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Beignet, Botokoin, Puff Puff african doughnuts

From - Posted: Jul 28, 2013 - 9,332 views
Breakfast | Beignet, Botokoin, Puff Puff african doughnuts | Beignet, Botokoin, Puff Puff african doughnuts
Beignet, Botokoin, Puff Puff african doughnuts
Beignet, Botokoin, Puff Puff african doughnuts
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Kinshasa maman Godée Muvaro livre les secrets de la cuisine congolais...

Pour changer, laissez-vous entraîner dans les secrets de la cuisine congolaise et découvrez, avec l'aide de la chef Godée Muvaro, la diversité et la richesse de l'art culinaire de ce beau pays.
13,219 views | May 08, 2013

Recette Beignets sucrés beignets soufflés Sweet fritter recipe

ToiMoi&Cuisine vous propose la recette des beignets sucrés (ou soufflés) pour les amis du Cameroun. Recette facile et rapide.Here is the link for the english version : Ne manquez plus une seule de nos recettes en vous abonnant à notre chaîne Youtube : http:bit.ly1prnLQ0Vous pouvez également imprimer gratuitement toutes les étapes et les astuces supplémentaires de nos recettes retranscrites sur notre site web : nous suivre sur : - Facebook : https:www.facebook.comtoimoietcuisine - Twitter : https:twitter.comToiMoietCuisine - Pinterest : http:www.pinterest.comtoimoietcuisineBienvenue sur ToiMoi&Cuisine, la chaîne dédiée à la CUISINE AFRICAINE. Apprenez à cuisiner des plats simples et du monde entier, avec un accent sur la cuisine d'Afrique Noire (Cameroun, Sénégal, Togo, Côte d'ivoire, Congo, Nigeria ...). Eunice et Rostand vous ouvrent les portes de leur cuisine chaque mardi et vendredi pour vous faire découvrir de nouvelles recettes en vidéos.
56,732 views | Feb 20, 2014

Beignets Africains

Recette des beignets africains à la banane appelés Bakala au Cameroun. Une recette toute simple et délicieuse à la portée de tout le monde.
18,481 views | Jul 16, 2013


like our facebook for more https:www.facebook.comRolloutPaparazyMalaysia?ref=hlTMEDIA all we do is what we can, hear in this video we took you on a cooking move by showing you how to cook NIGERIA EGUSI SOUP AND HOW TO MAKE EBA our today's man who is in control of the pot is TEE Y
17,283 views | May 19, 2013

Recette de grand mère pour beignets au sucre

Recette de ma grand-mère polonaise pour beignets au sucre, fourés, ou nature1kg de farine 100g de beurre doux 4 oeufs 500 ml de lait 2 Levure Fraiche 200g de sucre extra-fin 12 tasse d'huile
343,311 views | Apr 13, 2013

Beignets de banane Recettes Africaines

Watch this video in English here: Recette complete: http:www.recettesafricaine.combeignet-a-la-banane.html Mes sites de cuisine: Facebooks: https:www.facebook.comrecettesafricaines https:www.facebook.comkadirecipesPage
13,963 views | Oct 10, 2013

Recette de cuisine Beignets au sucre ou Gbofloto How to make Puff Puff

Gbofloto, puff puff ou encore botocoin sont des beignets au sucre consommes au goûter en generale.Musique: Koffi Olomide - Elixir
103,237 views | Dec 24, 2012

Le Thieboudienne Sénegalais

21,463 views | Jul 30, 2013

how to make Ghanaian Bofroat

original bofroat from ghana Ingredients: -500g all purpose flour -150g sugar - 25g fresh yeast or 7g dry yeast - 200ml lukewarm water - 200ml lukewarm fresh milk ( you can use 400ml of water if u don't like milk) - 1 teaspoon salt - a pinch of nutmeg
28,962 views | Apr 25, 2012

shitor Ebesse fionfion shito piment noir cuisine togolaise Recipe: Sauce Shito compose principalement d'huile de poisson et ou de l'huile de palme, le gingembre, poisson séché, crevettes et ou de crustacés, les tomates, l'ail, les poivrons et les épices. Le mélange d'épices et poissons diffère entre les différentes régions et les villages
8,997 views | Jul 24, 2013

Bofrot Or Puff Puff Or Mandasi Or Beignets Ghanaian Cuisine, African C...

