIC; THERE WILL BE A DRAMATIC INCREASE IN THE PRICE OF OIL. This will trigger financial disasters in Europe, America, and many nations.3. THE EURO WILL SUDDENLY JUST COLLAPSE. Then, THE DOLLAR WILL FOLLOW. A new global currency will immediately take their place.4. VLADIMIR PUTIN IS PREPARING THE WAY FOR ANOTHER LEADER TO RISE IN RUSSIA. He will be the Magog of Ezekiel 38. 5. THE RAPTURE OF THE BRIDE WILL HAPPEN SUDDENLY. This can come at any moment now. It is not chronological with these events...but, a mystery hid in God. Please make sure you are right with God!6. THE WHOLE WORLD WILL COLLAPSE ECONOMICALLY AND A MIRACULOUS LEADER WILL ARISE OUT OF THE NEAR EAST. He will be Satan incarnate.7. HE WILL IMMEDIATELY ESTABLISH SOME ORDER, PARTICULARLY IN EUROPE, BUT IT WILL BE SO BAD THAT PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD will just embrace anyone that seems to have some answers...8. GOD WILL RELEASE HIS END TIME TRIBULATION PROPHETS, EVANGELISTS AND APOSTLES WHO WILL DEMONSTRATE THE AUTHORITY OF GOD IN THE EARTH. Millions of souls will be saved. 9. TERRORISTS ACTS OF TERRIBLE DESTRUCTION SHALL BEGIN TO HIT THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AFTER THE FIRST OF THE FOUR BLOOD MOONS IN A FEW WEEKS. Earthquakes and floods, fires, bombs, volcanic activity, will greatly increase, particularly in the Moslem nations and the ring of fire regions.10. A WORD TO THE NATIONS NOW! IT IS GOING TO GET REALLY DARK. WE HAVEN'T SEEN OR EVEN IMAGINED THE TERRIBLE CALAMITIES ABOUT TO COME. With each of these heavenly signs, greater calamities will follow.11. WHAT DO THE BLOOD MOONS SIGNIFY IN THE HEAVENS?a) Wars coming in Israel to destroy it before the Jubilee of Jerusalemb) The End of the Times of the Gentiles -- the Age of Grace is ending.c) The Beginning of Jacob's Trouble...Seven Years Tribulationd) The Signals that the Day of the LORD is beginning.12. THERE ARE FOUR PHASES OF THE WITHDRAWAL OF PROTECTION AND GRACE FROM THE EARTH, will coincide directly with the four appearances of the blood moons. There will be judgments during and after each one as they appear ... then there will be a respite of grace and a harvest of souls after each one. The first one of these is coming in a few weeks during Passover. Each of these four moons will bring worse judgments upon the earth. 13. THE LORD GAVE ME SEVERAL INDICATORS OF EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE AT IN HIS TIMETABLE.a) On the statue of the Gentile nations recorded in Daniel, we are almost to the toes...Most of the feet of clay is now in place. 14. b) The Horseman of Rev. 5 will begin to ride -- these four blood moons are a warning of their approach! 1) The revealing of the Anti-Christ bringing false peace. The White Horse: At first he will not be recognized as evil by anyone except to those filled with the Holy Spirit -- the Tribulation saints. The world will adore him, worship him fanatically. This leader will emerge soon after the Rapture.2) The Red Horse: Peace will be removed and war will be unleashed on earth.3) The Black Horse: Famine from confiscation of food and resources.4) The Pale Horse: Death by war, starvation, and demonic possession...BY THESE MEANS, ONE QUARTER OF THE EARTH'S POPULATION WILL BE DESTROYED ACCORDING TO THIS VERSE.(Note: Obama is not this leader...he is what I would call a "mini-anti." He is possessed and operates in the same Antichrist spirit, but he is NOT "the Big Cheese.") The Antichrist cannot be revealed until the Bride of Messiah, the overcoming church, is raptured. But he is alive now, I believe, and ready to take his place in the right time.15. THERE ARE EVIL ANGELIC BEINGS THAT ARE CHAINED IN HELL. THEY ARE ABOUT TO BE RELEASED UPON THE EARTH. They are horrible beyond understanding. They will bring torment, torture, and destruction upon millions.16. HORDES OF DEMONS WILL FOLLOW THE COMMAND OF THESE EVIL ANGELS. ALL RESTRAINT OF EVIL WILL BE REMOVED FOR SEVEN YEARS.Below is the link to the complete transcript of the 21 EVENTS:http:remnantreminder.wordpress.comGOD BLESS US ALL
13,451 views | Apr 09, 2014

A Different Christmas Story

From the 2-part series, "Let No Pagan Judge You", by Michael Rood . His youtube channel is "aroodawakening". His website is
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