Bofrot as is popularly known in Ghana is a type of doughnut made from all-purpose flour, yeast, sugar, water and oil in its simplest form. Though other ways of making Bofrot could include ingredients such as egg, milk, baking powder, nutmeg and salt. Bofrot is known as Puff Puff in Nigeria, Mandasi in other African countries. It can be eaten with PorridgeCoco, just alone as a snack, with tea. Is sold almost everywhere in Ghana. In our home we often eat this Bofrot with corn or Millet Porridge; I have the Porridge Or Koko in another video on my Channel. I was able to get some neighborhood kids hooked on these doughnuts and they started calling it African doughnuts. Is easy to make and a quick and satisfying snack. When eaten alone one can coat the Bofrot with icing sugar or confectioners' sugar.
3,224 views | Jun 23, 2013

En cuisine avec coco poulet D G du cameroun

Poulet D G du cameroun
45,852 views | Mar 28, 2012

Dégué ou Thiakry au fonio cuisine togolaise

Caakiri (or Chakery, Chakrey, Thiacry, Thiakry, Tiakri)
9,873 views | Aug 22, 2013

How To Make Bankye Cassava Agbeli krakro

Bankye or agbli krako, made from grated cassava, is one of the savory dishes from Ghana.Very crunchy and normally eaten with dried coconut. A simple recipe to try out. Enjoy.Ingredients: 3 Medium size cassava Salt to season 1 Medium onion Vegetable cooking oilMethod: 1 Wash the cassava and peel off the skin 2 Cut them into big chunks 3 Grate the cassava at the smallest side of the grater 4 Pour the grated cassava onto a clean muslinnapkin cloth 5 Squeeze out the excess starch from the muslin cloth 6 Allow to air dry a bit on a planelarge tray(optional) 7 Finely chop half of the onion 8 Grate the other half of the onion 9 Add the onion(chopped & grated) to the grated cassava. 10 Add salt to taste. 11 Preheat the oil for deep frying. 12 Mould the cassava mixture into small round balls, pressing them firmly to keep them bound together. 13 Fry them on a moderate heat, turning them intermittently to evenly cook them. (ready after 5 to 8 min. ( remove from the oil when it is golden brown.) 14 Strain off excess oil. Continue frying till all done. Serve with dry coconut.Background Music: DSP Kofi Sarpong- African Borborbo.
11,804 views | May 10, 2013

How to make Buffloaf puff puff

Ingredients: -3 cups strong bread flour (thus 525g) -1cup sugar ( 175g) -3(7g) sachets of dried yeast. -12 teaspoon of ground nutmeg -1 Table spoon of butter -1 teaspoon salt -Veg oil for deep fryingDirections: -Pour all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix together. -Add the butter and rub it in till well mixed -Add about a cup of warm water (note not hot as that will disable the yeast) -Mix well, beating while mixing, the mixture should be runny not hard. -Cover the mixture for about half an hour for it to double in size. -Heat vegetable oil on fire till hot. -Stir the mixture and start scooping in a ball shape with fingers. -Keep turning your puff for even frying time for all sides. --Cooked when it turns golden brown. -Repeat procedure till all fried and nicely done.Can be enjoyed with Hausa, or corn porridge, or with some roasted groundnut with a cool drink. Enjoy.
43,096 views | Jul 12, 2012

Ebessessi Moyo

Yebessessi - Don't forget to like and share recette : recipe :
12,241 views | Jul 28, 2013

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